Have you ever wondered why you can't playback your favorite anime movie on your Mac? It is simply because most of the anime videos are usually in SWF file format that is apparently not supported by Mac. On the other hand, the MOV format is the best choice that retains the best quality of your SWF video. Fortunately, there are free ways to convert SWF to MOV files to suit your Mac device. This article will lead you to the best among the great converter tools you can have.

Part 1. How to Convert SWF to MOV on Windows & Mac

Speaking of the best among the bests, nothing beats this AVAide Video Converter. This amazing software works the greatest, it allows you to create output without losing any bits of the quality, in fact, it makes it more extraordinary.

Why Choose AVAide Video Converter?
  • 30x faster conversion process.
  • The easiest way to transform SWF to MOV on Windows and Mac.
  • Contains tools to enhance your SWF and MOV video files
  • With 3D maker, GIF maker, Media Metadata Editor, and movie maker.

How to Convert SWF to MOV with AVAide Video Converter

Below are the effortless steps in transforming your SWF files, with this amazing software tool after downloading and installing it to your PC.

Step 1Upload Your SWF File(s)

Launch the installed software, and upload your files by dragging them directly to the interface. Another way of uploading is to click the Add Files button on the left topmost, then upload as many files as you want. Actually, you can upload the entire file folder to experience bulk conversion.

SWF MOV Upload File

Step 2Presets the Files Into MOV

Configure the files into MOV by clicking the Convert All to button located on the right top of the interface. You may also do individual configuration by clicking the Arrow image of each file.

SWF MOV Set File

Step 3Start Converting the SWF Files

Thereafter the configuration, you may hit the Convert All red button at the bottom right part of the interface.

SWF MOV Convert File

Step 4Check The Converted Files

You may go to the Converted tab to check the completed files. Then click the Folder Image to locate the destination on your PC.

SWF MOV Converted File

Part 2. How to Change SWF to MOV Online

Converting SWF to MOV online is also a best option nowadays. We have gathered the most ideal online tools for you to transfigure your files and AVAide Free Online MOV Converter leads the number 1 spot. This online tool is perfect for those who want to experience a smooth conversion process, for it allows the users to work without any Ads and watermarks bothering them. You will also enjoy the built-in features of this tool such as the video setting which contains video bitrate, framerate, resolution, and encoder to boost the quality of the file.

Convert SWF to MOV With AVAide Free Online MOV Converter

Step 1Install the Launcher

To do so, click the ADD YOUR FILES button, and from the popped-up window, click Download then the Open.

SWF MOV Online File

Step 2Upload Your SWF File

Import your SWF file by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button once again. To add more files, hit the Add File button on the top left part of the interface.

Step 3Set The File to MOV

To convert SWF to MOV file, select the MOV from the format choices at the bottom of the interface.

Step 4Start the Conversion

When all are set, hit the Convert button at the bottom, then wait for the conversion process to finish.

SWF MOV Online Convert File

Step 5Choose Destination File

Right after hitting the Convert button, you will be directed to your computer file storage where you need to choose a file destination. If you happen to forget the chosen location, you can locate the file manually by clicking the Folder Image beside the converted file.

SWF MOV Online Converted File
  • Very smooth and straight-to-the-point navigation.
  • The swift conversion process.
  • With built-in settings.
  • No limited access.
  • Can do a bulk conversion.
  • Internet reliant.
  • Individual set-up of file.

How to Convert SWF to MOV With CloudConvert

CloudConvert is another ideal tool to convert your files online. Furthermore, it is one of the popular online tools for its flexibility. Aside from video conversion, it also allows its users to convert other category files like ebooks, document images, etc. to convert SWF to MOV with CloudConvert, please see the steps below.

Step 1Click the Select File button, then upload your SWF file.

Step 2Choose the MOV file from the format list under the dropdown button beside the TO button.

Step 3Start the conversion by clicking the Convert button. Wait for the process to finish, then save the converted files.

SWF MOV OnlineConverted File

How to convert SWF to MOV on Mac With ZamZar

Lastly, we have ZamZar, like others it is also a flexible online tool for it also caters to documents, images, and other categories of conversion. ZamZar however, doesn’t give unlimited service for it only limits its free service up to 50MB file size. On the other hand, below are the steps to follow in converting SWF files to MOV.

Step 1Upload your SWF file by clicking the Add Files button.

Step 2Set the uploaded file into MOV, click the Convert To button.

Step 3Start the conversion by clicking the Convert Now button. Wait for the process to finish, then download the converted file after.

SWF MOV Zamzar File

Part 3. SWF VS MOV

The SWF format was developed by Adobe Systems. On this note, it is an Adobe Flash file format that is used for ActionScript and Vector graphics which is presently being used for animate graphics on the web. SWF is known to have high quality but with that being said it is also demanding when it comes to playing it back, your device won’t be able to play it unless it has a flash player.

MOV on the other hand is a multimedia file container developed by Apple. It is a well-known file containing excellent quality. Furthermore, it is being supported by many free video players, unlike SWF. Although it was Apple developed, MOV can still work on Windows aside from Mac.

Part 4. FAQs About SWF and MOV

Is MOV a compressed file?

MOV contains excellent video quality but within an uncompressed file.

Is MOV better than SWF?

MOV and SWF have their own edges. As both of them contain quality excellence on video, still they have an individual attribute that makes them differ from each other. Therefore, as per their accessibility, MOV is better than the SWF.

Is it safe to download an SWF file on my computer?

As the older version of flash is more vulnerable, today downloaded SWF can be scanned first and would not be risky to contain.


You have known the most ideal free SWF to MOV converters. It is for you to decide now which among them have reached your standards. As the trial went through, AVAide Video Converter has been the most reliable among others. Download it and try its amazing features that could help you not just with the SWF and MOV files but with the other file formats to suit your needs.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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