MTV is a prevalent video format utilized by many compact Chinese MP4 devices. However, unlike standard video files like FLV, MOV MP4, M4V, etc. MTV does seem to be accessible for most media players. For such a reason, you will be needing an MTV converter. The most exemplary MTV converting program should have numerous video outputs and give superb editing features. So, this post will show you the latest offline and online MTV to FLV converter applications.

Part 1. Outstanding Way on How to Convert MTV to FLV using Windows and Mac

The Ultimate AVAide Video Converter

AVAide Video Converter is the optimum tool for converting videos at a rate that is 30 times faster than just about any ordinary converter. Each user can adjust their visual quality settings, including video quality settings such as bitrate and resolution and frame rate and audio settings. In addition to splitting, flipping, and trimming video files to achieve the exact length you require, it can also alter audio parameters to provide a greater FLV output. Additionally, it supports nearly 400 distinct video and audio formats for outputs and inputs and pre-configured device configurations. Perhaps that is why this tool has almost 8 million satisfied clients worldwide. To use this highly recommended tool to convert MTV to FLV, follow the procedures outlined below.

Your Ultimate Converter Tool: AVAide Video Converter
  • Supports over 300+ formats.
  • Provides 1080p/4K/5K/5K/8K video output without compromising video quality.
  • Video clips can be edited, rotated, cropped, trimmed, divided, merged, enhanced, and compressed.
  • Provide a set of tools for creating GIFs, editing ID3 information, and creating 3D videos.

Step 1Install the MTV to FLV converter tool

To install AVAide Video Converter on your desktop, visit the official page of the converter tool. Similarly, you can click the download buttons above.

Step 2Import your MTV files

After the installation of the converter tool, proceed by importing the MTV files. Drag and drop your files in the middle of the interface.

AVAide MTV To FLV Import Files
  • You can upload your files or the whole folder by hitting the Add Files button.

Step 3Choose the FLV as the preferred format

Click the Convert All to button > Video Tab > FLV video format to select the FLV format.

AVAide MTV To FLV Choose Format

Note: You can modify your video output by hitting the Custom Profile. Edit the frame rate, bitrate, video resolution, and audio setting to your preferences before converting it.

Step 4Activate the quick conversion button and initiate the conversion.

For fast conversion, tap the Ultrafast Conversion placed at the lower part of the interface. Next, to finally convert MTV to FLV files, click the Convert All button.

AVAide MTV To FLV Initiate Conversion

Step 5Check your FLV files now

To view your recently converted FLV files, go to Converted Tab and click the Folder button. It will direct you to the file’s folder destination.

AVAide MTV To FLV Check Files Now

Part 2. The Leading Online Tool to Convert MTV to FLV for Free

The Leading

One of the easiest ways to convert MTV to FLV is to find a versatile online tool. Convert your file at the tips of your finger using a stable internet connection. Convert all your files quickly using is a good converter that doesn't require sign-up and installation. It can convert files with different input/output video formats such as FLV, MOV, MP4, MOB, and more. It has a maximum of 200MB file size limit and 10 minutes maximum execution time when converting. This tool isn't just limited to video converting. It also offers free online conversion of all types of ebooks, documents, archives, images, and audio. Provided that you already know this tool, below are the steps necessary to convert MTV to FLV.

Step 1Launch the tool on your browser

Select various files on your computer by clicking the Choose Files button. You can also use the menu bar to select an online file from a Google Drive, Dropbox, or URL.

Step 2Select the desired format

Next, from all the list of video formats, click FLV as your preferred video format.

Step 3Convert your MTV files right now

To proceed with the bulk conversion, click the Convert Now button.

Note: You can view FLV output files on the Conversion Results corner.

AConvert MTV To FLV Convert Files Now

Part 3. What are MTV and FLV Video Format?

What is MTV?

An MTV file is a video stored in a customized format that some Chinese MP4 players utilize. To facilitate video playback on affordable Chinese-made portable MP4 players, MTV is a file format that does not require additional processing power to playback video.

What is FLV?

FLV or the Flash Video is a file format used to transport content over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player (previously known as Macromedia Flash Player) editions 6 through 10. Flash Video was a patented file format with the extension FLV used by the Flash Player until version 9 updates in 2012. Video and audio formats supported by the latest public edition of Flash Player include H.264 video and HE-AAC audio.

Part 4. FAQs about MTV and FLV Video Formats

What is FLV editing software available offline?

AVAide Video Converter is a good editing application to modify your FLV video files.

Is a reliable online service?

Surely, yes. It uses HTTPS as a security measure. It means you will be the only one who can locate your document because the filename will change to a random 10 characters. Your data is only saved on their systems for 1-2 hours, after which a software program will automatically erase them. You can also remove all of your data at any time on your initiative.

Is Windows Media Player capable of playing FLV files?

Microsoft's Windows Media Player can play FLV files if it uses the appropriate codec. The CCCP codec, which may be downloaded and installed, supplies the codec required to play FLV files, as well as any other codecs you may need in the future.


You have come to the end of this article. These are the top MTV converter programs for both online and offline use that you can find. Unless you want something which works flawlessly on both Mac and Windows, AVAide Video Converter is the tool to use. Alternatively, you can continue to use online solutions compatible with your devices to convert MTV to FLV.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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