Most of the media users are not aware that compatibility of the right format to the devices and platforms we use are important. For instance, SWF or the “Shockwave Flash” or “Small Web Format”. Files with this type of container are developed primarily to publish different applets and animations on the web. And the main shortcoming is its compatibility. Why? SWF files are not compressed and too big in size. Therefore, it is recommended to look for an online SWF to FLV converter. FLV format is a container suitably excellent for compatibility, size, and online streaming.

Part 1. How to Convert SWF To FLV Using Offline Softwares

1. The AVAide Video Converter is the Best Converter to Use

Video format conversion allows you to change your file container to another. Nowadays, the market for software has increased in number due to online classes globally. Hence, for size and compatibility's sake, use this downloadable SWF to FLV converter named AVAide Video Converter. Discover the distinct features of this tool including its exceptional speed, list of formats, toolbox, and DVD ripper. More of these when you do follow these quick steps.

Step 1Installing the software

Before you can install the software, you are required to download the software first. Do this by accessing the webpage on your browser. Click the Download button and install it right away.

Step 2Adding the videos

Bring your local SWF files on the interface of the tool by dragging them in or simply click the Add Files button. Remember that this tool supports conversion in groups.

SWF FLV AVAide Add Videos

Step 3Choosing the format

In choosing the preferred format of your output, find the FLV button and click it. If you desire to change the preferences of each file, you may do so individually or by whole.

SWF FLV AVAide Choose Format

Step 4Converting the files

Begin the process by clicking the Convert All button. You can also pause or stop the transformation if you like to for some reasons.

SWF FLV AVAide Convert Video

Step 5Checking the outputs

To double check if your files are already saved with their new format, just simple open the local file destination you've chosen.

SWF FLV AVAide Check Output
  • Easy to download and install.
  • Contains more than 300 audio and video formats.
  • Compatible for both Windows and Apple.
  • Resolution can be adjusted up to 4K.
  • Works well in group conversion without quality loss.
  • Free trial version expires and is limited.

2. Make Use of the Freeware FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a superb command-line tool to change the right container for your videos. You can absolutely convert SWF to FLV on Linux systems, Windows, and macOS. It gives us the correct codec with its default settings and does some adjustments according to your personal standard. Try to use this tool by managing this quick tread.

Step 1Move the files and change format

Locate the Add Files button and click it once seen. Then, upload your files and proceed to changing your video format.

SWF FLV FFmpeg Move File Format

Step 2Begin the process and browse

Start the changing process and once finished, browse your new converted files on your local folder.

SEF FLV FFmpeg Begin Process
  • An open-source video transcoder.
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.
  • Allow to record desktop screens with audio.
  • No support for DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • Not a friendly interface for first time users.

Part 2. Online Tool to Convert SWF to FLV Format Easily

The Quickest AVAide Free Online FLV Converter

And if you're looking for an online tool that can be accessed through your web, simply visit AVAide Free Online FLV Converter You can surely trust this one to convert SWF to FLV online for free. This tool can easily turn your old format to the output structure you want. This is best for both professionals and common users. Furthermore, it supports android and iOS devices. Plus, the most used operating systems we have include Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. To check the quality of this powerful video converter, follow these convenient procedures

Step 1Accessing the online tool

Directly visit the website of AVAide Free Online FLV Converter on your browser. Since it is a web-based program, make sure you're connected to the internet.

SWF FLV AVAide Access Tool

Step 2Transferring the SWF videos

To transfer your videos on the interface, click the ADD YOUR FILES button. This converter can change your file format in bulk. Ready to convert SWF to FLV for free.

SWF FLV AVAide Transfer Videos

Step 3Setting up the output format

Change your video output structure by locating the FLV button and clicking it right away.

SWF FLV AVAide Set Output

Step 4Converting to FLV format

When you are fully decided and already adjust the preferences, seamlessly click the Convert button to start converting.

SWF FLV AVAide Convert

Step 5Completing the procedure

Upon completion, click the folder icon to check your video outputs on the local storage you've chosen.

SWF FLV AVAide Complete
  • It offers a huge number of audio and video formats you can choose from.
  • It supplies support for multiple conversions.
  • It supports most devices and operating systems.
  • It's a fast-speed video converter without quality reduction.
  • It is an online SWF to FLV converter.
  • It doesn't allow its users to change the format and settings all in one click.

Part 3. The Best SWF to FLV Converter Between the Two

To have a clear comparison of which converter may be used best, try to examine this simple illustration for you to choose well between the given video solutions.

  • Avaide Video Converter
Web-based and software Windows and Mac Batch Conversion Tool Box Fast-Speed

Out of the five key features given on the table, AVAide Video Converter exemplifies holistically.

Part 4. FAQs of SWF and FLV

Can a SWF damage my device?

Files with SWF containers might contain malicious codes that can harm your gadgets or devices. Yes, it is vulnerable.

Can I play SWF videos using Android?

The device will require you to rely or download a third-party software or plug-in to play your SWF videos. There's no way to play them directly on Android. As a suggestion, find the right tools that will aid you on how to convert SWF to FLV easily.

What company created the FLV format?

In the early 2000s, FLV was developed by Macromedia for high-quality standard streaming video with small-size holders. It is best used for web streaming. YouTube preferred this type of format very well.


To sum up this article, it is proven and tested that AVAide Video Converter and FFmpeg work well to change SWF to FLV on Mac and Windows platforms. These ideal tools can absolutely lessen your storage consumption. With the aforementioned features, AVAide Video Converter gained its popularity and seamlessness by many.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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