The WMV and FLV video formats have their own features and yes it's agreeable that both are good in terms of quality. It is undeniably true that these two video formats are commonly used nowadays. However, there are still distinctions between the two. When it comes to online videos, FLV is dominating. On the other hand, WMV has supremacy over offline video files due to containing high quality within a compression. Therefore, many still preferred to change FLV to WMV. With that being said, this article will lead you to the best file converters that you will use for free.

Part 1. The 3 Widely Used Free FLV to WMV Converters

Having a free converter is clearly what most of us prefer. Furthermore, it gives us the practical mood that has been needed nowadays. So without any further adieu, let us know the 3 free FLV to WMV converters that are commonly used these days with their key features, advantages, and drawbacks.

1. AVAide Free Video Converter

First on the list is this AVAide Free Video Converter. This ideal online tool gives its best in transforming files in a totally free service. Unlike others, this powerful online tool allows users to use it without any limitations. Let us learn more about this online tool with its aspects.

Key Features

● With video adjustable settings such as bitrate, framerate, resolution, and video encoder.

● With audio adjustable settings like audio encoder, channel, sample rate, and bitrate.

● With acceleration technology for a fast conversion.

  • It supports multiple file formats.
  • It supports bulk conversion.
  • No watermark is added to the output.
  • No ads on the main page, that is why the conversion on this FLV to WMV video converter for free is done smoothly.
  • It has a very easy-to-understand interface.
  • Since it's an online tool, it couldn't be used without the internet.

How to Convert FLV to WMV Via AVAide Free Video Converter

Step 1Visit the Website

Go to its main website and at once get the launcher by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button, then follow the basic download guidelines.

FLV WMV Online File

Step 2Import the FLV Files

Start importing your FLV files by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button again. To add more files, hit the Add File button on the interface.

FLV WMV Online Upload File

Step 3Preset the Outputs

To convert FLV to WMV for free online, set all the FLV files to WMV by choosing from the video formats available at the bottom of the interface.

Step 4Start the Conversion Process

When all are set, hit the Convert button, and from the popped-up window of your local storage, choose the file destination. Subsequently, the conversion process will start right away.

FLV WMV Online Convert File

Step 5Check for the Saved Files

In no time, you can check your chosen file for the converted files on your chosen local folder. Otherwise, click the Folder icon to locate them faster.

FLVW WMV Online Converted File

2. VLC

Next is this flexible media player/freeware converter, VLC. Many have tried to convert FLV to WMV on VLC. Even though this software has been one of the most popular media players, it also has recently been popularly used in transforming files. Let us try this tool and see the aspects this software has.

Key Features

● Can upload video files via URL.

● With an audio normalization feature.

● With video and audio codec settings.

  • Can be used as a video downloader as well.
  • Can be used even without an internet
  • The conversion procedure is a bit confusing.
  • The conversion process takes more time than others.
  • No video enhancing features.
  • It supports limited output compared to others.
  • Cannot do the bulk conversion.

How to Convert FLV to WMV Using VLC

Step 1Launch the Software

Open the software and click the Media button, then choose Convert/Save from the drop choices.

FLV WMV Online VLC1 File

Step 2Upload an FLV File

Click the Add button and attach an FLV file. Then click the Convert/Save.

Step 3Set the File to WMV then Convert

Choose WMV from the Profile dropdown list and click the Browse button to choose a file destination. Hit the Start button to begin the conversion process, then enjoy the converted file after.

FLV WMV Online VLC2 File

3. Totally Free Converter

Finally, we have this Totally Free Converter which is also a reliable tool. This very simple software works fast in transforming files. Convert FLV to WMV on this freeware with a few clicks on your mouse.

Key Features

● With a fast conversion process.

  • Convert files as if you are just saving a new file.
  • Can be used even without an internet
  • No video and audio settings available.
  • The supported video and audio file formats are limited.
  • The interface is so plain.
  • It doesn’t support bulk conversion.

How to Use the FLV to WMV Totally Free Converter

Step 1Select the FLV File

Launch the software, then click the Video & Audio tab to select an FLV file.

Step 2Choose File Destination

After selecting the FLV file, click the Open tab, and choose the file destination. Rename and save the file as WMV, then click Save.


Part 2. Convert FLV to WMV Using the Phenomenal Software

Another software that is a perfect choice to change FLV to WMV is this AVAide Video Converter. This is the number 1 choice of the experts as well, just like its online version. This high-ranked software allows the users to fleetly convert video files in the most professional way. Furthermore, it has features that make the users hooked. Make your own movie, 3D, GIF, collage your videos, enhance the video output with its multiple tools to use, name it AVAide Video Converter. Therefore without any further adieu, let us all see how this tool works brilliantly.

Step 1Download and Install the Software

Acquire the software to your computer by clicking the download button below.

Step 2Import the FLV Files

Put all your FLV files on the interface at once by dragging them on. Otherwise, click the Add Files button and upload as many files as you like.

FLV WMV Upload File

Step 3Set the Outputs to WMV

Click the Convert All To button, and choose the WMV format under Video then click your desired resolution.

FLV WMV Set File

Step 4Proceed the Conversion

Start the conversion process by hitting the Convert All button. Notice how swift the conversion process is.

FLV WMV Convert File

Step 5Scrutinize the Converted Files

Check the completed files from the Converted portion. Locate the saved converted files by clicking the Folder icon.

FLV WMV Converted File

Part 3. FAQs of Converting FLV to WMV

Does FFmpeg convert FLV to WMV?

To convert these file formats with FFmpeg, you need to know that the software tool requires parameters to work. To ease the solution, use AVAide Video Converter instead.

Can I convert FLV to WMV using Mac?

Absolutely yes. AVAide Video Converter and the other presented tools in this post can be used on Mac.

Can Windows Media Player play an FLV video file?

Windows Media Player can playback an FLV file only if you use the right codec.


We Have presented the most reliable tools for your FLV to WMV conversion task. Surely VLC and Totally Free Converter have great capabilities. However, the AVAide Video Converter and its online version got the highest favor based on the tryouts.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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