“How do I convert my MP4 files to SWF files for my company's intranet site?” Although Adobe Flash Player has been given up by Google Chrome, Firefox and other major browsers, SWF is still using on websites. This animated content format stores video, audio, subtitle, text, script and interactive elements in a single file. More importantly, it produces smaller file size than MP4 in the same condition. This guide shows you the how-to.

Part 1: The Easiest Way to Convert MP4 to SWF

When converting MP4 to SWF, you may have some concern, like output quality, difficult procedure, and more. Fortunately, AVAide Video Converter can help you eliminate these worries. It enables you to convert video formats without any technical skill. Moreover, the output quality is awesome and impressive.

AVAide Video Converter – Best MP4 to SWF Converter
  • Convert multiple MP4 videos to SWF at the same time.
  • Optimize video quality while converting files.
  • Available to Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X.

How to Convert MP4 to SWF without Quality Loss

Step 1Add MP4

Launch the best MP4 to SWF converter after you install it on your PC. There is another version for Mac users. Go to the Add Files menu at upper left side and choose Add Files or Add Folder to import the MP4 files that you wish to convert to SWF. Then the video will appear in the main interface.

Main Interface

Step 2Set SWF as output format

Preview and edit the video files. Then click Convert All to option at upper right corner to open the prefile dialog. Go to the Video tab, search for SWF and choose a proper preset. Hit the empty area to close the profile dialog.

Output Video

Step 3Convert MP4 to SWF

Click the Folder icon at the bottom of the main interface and select a specific folder for storing the SWF files. Now all you need to do is hitting the Convert All button. A few seconds later, you will find the SWF files on your hard drive.

Convert All

Besides, this MP4 to SWF converter also lets you convert MP4 to audio files such as MP4 to WMA, MP4 to OGG, MP4 to M4A, and more.

Part 2: How to Convert MP4 to SWF for Free

Method 1: How to Convert MP4 to SWF by AConvert

If you do not like to install extra software, web video converter apps are an alternative solution. AConvert, for example, allows you to convert a MP4 up to 200MB to SWF online for free.

Step 1Visit https://www.aconvert.com/video/mp4-to-swf/ in a web browser. That will open the online MP4 to SWF converter directly.

Step 2 Click the File menu, choose a channel, and follow the instruction to upload your MP4 file.


Step 3Pull down the Target format option and choose SWF. If you want to change resolution, bitrate, aspect ratio, or frame rate, do it by the Options.


Step 4Click the Convert Now button to begin converting MP4 to SWF online. When it is done, download the SWF file to your computer.

Method 2: How to Convert MP4 to SWF with Format Factory

Format Factory is the free file converter software for PC. It lets you convert several MP4 files to SWF for free. Moreover, the freeware offers basic video editing features, like trim.

Step 1Run the free MP4 to SWF converter, go to the Video section on the left side, and choose SWF.

Format Factory

Step 2Click the Add File button and open the MP4 files that you intend to change to SWF. The free MP4 to SWF converter supports batch process.

MP4 to SWF

Step 3Set the Output Folder by hitting the button next to the option. You can also adjust the output settings by hitting Output Setting.

Step 4Click the OK button to confirm it. Then hit the Start menu at the top ribbon to start converting MP4 to SWF.

Part 3: FAQs about Converting MP4 to SWF

Can HandBrake convert MP4 to SWF?

No, HandBrake is able to convert video files to MP4 or MKV. It does not support SWF as output format. So, you cannot use this open-source video converter to produce SWF files.

How to convert MP4 to SWF with Adobe Media Encoder?

Step 1: Go to the File menu, or hit the + button to add a MP4 file, and add it to the queue.
Step 2: Select an export preset or choose custom settings.
Step 3: Set the output location and hit the Start button.

Are SWF files safe?

SWF is not password protected, but once you export the file, it will be packaged and not be changeable.


Now, you should master at least three ways to convert MP4 to SWF. Web video converter apps are a portable way to do the job online. Format Factory lets you get SWF from MP4 on PC without paying a penny. However, you should try AVAide Video Converter if you care about the video output quality. More problems? Please contact us by leaving a message below.

By Bryan Simmonds on Jan 12, 2023

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