The digital community is undeniably expanding continuously. The demand for multimedia files is increasing and as users we need to be knowledgeable on things that can be done and managed conveniently. Like our SWF files, or short for “Shockwave Flash” or “Small Web Format”. This type of video format was developed by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe to publish various applets and animations on the internet. Additionally, it can contain ActionScript's that are handy on the web, since it's a web-based container. What makes this video container not ideal for audio listening is its compatibility. This major factor can be observed on iOS and Android mobile phones. Unfortunately, they stopped supporting SWF because of potential malicious codes that can damage their devices. Converting SWF to MP3 online or downloading a desktop tool is now possible. MP3 is the most used audio format in all occasions and seasons.

Part 1. Online Ways to Conveniently Convert SWF to MP3

1. AVAide Free Video Converter

The first tool that can convert SWF to MP3 for free is through utilizing the AVAide Free Video Converter. No doubt that this program can completely assist you when doing the task. The capacities of exploring its attributes can never go wrong in sustaining its ability to provide quality output. From the outstanding speed to supporting your file group on the process. What is more, this tool doesn't need any installation. Your conversion history is automatically deleted once you refresh the web site for safety and privacy. Don't be late to try it and discover it first-hand by the given steps below.

Step 1Open your web browser. Go straight to the AVAide Free Video Converter's main webpage.

SWF MP3 AVAide Open page

Step 2Secondly, click the ADD YOUR FILES button to import your videos, better in group, with SWF format.

SWF MP3 AVAide Import Videos

Step 3Afterwards, view the formats by clicking the audio icon. Then, look for the MP3 button and click it.

SWF MP3 AVAide View Format

Step 4Click the Convert button to start the seamless procedure of changing format.

SWF MP3 Start Procedure

Step 5End the process by simply clicking the folder icon on each completed file to see where they are saved on your local storage.

  • It contains popular formats.
  • Can run the process with 30X faster speed.
  • Supported by Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms.
  • Unlimited service online.
  • Change the format one by one.

2. Online-Convert

This tool totally supports different media targets for conversions. By merely searching and accessing this tool on your web, you can change through online your SWF to MP3 files.

Step 1Upon visiting, look for the Audio converter panel. From the Select target format… button, click the Convert to MP3 option.

Step 2Then, click the Go button and choose your SWF files for importation.

SWF MOV Onlineconvert Convert
  • Numerous target format preferences.
  • Completely free to use on your web.
  • Has advertisements on the web page.
  • Incomprehensive graphics.

3. Convertio

Another tool that might meet your expectations is the tool named Convertio. This already did a great job in providing plenty of format types. It's easy to use and not confusing. Try this SWF to MP3 converter for free.

Step 1First off, go to the official website of the given tool. Afterwards, simply click the Choose Files button to upload the local video on your storage.

Step 2Finally, click the MP3 button followed by clicking the Convert button.

SWF MP3 Convertio Convert
  • Easy to use solution on the web.
  • Popular formats are offered.
  • Install the intended launcher before using.

4. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a good tool to have on your web. It can instantly switch your file formats without any hassle. The speed can lead you to an easy method on how to convert SWF to MP3. Connect on your internet and try this on your own.

Step 1Search the online app on your device. Once landed, click the Click the Select File button to upload the videos in need of format switching.

Step 2Next is, you need to click the arrow icon on the Convert to panel. Click the Convert button to begin.

SWF MP3 Cloudconvert Convert
  • Offers different formats for audio, video, eBook, and documentation.
  • Straightforward procedure.
  • Vague API services.
  • Large-sized files result in random lagging.

5. FreeConvert

This tool is another advanced online audio converter. It's free and secure. Also, it provides customizable options for format, resolution, orientation preference, and CODEC support. Explore the heights of this SWF to MP3 converter online.

Step 1Click the AUDIO Converters button on the webpage. Choose the MP3 and click its intended button.

Step 2Upload your files by simply clicking the Choose Files button.

SWF MP3 Freeconvert Convert
  • Files are converted easily.
  • No pop-up ads during the process.
  • Limited 1GB per batch conversion.
  • Existing issues on playback.

Part 2. An Offline Solution to Convert Losslessly SWF to MP3

AVAide Video Converter

In this article, we will explore the solid key features of AVAide Video Converter. This is a SWF to MP3 converter on Mac, Windows, and even downloadable on Linux. It's a handy tool and excellently intuitive. Switch your file formats by processing it on its advanced acceleration speed. It also works well on changing formats simultaneously. More to discover by considering these effortless guidelines.

Step 1Download the full-featured desktop tool by going to the official website of the tool. Use your available web browser in undertaking this step.

Step 2Then, click the Add Files button to transport files in groups or individually.

SWF MP3 AVAide Transport Files

Step 3View the audio formats by clicking the Audio button. Click the MP3 button from the available list.

SWF MP3 AVAide Audio Format

Step 4Upon MP3 selection, click the Convert All button to start the fast-speed procedure.

SWF MP3 AVAide Start Convert
  • Fast conversion speed.
  • Different media formats.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Built-in audio and video editor.
  • Maintain and enhance quality.
  • Requires to download and install.

Part 3. The Best Converter Among Them

  • Avaide Free Video Converter
  • Online-Convert
  • Convertio
  • CloudConvert
  • FreeConvert
  • AVAide Video Converter
Web-based and software Windows and Mac Batch Conversion Tool Box Fast-Speed

To conclude this comparison table, AVAide Video Converter met all the qualities of an excellent audio converter.

Part 4. FAQs of SWF to MP3

Do Android devices support SWF?

Android devices stopped supporting files with SWF. Consequently, there's no direct way to play them on these devices. Better to download a SWF to MP3 converter like the AVAide Video Converter. Experience the fast-switching process of it.

What is the average size of a SWF format?

The standard size of a file with SWF type is 76 bytes.

What is the quality of MP3?

The peak quality of MP3 is 320 kilobits per second at 16 bits.


AVAide Free Video Converter, Online-Convert, Convertio, CloudConvert, FreeConvert, and AVAide Video Converter are great tools to experience hassle-free methods. Among the aforementioned tools, AVAide Video Converter is considered the most reliable in terms of all the qualifications needed to change SWF to MP3. Try it now!

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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