Do you know that you can compress the sizes of your video files to maximize your storage expenditure? Only if you know the best ways to convert them. Likewise, with the size that your AVI video file occupies from your device, tools for conversion will absolutely aid you. We genuinely recommend changing your AVI to MKV container. MKV is a file format that carries multiple audio tracks, subtitle tracks, and other supported features. It fixes the large-sized AVI problems you have.

Part 1. How to Convert AVI to MKV Using Online Tools

1. How to Easily Utilize AVAide Free Online AVI Converter

The AVAide Free Online AVI Converter is the perfect tool applicable in compressing your video files. This trusted converter attracts many users to give it a try due to its friendly-user aspect. It allows you to freely convert AVI to MKV files while maintaining their quality because all types of audio and video format thrive in this solution. What is more, it has distinct and exceptional characteristics. It has a fast-speed converting operation, multi-format preferences permit simultaneous conversion of files, compatible with any device, and produces high-quality output. All these from a single tool! Here are effortless steps to make use of the converter.

Step 1Open your browser

Access your browser on the device you're using and visit the AVAide Free Online AVI Converter official webpage. Upon entering, you will clearly see the pleasant interface.

AVI MKV AVAide Visit Link Step1

Step 2Import AVI files

To add your AVI files, click the ADD YOUR FILES button. By doing this, the local file folder will automatically show up. This is the time to select your local files. The tool authorizes the batch conversion. Note that this won't decrease the processing speed.

AVI MKV AVAide Impot Files Step2

Step 3Change to MKV Format

From the roster of formats, click the MKV button to set up the container changes.

AVI MKV AVAide Set Up Format Step3

Step 4File destination and convert

Locate the Convert button placed at the right bottom part of the panel and click it. When done, the tool will require you to choose your file destination once the conversion is finished. After the selection, the conversion starts immediately.

AVI MKV AVAide File Destination Convert Step4

Step 5Check the saved files

Upon completion, you can freely check your new MKV video files by clicking the Folder icon.

AVI MKV AVAide Check Files Step5
  • The best AVI to MKV converter for most users. The converter is compatible with most devices we're using. From phones, computers, television and even on PlayStation.
  • It has a long list of available audio and video formats.
  • Also, it offers other media enhancing features.
  • It can seamlessly work on the batch conversion.
  • The DVD burning feature isn't yet available.

2. Simple Procedures to Use CloudConvert

CloudConvert is also a suitable AVI to MKV converter for you. It also supports nearly all video and audio formats. It has an intuitive interface that caters to even first-time users. By following these plain steps, this tool might help you to easily convert.

Step 1Import your files

Begin with visiting the tool to your browser. When landed, simply add files by clicking the Select File color red button. By clicking so, select your AVI files from your device or computer.

AVI MKV Convertfiles Select Files Step1

Step 2Choose a format and convert

After that, select the MKV format by clicking the arrow symbol placed on the ride side of the Convert to the panel. Then, click the Convert button to start the transformation.

AVI MKV CloudConvert Format Convert Step2
  • This tool has a clean and straightforward interface.
  • Furthermore, it's undoubtedly a comprehensive online tool.
  • Sometimes, when converting the many files, the process stops in the middle.
  • Needs to restart when importing files fail to load.

3. Ways to Use ConvertFiles as a MKV Converter

Another solution on how to convert AVI to MKV is with the aid of the ConvertFiles tool. Specially made to meet our conversion problems. Like the usual tools we know, it has basic steps to consider and think about.

Step 1Browse to select your AVI file

Search and access the converter from your device's browser. With the view of the interface, click the Browse button to choose a local AVI file.

AVI MKV Convertfiles Select Files Step1

Step 2Choose output format

Next is you need to choose the output format by clicking the intended button. At last, click the Convert button.

AVI MKV Convertfiles Choose Format Step2
  • The converter only requires you to do simple steps. It will not consume much of your time.
  • Also, it supports a various list of format preferences.
  • The interface looks outdated and not made modernized.
  • It has an input and output format that confuses users, specifically first-timers.

Part 2. Best AVI to MKV Converter for Windows & Mac

Top-Rated AVAide Video Converter

As tested by many, AVAide Video Converter is a top-graded tool used to convert AVI to MKV for free with no expertise and skills needed. All you need is an internet connection and browser accessibility. See the best results from your seamless efforts! The service is made better with these unique and remarkable features. It has an intuitive interface, safe and clean file history, fast speed technology acceleration, high quality and flawless production, multiple output formats, and no added watermark ability. It’s absolutely the best converter for your Windows and Mac gadgets for it is compatible with most devices. The fundamental steps are mentioned below as assistance.

Step 1Download and install

First, click the download button down below. Simply download the AVAide Video Converter on your computer and install it.

Step 2Attach AVI files

Secondly, by clicking the Add Files button, the tool itself will immediately show a folder from your device in which you’ll look for all the AVI files you decided to convert.

AVI MKV AVAide Attach Files Step2

Step 3Set to MKV video format

Formatting options are well-presented from the format button on the processing area. Simply select and click the MP4 button for your final converting preference.

AVI MKV AVAide Set Up Format Step3

Step 4Start to convert

Afterwards, look for the Convert All button and directly click it then the process will start.

AVI MKV AVAide Start Convert Step4

Step 5Look over your MKV files

At last, to end the procedure, check your converted files. As soon as the process is completed, the tool will automatically show the file designation of your files.

AVI MKV AVAide Look Files Step5
  • The tool offers a video enhancer feature that helps you trim, merge, flip and add video effects.
  • It can convert videos compatible for over 300 formats.
  • It contains photo and video collage features.
  • Though it's a free AVI to MKV converter, this has a fast-speed operation regardless of how numerous files are.
  • There's no accessible built-in burner for DVD files.

Part 3. FAQs of AVI and MKV

Does YouTube acknowledge MKV files?

MKV files are certainly accepted by YouTube as video sources. However, the social media platform opted to choose other preferences such as MPEG-4 which happened to be smaller than MKV. A format like this might affect the internet’s speed.

What media players support MKV?

This is a short list of media players suitable for MKV, this includes VLC, MX, MK, Zoom Player, Kodi, and more.

Can MKV files playable to Sony Televisions?

The device claims it actually supports this type of format. However, others might encounter playback issues.


Along with the common difficulties concerning how to convert AVI to MKV file, we have the quickest and top-performing converting tools within easy reach. These include AVAide Video Converter that perfectly matches your urgency, CloudConvert, and ConvertFiles. These solutions will never fail your first-hand experience to convert with all comfort. Among these, AVAide Video Converter is the best and most recommended converter for MKV format.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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