The Digital Video Express or DivX file format is a multimedia container including subtitle tracks. To elaborate, it is a hack extension of .avi and it contains the MPEG-4 Part 2 compliant video together with the DivX codec. This hack was made purposely to widen the media players' compatibility. On the other hand, MKV is a file container much like the AVI. In addition, this file format was made as the default format for DivX Plus Software due to containing very high video quality.

Although DivX video files are also high in quality, which is also the reason why it is labeled as the best format fit to DVDs and TVs. However, many are still experiencing trouble playing their DivX files on their device, particularly on their desktop. That is why they tend to convert DivX to MKV instead. Such transformation of files is not that easy. Luckily, this article will teach you the safest and quickest ways to convert DivX to MKV without any bit of quality loss.

Part 1. How to Convert DivX to MKV Using an Online Converter

Surely, many are in doubt to use an online tool in converting files. Hence, we gathered the safest online tool to convert DivX to MKV.

Utilize AVAide Free Video Converter the Best Online Tool

AVAide Free Video Converter is the top leading online tool today. A lot of experts are relying on this tool in obtaining quality output produced the safest way. This online video converter has been very dedicated to securing the files and information of its users. In fact, it holds enhanced security technology that will safeguard the data of the users. Moreover, unlike other online free tools, AVAide Free Video Converter has its built-in settings to enhance the video and audio files into the users' preference. Smoothly convert your DivX to MKV files without any watermarks and ads that will annoy you. So, without any further ado, let us all see the steps below on how to convert DivX to MKV files online.

Step 1Visit the Web Page

Go to the web page of AVAide Free Video Converter. Click the ADD YOUR FILES button to acquire the launcher at once. From the popped-up window, hit the Download button then the Open tab after.

DivX MKV Online File

Step 2Attach the DivX Files

Open the acquired launcher, then click the ADD YOUR FILES button again to upload your first file. In adding more files, you may click the Add File button from the main interface.

DivX MKV Online Upload File

Step 3Preset the Outputs to MKV Files

Configure the uploaded DivX files to MKV. To do so, you must click the file then choose MKV from the video formats available at the bottom of the interface.

DivX MKV Online Set File

NOTE: You may configure some additional settings for your output by clicking the Setting icon. And for the audio formats to be visible, you may click the Note icon beside the video formats.

Step 4Start to Convert DivX to MKV

Prior to the conversion process, you will be needing to choose a file destination for your converted files. Hit the Convert button on the right bottom-most part of the interface, and select your local file storage. Thereafter, the bulk conversion process will begin.

DivX MKV Online Convert File

Step 5Checking of Converted Files

Subsequently, you may check the converted files by clicking the Folder icon after the conversion process.

DivX MKV Online Converted File

Part 2. The Best Desktop Software to Convert DivX to MKV

Of course, an offline solution is also gathered in this article. We only give you the best among the best software that will not only convert but as well as enhance your outputs.

The Amazing AVAide Video Converter

This amazing software has a lot to brag about. Similar to the online version, this AVAide Video Converter possesses an enhanced acceleration speed that can transform DivX to MKV 30x faster than the other common software. Furthermore, its generosity is shown in its features. This software allows you to customize your outputs in a lot of ways.

Why Choose AVAide Video Converter
  • It converts DivX to MKV the fastest way.
  • It supports more than 300 video and audio formats.
  • It allows you to make video collages, movies, 3D, GIFs, in an instant.
  • You can convert multiple files at once.
  • It has a toolbox with the following features.
  • For Video setting: trimmer, merger, reverser, compressor, rotator, speed controller, framerate, bitrate, resolution.
  • For Audio: Volume booster, audio sync, bitrate, sample rate, channel, and encoder.

How to Convert DivX to MKV With AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Download and Install the Software

Acquire the software to your PC by clicking the download button above.

Step 2Upload the DivX Files

Launch the downloaded tool, then you may choose whether to drag and drop the files on the interface or click the Add Files button on the left upper part.

DivX MKV Upload File

Step 3Set Them to MKV

Set the uploaded files to MKV by clicking the Convert All To button. Choose MKV among the video file format list, then click the preferred resolution.

DivX MKV Set File

Step 4Start the Conversion

Hit the Convert All red button on the interface to start the fast bulk conversion process.

DivX MKV Convert File

Step 5Check the Converted Files

See the completed files on the Converted tab. Check the saved files on your PC by clicking the Folder icon.

DivX MKV Converted File

Part 3. Which DivX to MKV Converter to Choose

Definitely, both featured methods are practical for your file conversions. Hence, if you are still undecided which one to choose, a comparison table is presented below to help you.

Features AVAide Free Video Converter AVAide Video Converter
Platform Web-based Downloadable
Browser Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac, Linux
Advantages Can be accessed faster.
It is totally free of charge.
With full-packed features.
Accessible even without the internet.
Allows sharing the converted files on social media.
Disadvantages Cannot access without the internet.
Limited features.
Since it’s downloadable, it will eat a little space on your desktop

Part 4. FAQs About DivX to MKV

DivX or MKV which one is lossy?

Both MKV and DivX files are lossy.

Can I play MKV and DivX on Windows Media Player?

Originally, DivX files were not playable with Windows Media Player. However, a converted DivX with.avi extension and MKV can.

Can I convert MKV to DivX instead?

Sure thing. With AVAide Video Converter you can convert MKV, MOV, AVI, MP4, and others to DivX and to different output formats.


Having a reliable converter tool is a necessity nowadays. With this kind of article, you will be able to differentiate such tools. Just a piece of advice, extend your knowledge and be wise in choosing the perfect method for your DivX to MKV conversion solutions. Try and attest this AVAide Video Converter, to be confident in every output you produce.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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