WebM, as the name implies, was made for direct playing of web streaming videos using the HTML5 but without flash player. It's composed of VP8 video and Vorbis Though this file format is widely supported by most web browsers, still you can't use these videos whenever offline or disconnected from the internet. Not just that, files with this format need plug-in installation to be accessible. They will not be portable to certain devices like your smartphone. Despite these existing issues, there's a possible way to still use them. You can convert WebM to MKV with the aid of right solutions. MKV or the Matroska Video is compatible with any operating system and portable even to your smartphones. This format is highly flexible, lossless, well-documented, and non-proprietary in nature. Furthermore, it's a universal format that stores both audio and video along with the subtitle track.

Part 1. Best WebM to MKV Converter for Windows and Mac

Incorporate AVAide MKV Converter as an Offline Method

Video converters are now popular tools to use whenever we desire to change a file container. As per your need, the right WebM to MKV converters are necessary. AVAide MKV Converter is the appropriate tool to use. With the long list of video formats, this tool can entirely change the nature of your old videos. The key features of the app include the fast-speed operation attribute, it contains multiple formats, batch conversion is supported, and compatible with various operating systems like the Linux, macOS, and Windows platform. Plus, it doesn't require you to have any professional skills. Experience these features by following these quick steps.

Step 1Software installation

The first thing you need to do is to visit the web page the AVAide MKV Converter on your device. After that, click the Download button and immediately install it.

Step 2Local files importation

Look for the Add Files button and click it. Your local storage will automatically be opened and import your WebM videos.

WebM MKV AVAide Import Local

Step 3New format selection

The next thing to do is to choose the format of your output. Find the MKV button and click it.

WebM MKV AVAide New Format

Step 4Start the conversion

Now you can start to convert all the added files by clicking the Convert All button.

WebM MKV AVAide Start Convert

Step 5Process completion

When the process is completed, check your newly converted file on their file destination.

WebM AVAide Check Complete
  • Made with advanced acceleration technology that speeds up the process.
  • Multiple audio and video formats are provided with adjustable settings.
  • Group conversion happening at once is widely supported.
  • Compatible to different operating systems and devices.
  • Extra toolbox is available to enhance different media files.
  • Trial version has a time frame.
  • DVD ripper is not a part of its features.

Part 2. Free Online WebM to MKV Converters

The Easiest Ways to Navigate AVAide Free Video Converter

On the other hand, if it is not your choice to download and install any video converter, AVAide Free Converter is the ideal tool to convert WebM to MKV online. It's totally a web-based program that can be visited through your web browser's connection to the internet. Adjust your container's preferences easily with the aid of this video converter. The speed is a mile advanced than other similar working tools. You can also upload your files in bulk and convert them simultaneously without any quality reduction. Better to visit this solution and try it with its seamless procedures.

Step 1Go to the tool's official website

Using your device, go to the web page of AVAide Free Video Converter. Make sure that your internet connection is stable and not interrupted.

WebM MKV AVAide Website

Step 2Import the local WebM videos

Afterwards, import all your WebM videos from your local holder to the tool. Do this by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button. Add files whether individually or in group.

WebM MKV AVAide Import

Step 3Set up the MKV format

Then, find the MKV format on the wide list of provided audio and video formats. Click the MKV button once seen.

WebM MKV AVAide Set Up

Step 4Start the changing process

To get in the process, you need to click the Convert button placed on the rightmost part of the interface. You can also pause and stop it once you decide to do so or change some settings.

WebM MKV AVAide Convert

Step 5Check the file destination

To check your completed videos, click the folder icon to easily convert the converted outputs.

WebM MKV AVAide Check
  • It's a total WebM to MKV converter online since it's web-based.
  • The speed is 50X faster than other solutions.
  • It offers more than 300 audio and video formats.
  • Compatibly working for both macOS and Windows platforms.
  • Resolution can be enhanced up to 4K definition.
  • Toolbox is not included in the web version.

Make Use of the FFmpeg

Another downloadable WebM to MKV converter for free is the FFmpeg. This is a known tool that provides multiple formats as well. It can surely aid you with its functional capacities on your media demands. Given below are simple ways to use the video converter.

Step 1Open the app and browse your files

Download and install the program on your device. Once installed, open it and click the Add Files button. After doing so, select the MKV format.

Step 2Start the conversion and choose a storage

Finally, you can start the process and afterwards choose the outputs' file designation.

WebM FFmpeg Add Convert
  • It also supports batch conversion.
  • Additional settings are also given.
  • You may find the interface not friendly-user.
  • Large-sized files consume time to process.
  • Limited format compared to other tools.

Part 3. FAQs of WebM and MKV

Does WebM contain audio files?

Yes. WebM stores both video and audio content. This format is an absolute multimedia container.

Can I play WebM videos on Mac?

Popular web browsers actually support WebM files including Opera, Firefox, Edge, and Google Chrome. But when it comes to Safari web browser on Mac, you badly need to install other media players. Better if you will search for WEBM to MKV converter online like the AVAide Free Video Converter.

What are the best MKV video players?

There are a long list of MKV players such as the VLC Media Player, MX Player, MKPlayer, Zoom Player, Kodi, Plex, and more.

Can I play MKV on TV?

Since MKV is a free and open container format, it is compatible for playing it on TV.


To sum up this write up, AVAide MKV Converter, AVAide Free Video Converter, and FFmpeg for WebM to MKV are undoubtedly ideal video converters that can surely aid us in managing our media files and documents. However, AVAide MKV Converter is the top-performing MKV converter among the listed solutions. With its unlimited features and toolbox, you will totally enjoy the experience first-hand!

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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