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How will you fix blurry videos on Android, iPhone, or even on other devices if, in the first place, you don't know the reason why your videos got blurred. You must also know the best tools that will genuinely fix those blurry videos of yours because many video editing tools claim to solve the problem but turn out to be bluffed. Yes, solving this issue is not as easy as ABC or 123, for it has factors and technicalities that you need to consider. For this reason, we acknowledge your trust given to us in helping and giving you the most trusted methods that we know.

Rest assured that you will enjoy scrutinizing how to remove a blur from a video after reading this article. So, without further adieu, let's get the ball rolling!

Part 1. The Reason Why Videos are Blurry

There are various reasons why you get blurry videos. Sometimes, it's not just come from how the video was recorded. Many times it is due to technicalities. That's why even if you produce a stable video, it will still turn out to be blurry when sharing it with your friends, whether online or offline. So those who are frequently asking how to unblur videos must know first the following reasons why the videos are blurry.

1. For the offline videos, the most common reasons why they turn out to be blurry are: First, due to the limited hard drive space of the device you are using. Next, the video is not compatible with your device. And lastly, due to the missing supported codec of the video.

2. For the online videos from the streaming sites or your social media account, the following are the reasons why: First, due to slow internet connection. Next, due to the higher video quality offered by the sites. And lastly, if the video was improperly loaded, which, therefore, loading can fix blurry online video most of the time.

3. The factor that makes the video blurry for raw videos is the way it was recorded. One of the factors is: First, an unfocused camera. The second, is the shaky movement of the recorder. And third, over zoomed.

Part 2. 2 Ways to Fix Blurry Videos on Windows and Mac

1. AVAide Video Converter

The AVAide Video Converter is the most exquisite and intelligent way to unblur videos. Furthermore, it is one of those that perform with AI-based tools, which makes users feel more confident in producing perfect outputs anytime. Not to mention, this software has an expounded potency to fix blurry video on Mac, Windows, and Linux OS, which makes it very flexible. Despite that, AVAide Video Converter still sustains its main function in video conversion, movie maker, and video editing at the highest standard of quality, within the lowest requirement of users' ability.

AVAide Video Converter the Noblest Software to Fix Blurry Video
  • It fixes blurry videos using AI-based tools.
  • It comes with the smoothest interface.
  • It supports a large number of video and audio formats.
  • It's the most flexible tool to have.
  • Secure and boost your hardware with its acceleration technology.
  • It offers a handful of editing tools.

How to Remove Blur from Video with AVAide Video Converter

Step 1To start with, install the software by clicking the download button compatible with your device. Then, open it to access the Toolbox on the main interface. From there, hit the Video Enhancer tool.

Fix Blur Video AVAide Tool

Step 2You will see the big Plus icon. Click it, and start uploading the video you need to unblur. Then, on the next window, toggle all the options such as the Reduce Video Shaking, Optimize Brightness/Contrast, Upscale Resolution, and Remove Video Noise tabs. This will intelligently unblur your videos.

Fix Blur Video AVAide Enhance

Step 3It is not only how to remove blur effects from video because you can also choose your preferred format for your output. Go and choose among the various choices under Format. Also, feel free to adjust the Resolution as well.

Fix Blur Video AVAide Format

Step 4Before applying all the changes, you may customize the destination of your file by navigating on the Save To option. Otherwise, hit the Enhance button to see the output finally.

Fix Blur Video AVAide Save

2. iMovie

For your Mac device, iMovie can always come your way. This famous movie maker has proven its potency in video editing, including fixing blurry videos. Nonetheless, not everyone knows how to unblur a video in iMovie. For that reason, see the complete guidelines below.

Step 1Launch the iMovie on your Mac, and begin to upload your video by dragging it from your folder drive, then dropping it on the iMovie's interface.

Step 2Now, go to its color correction tool by clicking the Paint Pallet icon. After that, a navigation panel will show. Control it until you reach the solution you prefer.

Fix Blur Video iMovie Enhance

Step 3Feel free to adjust the highlights, shadows, saturation, sharpness, and brightness to add balance to the video. Then, after all of that, save the video file and check after.

Part 3. Steps in Fixing Blurry Videos on iPhone

Now, let's learn how to unblur videos on an iPhone. You choose from many apps, but today allow us to recommend the Inshot Video Editor. This fantastic app offers various editing tools and features that everyone will love. In addition, its flexibility extends on Android and desktop, but it works best on iPhone. See it by following the simple steps provided below.

Step 1Install the tool on your iPhone and launch it. Then, start to import your video.

Step 2Once the video is already on the interface, click the Adjust tab. Then, from the various tools shown, navigate on the Sharpen option until you get your preference.

Step 3Save the video by clicking the Check icon.

Fix Blur Video Inshot Enhance

Part 4. How to Fix Blurry Videos on Android

So how about the app to remove blur from video in Android? VivaVideo will handle it. VivaVideo is a wonderful tool that possesses powerful video editing tools that will help you embellish your videos instantly. It has a user-friendly interface, so you don't need to worry if you will use it for the first time. In addition, this app also shows its power with other functions, such as converting videos, making slideshows, and video recording as well. Thus, let's take a look at the guidelines below that will help you use them in fixing blurry videos.

Step 1Open the app to remove blur from the video. Click the New Project to initiate. On the next page, select the video you want to unblur.

Step 2Next, from the presets located at the bottom of the screen, swipe left and hit the Adjust button. After that, control all the presets it presents, most notably the Triangle icon for the Sharpen.

Step 3When all are good, click the Done button to apply the changes. Subsequently, hit the EXPORT button to save the newly edited video.

Fix Blur Video VivaVideo Enhance

Part 5. Online Way to Fix Blurry Videos

We bring you an online tool for our last method, namely Clideo. As part of Clideo is its video clearer tool that removes blur from video online. Furthermore, this clearer tool's parameters will make you excited. It can instantly adjust the saturation, hue, brightness, contrast, vignette, and fade. However, you can only do the task for a limited time due to the duration of its free trial version. Otherwise, upgrade to its pro version to continue the utilization. In the meantime, the guidelines are shown below.

Step 1On the official website of Clideo, upload the video file from your device or other drives.

Step 2On the main interface, the parameters will appear. Start configuring them until you achieve the best setting for you to fix blurry video online for free.

Step 3Then, hit the Export button to save and acquire the video you just edited.

Fix Blur Video Clideo Enhance

Part 6. How to Prevent Blurry Videos

Now you can get the solution about how to fix bad quality videos. But you must know that unintentionally, this circumstance really happens. However, you can still prevent it if you are very particular with the following.

◆ If you always check the lens of your camera before recording.

◆ Film or record using ultra HD, 1080p, or 720p quality.

◆ If you care to use good filters.

Picture Left Picture Right

Video Converter IconAVAide Video Converter

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Part 7. FAQs in Fixing Blurry Videos

Will I lose the quality of the video if I unblur it?

Not at all. Fixing the blurry video will lead you to enhance it more.

Can the VLC app be used to unblur videos?

No. The mobile version of VLC is only functioning as a video player.

Does fixing blurry video add up to its file size?

Yes, because of the fact that you are adding elements to the video when you enhance it. Hence, using the AVAide Video Converter will be convenient because it only adds minimal size for those super-enhanced videos.


We hope you were enlightened on the different ways to use in unblurring videos. Without any sugar-coating, all the tools are reliable for that task. But we know, each still has drawbacks. So, if you still have doubts and confusion on how to fix blurry videos, it is better to go for AVAide Video Converter, for it won't let you down!

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 05, 2022

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