Learn the best ways to make a video better quality video. How? By using the best video editing tools that you can have in an instant! You are in luck landing on this article because you are about to achieve the best enhancement for your videos. We know how crucial it is to have a good quality video, but what can you do if you already recorded a poor quality video of an event? You can’t reset everything and record it for the second time, right? That’s why for a situation like this, get software that will do the magic! And so, let’s cut the excitement and let’s find out the best way to make a low-quality video high!

Part 1. The Outstanding Way To Make the Video Higher in Quality on Windows and Mac

Indeed, this AVAide Video Converter outstandingly transforms your low-quality videos into the most amazing ones with its AI-powered feature. Unlike the other video editing tools out there, this AVAide Video Converter can help you achieve your target with just a few ticks on your mouse! So, how does it make a recorded video of better quality? By toggling ultimate options such as the Upscale Resolution, Remove Video Noise, Reduce Video Shaking, and the Optimize lighting, then you are good to go. Despite that, it also offers a generous amount of beautiful features, presets, and tools that will significantly increase your confidence in producing award-winning videos after the enhancement. Enjoy reading below to continue knowing it.

Key Features:

◆ Ultrafast video converter.

◆ Movie/music video maker.

◆ 3D Maker.

◆ GIF Maker.

◆ video collage maker.

◆ Media metadata editor.

◆ Homemade DVD ripper.

Facile interface.
It’s reliable.
It supports a wide range of formats.
It offers stunning effects and filters.
It’s multifunctional.
No mobile version.

How to Make a Video Higher in Quality With AVAide Video Converter

AVAide Video Converter the Ultimate Video Enhancer
  • It secures your device with its hardware acceleration technology.
  • It’s the best video editor that is AI-powered.
  • It is linked to different social media sites that quickly post the video.
  • It comes with powerful standard tools that crop, trim, merge, rotate, compress, reverse, control speed, boost volume, sync audio, and correct the video’s color.

Step 1Download and Install the Software

Firstly, you need to download and successfully install the tool on your Mac or Windows desktop. To help you do it faster, just click the download buttons presented above, and let us start looking at how it makes a recorded video better quality.

Step 2Upload the Video File

Once you have acquired the software, launch it, then go to its Toolbox feature. Then, select the Video Enhancer to upload the recorded video by hitting the Plus icon at the center.

Video Higher AVAide Add

Step 3Choose the Best Setting

There will be four setting options on the new window that you will see. These four options are AI-powered, so by just clicking their corresponding boxes, their ultimate purpose will apply. Since we are working on how to make a higher-quality video, let us tick the Upscale Resolution option. But, this won’t limit you to tick other settings as well.

Video Higher AVAide Upscale

Step 4Customized the File

Make the necessary actions in customizing the file destination. Just click on the Ellipsis icon next to the Save To, and choose the folder where you want to keep the output. Also, you can adjust the Resolution and Format of the file to your preference.

Video Higher AVAide Custom

Step 5Enhance Now

Before you export the file, see to it that you check the video first. How to check if you’ll make a low-quality video high? Click the Preview button, and see if you are good with the enhancement. If not, go ahead and add the necessary changes. Once ok, hit the Enhance button, wait for the quick enhancement process, and check your destination file after.

Video Higher AVAide Export

Part 2. Best Scheme on How to Make Video Higher Quality on iPhone

Do you know that you can upgrade the quality of your video without a third-party video editing tool using your iPhone? That mobile device of yours can do its own magic on enhancing videos independently. With mere tools that rotate and crop video files makes it more qualified for the task. So, how to make a video of high quality on an iPhone? With the help of its adjusting tools such as the exposure, highlight, shadows, contrast, brightness, sharpness, noise reduction, and more! So without further adieu, let’s study how to do the task with the complete guidelines below.

Step 1Launch the Photos

Search the Photos app, then launch it. Then, select the video you need to enhance once you reach your gallery.

Step 2Start Editing

Now click the Edit tab located at the top right corner of the screen. Then, at the center bottom-most, click the Enhancement icon.

Video Higher iPhone Edit

Step 3Navigate the Enhancement

Navigate on the enhancement your video needs. Swipe left to see the options. Let’s use Noise Reduction since it’s part of how to make a low-quality video high. Now, start adjusting it by swiping the navigator under it. The same goes for the other options.

Step 4Save the Enhanced Video

Once you’re okay with the setting, hit the Done tab, then you’re good to go.

Video Higher iPhone Done

Part 3. FAQs in Having a Video Better in Quality

Does making the video better mean fixing the blurry part?

Not all. Although making the video better in quality means fixing it and making it clearer, some video editing tools cannot repair the blurry part of the video. But try using the AVAide Video Converter, for it can do the magic instantly.

How can I make a better video quality on Android?

You can use the Photos App on your Android for you to be able to enhance the quality of your video. This app, same on iPhone, offers terrific tools to beautify your videos, such as the settings for brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

Is trimming the video losing its enhanced quality?

It depends on the video editing tool that you will use. Others will not maintain the quality after trimming the video, but with AVAide Video Converter, whether you trim, compress, or crop your video, its quality will still remain.


So, there you have it, the best schemes on how to make a low-quality video high. The tools in this content are based on surveys, reviews, and trials that our team obtained. Rest assured that all written here were based on facts, and yes, we cannot contain the magnificence of the AVAide Video Converter. That is why we highly recommend you to use it!

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 05, 2022

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