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How to Upscale & Enlarge Images

1. Upload

Upload a photo from your own photo library.

2. Upscale & Enhance

After uploading, the photo will be upscaled and enlarged instantly.

3. Download

Download your clear and big image to your computer.

Utilize AI to Upscale & Enhance Photo

Once you upload your photo, you can watch as our AI technology automatically enhances the quality of your JPG, BMP, etc., removes noise and blur, fixes picture quality, and sharpens blurry portrait photos automatically. It works best with photos containing people, products, cars, animals, or other objects. With this stunning image quality enhancer, you can say goodbye to blurry pictures and hello to clear and big shots.

People People People
Products Products Products
Animals Animals Animals
Cars Cars Cars
Graphics Graphics Graphics
People Products Animals Cars Graphics

One-Click Enlarge Images by up to 8x

Look for a way to bring clarity to your small and blurry photos? AVAide Image Upscaler enables you to enlarge your small photo size by 2x, 4x, 6x, and even up to 8x for a crisp result. After sharpening the image, you will see more details on those pixelated pictures or damaged pictures.

Upscale image up to 8X

Stunning Features

What Our Users Say

  • Enzo GloverEnzo Glover

    For advanced image enhancement, AVAide Image Upscaler is perfect. And it doesn't need any experience, even if you're a novice at photo editing since it is an AI-powered tool that can automatically deal with picture enhancement and enlargement.

  • Zander MorrowZander Morrow

    It's undeniable that AVAide Image Upscaler is a pro-level online photo enhancer. It can auto-turn my low-resolution images into high-resolution.

  • Hanan SummersHanan Summers

    What makes me exciting is that it is 100% free for personal and commercial use. More importantly, there is no limit on downloads.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to upscale an image?

To start with, upload your picture to AVAide Image Upscaler by clicking the Choose a Photo button. Once you come to the edit interface, you can choose the value of upscaling. Then, click the Save button to export the result.

How to make low-resolution pictures into high-resolution online?

You can make use of an image resolution enhancer, just like AVAide Image Upscaler to help you increase the resolution of image.

How to increase the resolution of an image?

To increase the resolution of an image, a resolution increaser is a handy tool. AVAide Image Upscaler can be used to enhance the image resolution to make the image clearer.

Is this tool free to use?

Yes, AVAide Image Upscaler is 100% free to use. No registration is required and no annoying ads appear.

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