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  • Convert 5K to 8K and edit the video in real-time.
  • Produce 5K, 8K, and other quality videos in various formats.
  • The modern and user-friendly 5k to 8K converter.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
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Before you know the proper 5K to 8K conversion, you should know what these resolutions are. The 5K, or 5120x 2880 resolution, is commonly what our computer monitor uses because these devices usually have the length and width formats that the 5K resolution requires. On the other hand, the 8K resolution contains 7680x4320 pixels that also meet the standard of the computer monitors. Furthermore, this 8K resolution suits the display of the modern televisions, also known as the flatscreen TVs. Usually, 8K has an aspect ratio of 16:90. But for a 256:135, which is a much broader ratio, there also comes a variant that we call 8K DCI, with 8192x4320 pixels and excellent movie projection.

We can now proceed to 5K to 8K conversion since you already know the comparison of the two. This method is crucial since you are to upscale the video, and you will need nothing but an excellent converter. Luckily, this article will lead you to the most qualified video converter that will shock you with the procedure it gives.

Part 1. Best 5K to 8K Converter to Turn 5K to 8K

As we said previously, converting the 5K to 8K video will be more efficient if you will use matchless software like the AVAide Video Converter. This 5K to 8K converter will give you the most exquisite experience in converting video, with the help of itas acceleration technology that works to convert video 30 times faster than others. In addition, you wouldn’t imagine how simple yet versatile this fantastic software is. Looking at its intuitive interface will let you think that it is for beginners, but its features and tools will make you feel exaggerated to the point of claiming yourself to be professional! It is why everyone who tried this software has instantly fallen in love with it. Imagine, besides its ability to convert batch video swiftly, it also lets you beautify them at the same time!

How will AVAide Video Converter beautify your videos after the 5K to 8K conversion? Well, this software comes with a powerful toolbox that will let you edit, customize, and enhance your videos in several ways. Suppose your video doesn’t qualify your watching experience. You may want to enhance it by optimizing its brightness, reducing the noise, upscaling the resolution, and stabilizing it if it’s shaky!

Convert 5K to 8K Efficiently with AVAide Video Converter
  • It efficiently and swiftly converts 5K to 8K, 30 times faster.
  • Convert your multiple 5K videos to 8K simultaneously.
  • Let you edit, cut, and enhance your videos while processing the conversion.
  • No watermark on your 8K converted videos.

How to Do a Smooth 5K to 8K Conversion with AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Install the Video Converter

First, you need to get this converter on your desktop or Mac computer. To do so, click the given download buttons applicable to the kind of device you are using.

Step 2Load Your 5K Video (s)

Once you have finished acquiring the software, launch it immediately and begin the exciting task. Load your videos when you reach the main interface. How? Hit the Plus sign button, or if you already have the 5K videos in one folder, click the arrow of the Add Files button and select the Add Folder selection.

Upload Videos

Step 3Set the 5K to 8K Conversion

After uploading the video files, click the arrow in the Convert All To option located in the upper-right corner of the interface. Then, to quickly see the 8K output selection, go to the search bar of the popped-up window and type 8K. After that, click your preferred output format in the right area of the interface to make the changes valid.

Format Select

Step 4Choose a Destination Folder

Going back to the previous interface, you would want to select a folder where you want to save your outputs. But please note that you can also keep your converted files in this fantastic 5K to 8K converter. Anyways, to choose a folder, click the arrow icon in the Save To and select the Browse and Select Folder selection.

Folder Selection

Step 5Convert the Videos Now

Finally, hit the Convert All button to start the accelerated conversion process. Once the process is done, you can check the new files in the Converted.

Convert Video

Bonus: How to Enhance 8K Videos

After converting the videos to 8K, we don’t want you to miss the chance to enhance it more using a different method. This way, you will have a superb video to watch. To do so, please follow the simple steps below.

Step 1Launch the software and get to its Toolbox. From there, click the Video Enhancer selection and upload the video output you produced in 5K to 8K conversion by clicking the Plus icon.

Enhance Video Selection

Step 2On the new window, toggle the Upscale Resolution option. Note that you can also grab this opportunity if you need to optimize the brightness, reduce the shaky of the video, and remove the noise if any.

Enhance Video Selection

Step 3After that, hit the Preview button to check how the changes will occur. Then, click the Enhance button to make the changes officially.

Preview Enhance Video

Note: Once the process is done, the software will let you see where you need to check your video.

Picture Left Picture Right

Video Converter IconAVAide Video Converter

The most comprehensive media converter to convert video & audio & DVD without quality loss.

Part 2. FAQs about 5K to 8K Conversion

How long will the 5K to 8K conversion process take?

This conversion process will take less than a minute of your time if you use the AVAide Video Converter. The acceleration technology of this software makes the rapid conversion process possible.

Is 8K video playable on a mobile device?

Yes. The latest Android, smartphones, and iPhones support 8K videos. However, older models have issues playing 8K videos.

Will I have the same pixel if I get an MP4 8K and MKV 8K video?

Yes. Both the 8K MP4 and 8K MKV videos have the same pixel of 7680x4320 since they have the exact resolution. What makes them different are the format type and device compatibility.


To conclude, 5K to 8K conversion is not yet a usual process. For this reason, not all video converters can perform well on this kind of task. Thankfully, this AVAide Video Converter excellently performs smoothly in converting such videos. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the software to your computer now!

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 08, 2022

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