When we need to minimize the file size of our video, we must reduce the video resolution. We should anticipate a large file size due to the high-quality result. If you wish to downscale your video, though, there's a fantastic program that can undoubtedly lessen your load. As a result, we've compiled a list of the best dependable, efficient, and powerful 1080p to 480p converters according to your requirements.

Part 1. The Most Effective Way to Downscale/Convert 1080p to 480p

Suppose you're searching for software that will downscale/convert your resolution most efficiently and straightforwardly. In that case, there is a tool that is ideal for you. AVAide Video Converter is widely regarded as the best resolution converter of all time. With this video resolution converter, you can quickly decrease the video resolution to 480p if you want to. Still, it can go as high as 4k if you're going to improve its quality. Nevertheless, this tool already proves that any user can handle downscaling their video even if they don't have enough idea about the tool.

Moreover, It also converts files and improves your creativity by editing the video. Its beautiful features and tools attest to its excellence, as they all assist users in producing flawless results. Additionally, AVAide Video Converter employs powerful video converting technologies, such as speed and hardware acceleration. Consider converting a large number of files in a single minute, which is the foundation of this tool. So, if you want to convert 1080p to 480p quickly and easily, follow the detailed instructions below.

AVAide Video Converter
  • With over 300 input and output formats supported.
  • With the ability to output video resolutions of 8K/5K/4K/1080p.
  • With a lightning-fast conversion rate.
  • It allows for bulk conversion.

Step 1Download the Amazing Tool

To begin, click on the download icon above and choose whether you are using Windows or a Mac. When you've completed downloading the fantastic program, double-click the file to begin installing it right away.

Step 2Upload your Video File

Travel to the middle of the screen and click the Plus (+) symbol after running the software to upload your file. You may also use this tool to upscale your video right away by uploading many video files.

Upload Media

Step 3Downscale 1080p to 480p

When you click the Convert All to button, a list of formats and resolutions will appear on the tool's left side. Choose MP4 HD 480P to downscale your 1080p video.

Convert to 480P

Step 4Convert your Video File

After you've done picking the resolution of your video, click the Convert All option to convert it. You've just reduced the video resolution in a couple of seconds.

Convert Your Video

Part 2. How to Convert 1080p to 480p Online?

1. Free Online File Converter

Assume you're looking for online software that's simple to use. Free Online File Converter has been created specifically for you. This useful software allows you to convert media from one format to another quickly and efficiently and change the Resolution. It accepts a wide variety of different source formats. You can restore your file to the most popular formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and so on. Learn how to use this helpful feature to downscale your video.

Step 1Open the Official Website

Go to the tool's official website first. In the search bar, type Free Online File Converter.

Step 2Make a Video Conversion

To proceed, press the Video Converter button to convert your video resolution.

Make Conversion

Step 3Select a Preset and Convert

Once you've dropped your files, select the 480p presets and click Start to begin the process.

Presets Convert

2. Video Converter Online

This convenient tool is a file converter that works online. Almost all audio formats are supported. Video Converter Online is an excellent program that can assist you in converting your 1080p to 480p if you want to downsize your video. Also, it enables you to compress your video in the most straightforward method possible. In addition to that, it may help you convert your video fast and efficiently. Here are the fundamental procedures for downscaling your movie from 1080p to 480p.

Step 1Open File

You can now pick your video file by selecting the Open File button. Then choose the video to be downscaled.

Step 2Make a Video Conversion

To proceed, press the Video Converter button to convert your video resolution.

Make Conversion

Step 3Change the Resolution

By selecting the options, you may now change the Resolution of your 1080p video to 480P.

Step 4Convert Video

Finally, when you've changed the resolution of your video, you may convert it.

Online Converter Steps

AVAide Free Video Converter Online

This outstanding program will supply you with an easy-to-use online video converter that will allow you to downscale the video resolution rapidly. It executes conversion and modification activities dependent on the internet connection speed. This makes it user-friendly since even those with low-end computer skills can convert their movies from 1080p to 480p formats in minutes. This free internet software is straightforward to use. It enables you to rapidly and efficiently decrease your more oversized video clip by converting it. Examine how to use this terrific 1080p to 480p converter online.

Step 1Launch the Official Website

To begin, use the search engine to find the official page of AVAide Free Video Converter Online.

Step 2Add Your Files

To add your video clip, select the Add Your Files option. Tap Open after selecting a file from the folder that appears on your screen.

Add Your Files

Step 3Change the Resolution

You may now adjust the Resolution by clicking the gear icon, ticking Resolution, and selecting 480p before pressing the OK button.

Change Resolution

Step 4Convert Your File

Finally, once you've converted your 1080p video to 480p, click the Convert button to save your film right away.

Convert 480p to 1080p

Part 3. FAQs about Downscaling

How to convert 1080p to 480p using FFmpeg?

To begin, download FFmpeg to your desktop and launch the ffmpeg.exe path to the system. Next, on your PC, hit the Windows icon and type CMD. Finally, use the cd command to navigate to the file folder. Then enter the command ffmpeg-i input.mp4 -vf scale=480:-1 output.mp4 and click Enter on the keyboard.

Can I convert 1080p to 480p in handbrake?

Yes, handbrake includes a downscale option. Install the current version of the tool, import the source file, install and run the application, manually select width and height, specify a target directory, and begin converting the 1080p film to 480p.

Is it okay to access the online tool to downscale video?

Yes, but remember that some websites aren't safe to access. In some cases, users use an unprotected web tool to downscale their video. Although they successfully downscaled the Resolution, the video became corrupted. Also, another user accesses an unprotected web tool and uses it, and then the virus invades their desktop. Remember to check it out if it is safe to use.


That's all. Now that you know what you're doing and which tools to use, you'll be able to convert your 1080p video to 480p fast and confidently. Finally, it is up to you to make a decision. You'll need to download AVAide Video Converter and other desktop software like it to get the most out of them. However, instead of installing an app to convert files, you may use a free online tool.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 05, 2022

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