SWF or the “Shockwave Flash” or others called it “Small Web Format”. This format is responsible for publishing web animations and applets. Additionally, it can also incorporate sound and even bitmap files. SWF is vector based as well. But what makes it difficult to have this format on your files is the compatibility. It needs another media player to play it on your device. Better to convert SWF to MKV format. Matroska video file supports lossless quality and the file can hold multiple videos, audio, and images. Also, it is totally fine with many available codecs. With its essential features, this format can surely help you manage your media files. Therefore, conversion needs the right solutions to use. Below are excellent offline and online methods.

Part 1. How to Convert SWF to MKV on Windows and Mac

The Quickest Ways to Use AVAide MKV Converter

There are many video converters available around the web. But, among the software the web recommends, AVAide MKV Converter is the most reliable and has high quality outputs. This top-performing offline tool can easily change your videos in SWF to MKV. Plus, this doesn't need any expertise to navigate. It absolutely supports most devices we use such as iOS and android gadgets. Also, this app is accepted by different operating systems such as the Linx, macOS, and Windows. The speed will surely amaze you by its advanced acceleration technology without compromising any part of your old file. The product's definition can reach the 4k resolution. Moreover, it gained its popularity by its batch conversion feature. Know more by undertaking these simple steps to convert SWF to MKV videos.

Step 1Download and install the converter

Firstly, visit the official web page of AVAide MKV Converter on the browser of your choice. Click the Download button and install it on your device.

Step 2Add the local files

When adding your local files, look for the Add Files button and click it. You can also drag them on the interface seamlessly.

SWF MKV AVAide Add Local

Step 3Select the output format

From the available list of formats, click the MKV button as your output format.

SWF MKV AVAide Select Format

Step 4Convert the added files

Then, click the Convert All button to start the process.

SWF MKV AVAide Convert Files

Step 5Checking the saved videos

Finally, check your saved files on their file designation.

SWF MKV AVAide Check Videos
  • It has advanced speed technology.
  • It can convert in group selection.
  • It offers numerous audio and video formats.
  • It produces high quality outputs or retains the original.
  • It provides an extra toolbox for editing and enhancing files.
  • It has no burner for DVD and Blu-ray discs.
  • It is limited to the trial version.

Part 2. Utilize an Online Tool to convert SWF to MKV Videos

The Excellent Outputs of AVAide Free Video Converter

But if you are looking for an online method to turn your SWF to MKV, use AVAide Free Converter. With your stable connection to the internet, you can totally utilize the prowess of this tool. Freely adjust your format settings to your personal preferences. This tool has a sure user-friendly interface. Use this comprehensive online converter by doing these quick instructions.

Step 1Land the official website

On the web browser of your device, go to the site of the AVAide Free Converter. Make sure you're connected on the internet since this is web-based.

SWF MKV AVAide Website

Step 2Choose your old SWF videos

Secondly, from your local storage, choose your finalized SWF files by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button. Add in group to lessen the tile consumption upon processing.

SWF MKV AVAide Videos

Step 3Change your format to MKV

Then, change SWF to MKV as the format of your outputs by clicking the MKV button.

SWF MKV AVAide Change

Step 4Begin your work to convert

Start the process by simply the Convert button. Once clicked, choose your files' local designation.

SWF MKV AVAide Convert

Step 5Look over your new files

Inspect your newly converted videos from the local file holder you have set them to be placed.

  • There's no need to download or install.
  • It has the quickest procedures for a software converter.
  • It supports numerous input and output formats.
  • No file limits for batch conversion.
  • Compatible on different browsers including Mac, Windows, Linux and more.
  • No supplementary editing toolbox.
  • No single button intended to convert all in a group.

Part 3. SWF Vs. MKV

Here is a simple illustration to compare the differences of SWF and MKV file formats.

File Extension MKV SWF
File Name Matroska Video File Shockwave Flash Movie
Developer Matroska Developers Adobe Systems
Advantages 1. It’s lossless in nature.
2. Non-proprietary format.
3. Highly flexible that it can hold an unlimited number of audio, video, photos, and captions or subtitle tracks.
1. It is the standard format for compressed Flash content on the web.
Drawbacks 1. Not supported by other devices. 1. Apple gadgets don’t support SWF files.
2. You need to install Macromedia Flash.
Other Recommendations Best for multimedia content. Ideal format for online streaming videos.

Evidently, Matroska Video file has many leading advantages compared to the Shockwave Flash Movie. We highly recommend using the AVAide MKV Converter to convert SWF to MKV videos.

Part 4. FAQs of SWF and MKV

What is the work of SWF format?

ShockWave Format is best used for streaming Flash animation derived on raster graphics and vector, for various forms of interactive practices with end users.

Are SWF videos still safe?

You may try to scan your SWF videos for malware, but rest assured it will only give you limited protection from your device. Particularly, Flash files are prone to various types of vulnerabilities. That's why, it would be a benefit on your device to change your SWF to MKV through AVAide MKV Converter.

Can I edit MKV video files?

Natively, files with MKV format are flexible like other formats such as the AVI. However, these containers are used only for HD videos. MKV is widely used for streaming through media players and can be transferred to smartphones.


As a summary, AVAide MKV Converter and AVAide Free Converter are partnering tools to convert SWF to MKV file format whether in online or offline ways. But if you desire the unlimited toolbox, we suggest that you install the AVAide MKV Converter on your device.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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