WebM was natively developed for the web. Using the HTML5 without flash player, we can play our videos directly to the web browser. However, this type of format cannot be played on most portable devices like our smartphones. Unlike the FLV or Flash Video file format which exceeded the standard quality of WebM. FLV is also the top choice of video format by YouTube and other online streaming platforms. It's small in size and lossless. It simply means, compatibility and portability wise, FLV is the ideal option. Changing your WebM to FLV is now made easy with the assistance of different trusted solutions.

Part 1. Professional Way to Use a WebM to FLV Converter

Use AVAide Video Converter for Professional Outputs

If you are looking for a tool on how to convert WEBM to FLV file format in a professional way, AVAide Video Converter will absolutely aid you. This tool doesn't need your prior experience and knowledge on how to navigate a certain feature of the tool. If you are curious enough on what we mean, simply undertake these instructions.

Step 1Download and install the offline tool

First and foremost, you need to install the software from your device. You can do this by going to the webpage of AVAide Video Converter. Once you landed, click the Download button and install it immediately.

Step 2Drop the videos on the interface

Secondly, click the Add Files button to transfer all your local WebM videos on the tool's interface. But there's a simplest way, that is to drop or drag them on the center part of the interface. In this manner, group selection would be made easier.

WebM AVI AVAide Drop Videos

Step 3Adjust the format to FLV

Then, to adjust for the new video format, look for the FLV button and click it from the menu of format preferences. Additionally, each format contains individual settings for your desired output.

WebM FLV AVAide Adjust Format

Step 4Begin the conversion

Begin the process by clicking the Convert All button. Once clicked, it is vividly identifiable that the operation works faster than other similar working solutions. Furthermore, you have the control to pause or stop the operation if necessarily needed.

WebM FLV AVAide Begin Convert

Step 5Check the completed outputs

When finished, just simply open the local folder where you've destined them to be saved after completion.

WebM FLV AVAide Check Outputs
  • It offers us multiple formats for audio and video files.
  • It provides advanced acceleration technology that makes the process even faster.
  • It supports conversion in groups without quality loss.
  • It accommodates most used platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • It allows us to use the additional toolbox.
  • It has no DVD burner yet.
  • It has a limited trial version.

Part 2. Free WebM to FLV Converters Online

1. Experience Greatness with AVAide Free FLV Converter

Top on the WebM to FLV converters for free is the AVAide Free FLV Converter. This works incredibly to change your file format up to 300 plus of format options. The speed is exceptional and undeniably faster than other video converters. It supports batch conversion without compromising the quality. More to discover when you do these procedures.

Step 1Visit the official web page

Open your web browser and go directly to the official website of AVAide Free FLV Converter. Make sure your internet connection is stable to secure a seamless procedure.

WebM FLV AVide Visit

Step 2Upload the old videos

Upload your WebM videos by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button that is obviously seen on the center part of the interface. Add a file or better try its batch conversion service.

WebM FLV AVAide Upload

Step 3Choose the new format

After that, change the format setting by clicking the FLV button from the formats available. Adjust each file to its new format.

WebM FLV AVAide Format

Step 4Convert the WebM files

To begin the process of transforming your files to their new format, click the Convert button. You are also required to choose a file location once your files are done from converting.

WebM FLV AVAide Convert

Step 5Check the saved new files

The last move is to click the folder icon located for each converted file. By doing this, you can check your new videos and be able to maximize their usage.

WebM FLV AVAide Saved
  • It's a free of charge web-based video converter.
  • Audio and video formats are readily available.
  • Conversion in groups will not affect the outputs’ quality.
  • It has a fast-speed progress that will not consume your time.
  • This tool has a DVD ripper but no burner natively.

2. Utilize the Famous CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a good choice as a WEBM to FLV converter. The tool's interface is intuitive and has no numerous buttons to understand their functions. It really is a good online conversion solution. Better try it using these simple steps.

Step 1Upload the local WebM files

Start by clicking the Select File button to upload your local files to the interface. Batch conversion is also supported by this tool.

WebM FLV Cloudconvert Upload

Step 2Change the file container

Change the file container by simply clicking the arrow down button on the upper rightmost area of the interface. Look for FLV and click it as your output's format.

WEBM FLV Cloudconvert Change
  • Upload files directly from Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It requires you to have a cloud account.
  • The tool will only allow you to have limited usage per day.

3. Learn to Convert Using VLC

VLC is an open-source multimedia player that is supported by most platforms such as Mac, Windows, Unix, and more. It is not just a full-pledged media player. But can also convert WEBM to FLV with its converting capabilities. Know how to use this by following these quick steps.

Step 1Open the VLC

Open the VLC Media Player on your device. Once entered, click the Media tab button and choose the Convert button.


Step 2Add the WebM videos

Click the Add button to upload all your WebM local files.


Step 3Choose the FLV format

Lastly, from the list of formats, click the FLV button then start to convert your uploaded files.

WEBM FLV VLC Choose Format
  • It has a screencast feature to record your desktop screen.
  • It's a built-in software for users of Windows.
  • Output preview when converting.
  • It lacks video editing and enhancing capabilities.
  • You may find the interface outdated and confusing.

Part 3. The Best WebM to FLV converter Among Them

This comparison chart is a simple illustration of how the three WebM to FLV converters online and offline are similar and different from each other with the given standard features of a video tool.

  • Web-based and software
  • Windows and macOS
  • Fast-Speed
  • Simultaneous Conversion
  • Additional Editing and Enhancing Toolbox
Avaide VideoConverter CloudConvert VLC

Among the video converters listed above, AVAide Video Converter possesses all the qualities people are looking for on a video converter.

Part 4. FAQs of WebM and FLV

Does Safari support WebM?

WebM files are finally supported by Safari with macOS Big Sur 11.3.

What is the prime work of WebM?

This type of format is an audio-visual media file format developed to offer a royalty-free alternative to use in the HTML5 video and HTML audio elements.

Is FLV better than WebM?

Both are good as formats for online video streaming. However, FLV is small in size and portable compared to WebM. Plus, it is now the top choice format for Youtube. That's the reason you need to convert Webm to FLV.


To sum up this write up, the said above video converters already amazed a ton of users. CloudConvert and VLC are good choices. However, AVAide Video Converter won the hearts of many. Undeniably, it's the converter that suits our generation very well! Try this WebM to FLV converter for free and download its software!

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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