There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting on the couch playing your favorite movie with your loved ones. Perhaps you have this desire but have trouble paying back your downloaded iTunes videos or movies to your device. iTunes Store typically uses the M4V files as the default format for their video files. However, for some technical reasons, M4V files cannot be easily opened on various devices. In line with this, converting M4V to MKV would be such a nice idea.

MKV is one of the most used and favoured file containers of videos that everybody wants to have. However, transforming files to MKV is not an easy peasy job. On the contrary, having an accurate video file converter can make the job easier. Luckily, this article will show you the most reliable converters that you can have.

Part 1. How to Convert M4 to MKV on Mac/Windows Easily

We have gathered the best among the best in this article. To start with, this AVAide Video Converter rises as the web's top software. Furthermore, it is very generous giving the best features for the users. Convert M4V to MKV on Mac and on Windows with an amazing output by enhancing it with the multiple settings on its toolbox. What's more, neither experts nor non-technical people can navigate it because of its super facile interface.

The Amazing Work of AVAide Video Converter
  • The Best M4V to MKV converter according to experts.
  • Allows converting on bulk files.
  • With an acceleration technology that converts 30x faster compared to others.
  • Possesses features such as Moviemaker, 3D and GIF maker, Video Collages.
  • With a useful toolbox that will enhance, trim, rotate, reverse, compress, control the speed, and merge the video file. The same goes for the audio file.
  • Supports more than 300 input and outputs.

How to Utilize AVAide Video Converter

Below are the steps that you can rely on in using this wonderful video converter. Please take note that the steps given are applicable on Windows and Mac.

Step 1Download and Install to Your PC

Obtain this M4V to MKV converter via free download to your PC by downloading and installing it. To do so, you can click the download button given.

Step 2Import the M4V Files

Launch the software and drag and drop all your M4V on the interface at once. Alternatively, you can click the Add Files button on the left upper part, then choose whether to add files or the entire folder.

M4V MKV Upload File

Step 3Settle the Files into MKV

Click the Convert All To tab on the right upper part of the interface to direct the settings. Choose the MKV among the listed video formats, then click your chosen resolution.

M4V MKV Set File

Step 4Start the Conversion

Begin the conversion process by hitting the Convert All red button on the interface. Be amazed at how swift the conversion process is with this software.

M4V MKV Convert File

Step 5Check the Transformed Files

You may check the completed files upon clicking the Converted button. To locate the files on your local storage, click the Folder icon of the file.

M4V MKV Converted File

Part 2. How to Convert M4V to MKV Using HandBrake

HandBrake is another reliable software that everybody talks about. This freeware is popularly known for MP4 and MKV outputs because it is designed purposely for those formats. However, HandBrake has an interface that may be found arduous by the users. Hence, below are the following simplified steps on how to convert MKV to MKV with HandBrake.

Step 1Uploading of File

Launch the downloaded software, and click the Open-Source tab to import the M4V file.

Step 2Set the File to MKV

Set your uploaded file to MKV by clicking the dropdown button on Format. Then click the Browse tab to pre-save the output to your preferred local file storage.

Step 3Start the Conversion

Begin conversion by clicking the Start Encode button located at the uppermost center part of the interface.

M4V MKV HandBrake File

Part 3. How to Convert M4V to MKV Using Online for Free

An online method is also a reliable way to convert files. However, many users are hesitating to use the online method due to security matters. Luckily, we have found an online tool that will withdraw the hesitations. AVAide Free Video Converter is a free online tool that contains enhanced security technology that can safeguard your files to the maximum. What's more, it is an online tool that has a built-in setting to enhance the output. Smoothly convert your files without being bothered by ads and watermarks. Below are the guidelines to convert M4V to MKV online.

Step 1Visit the Web Page

Visit the web page of AVAide Free Video Converter. Hit the ADD YOUR FILES button and download the launcher at once. To do so, hit the Download button then the Open tab next, from the popped-up window.

M4A MKV Online File

Step 2Attach the M4V Files

Open the downloaded launcher, then hit the ADD YOUR FILES button again to upload your initial file. To add more files, click the Add File button located at the left uppermost part of the main interface.

M4V MKV Online Upload File

Step 3Set the Outputs to MKV Files

Set the attached M4V files to MKV. To do so, you must click each file then select the MKV from the video formats available at the bottom of the interface. You may also use the additional settings for your video files by clicking the Setting icon.

M4V MKV Online Set File

NOTE: If you wish to see the audio formats on the interface, you may click the Note icon beside the video formats.

Step 4Start The Conversion

Click the Convert tab on the right bottom part of the interface. Before the conversion process starts, you will need to select a file destination where the converted files are saved. Choose from your local file storage.

M4V MKV Online Convert File

Step 5Check the Converted Files

Finally, you can check the converted files after the rapid conversion process. To do so, click the Folder icon available.

M4V MKV Online Convertd File

Part 4. FAQs About M4V and MKV

Can I compress the MKV video files?

Absolutely. MKV files can be compressed without losing much of the quality by using the AVAide Video Converter.

Does the VLC media player support the MKV files?

Yes, the VLC media player can playback MKV video files.

Is MKV the same quality as M4V?

Both M4V and MKV have the same high quality. Hence, MKV is better when it comes to playback compatibility.


Playing your favorite files can be sometimes troublesome, but thanks to the file converters that help us ease the circumstances. With the featured amazing tools, you can easily convert files anytime, anywhere. Choose what you think is the best method given in this article. On the other hand, many have continuously attested the great work of AVAide Video Converter.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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