All of the commonly used video formats are made with different tactical objectives and so as the MPEG and WMV. After all, experiencing technical problems with such files is typical. You might encounter issues in playing back an MPEG video file on your Windows-based desktop. For this reason, you might need to convert MPEG to WMV as a solution. Significantly, this article is purposely written to help you in such cases. You will learn the top method in converting your files in the easiest and lossless quality way.

Part 1. Which is Better MPEG or WMV?

To start with, let us first have a clear understanding of the two video file formats. Below is a differentiation table of WMV and MPEG that you can rely on to see why you need an MPEG to WMV converter.

Aspects WMV MPEG
Developer Microsoft Moving Picture Experts Group
Description A Windows Media Video or WMV is the standard format of Microsoft aside from being the most accepted video compression file for trading videos on the web or via Bluray discs and HD DVD. MPEG (em-peg) is a compressed file containing video and audio data. It commonly uses MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 AVC media codings. Consequently, which has a good quality.
Quality and Size High quality within an extremely small file size. High within a small file size.
Advantage With an intensely compressed or reduced file size, which is favored in saving massive files.
Easier to upload and download online due to its quality and size.
Wider range of compatibility with Quicktime same with the Windows Media Player.
Disadvantage Being neglected on Apple devices without a media player. Most of the MPEG files that have a high quality take more time to open because of having a bigger file size.

Part 2. Convert MPEG to WMV Online For Free

One of the most exciting yet fastest ways in converting files is through online. However, many online converter tools have reservations and limitations. On this note, we have gathered the most reliable online tool that gives the users a quality experience in a totally free service.

The Marvelous AVAide Free Online Video Converter

As it is by its name, this AVAide Free Online Video Converter the outputs. Moreover, it is being favored because of its aspects such as bulk conversion, no ads, no watermarks, enhanced acceleration technology, enhanced security feature, facile interface, and numerous format support. All in with this MPEG to WMV converter, which is free online.

How To Utilize AVAide Free Online Video Converter

Step 1Acquire the Launcher

Visit its website and get the launcher into your PC. To do so, click the ADD YOUR FILES button, then from the popped-up window, hit the Download then the Open.

MPEG WM Online File

Step 2Load the MPEG Files

Open the newly acquired launcher, then click the ADD YOUR FILES button again to initially upload files. To add more, hit the Add File button on the interface.

MPEG WM Online Upload File

Step 3Set to WMV Files

Click each file and set it to WMV, by choosing from the video file formats available on the bottom part of the interface. Adjusting the output bitrate and framerate are also available by clicking the Setting icon.

MPEG WM Online Set File

Step 4Convert MPEG to WMV Freely

When all are set, hit the Convert blue button and a window of your local file folder will appear. From there, choose a destination where your files are saved. Subsequently, the conversion process will start.

MPEG WM Online Convert File

Step 5Check the Converted Files

You can check your chosen file storage right away. Alternatively, you can click the Folder icon on the interface to locate them.

MPEG WM Online Converted File

Part 3. The Best Desktop Software to Convert MPEG to WMV

If you prefer a software for your conversion solution, AVAide Video Converter is the best choice. This software fabulously works in transforming files without any quality loss. Moreover, this MPEG to WMV converter holds unique and helpful features that everybody loves. Such features allow the users to make their own movies and create video collages. Experience bulk conversion with the very facile interface this tool has.

What's more, AVAide Video Converter contains an enhanced acceleration technology that converts the files 30x faster than others. Enjoy its extraordinary toolbox that contains a media metadata editor, 3D maker, video compressor, GIFmaker, video enhancer, trimmer, reverser, merger, speed controller, rotator and so much more. That is why experts and even non-expert users are loving this tool. Let's get started by looking at the steps below.

Step 1Acquiring the Software

Install this MPEG to WMV converter via free download. Click the download button below for a faster transaction.

Step 2Importing The MPEG Files

Drag and drop your MPEG files directly to the interface. Otherwise, hitting the Add Files button will allow you to add more files, even the whole folder.

MPEG WM Upload File

Step 3Setting the Files to WMV

Set all the attached files to WMV. To do so, click the Convert All To button, then choose the WMV from the video formats and hit your preferred resolution.

MPEG WM Set File

Step 4Initiating Conversion

Start the conversion when you think all are set. Click the Convert All red button, then wait and be amazed by the rapid conversion process.

MPEG WM Convert File

Step 5Checking Out the Finalized Files

In no time, you can already check the converted files in Converted. Nevertheless, the files are automatically saved to your local file, hit the Folder icon to locate them easily.

MPEG WM Converted File

NOTE: Sharing of the newly converted files on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and Flicker has been easier by clicking the Share icon next to the Folder.

Part 4. FAQs of Converting MPEG to WMV

Can I convert MPEG to WMV with Windows Media Player?

The Windows Media Player so far has no conversion feature. Although, it has a tool where you can rip music discs into multiple audio formats.

How do I convert MPEG to WMV With AVAide Video Converter on my phone?

AVAide Video Converter is still in the process of producing a mobile application.

Is it safe for my computer to convert MPEG to WMV with freeware?

Using freeware won't actually harm your computer most especially if your device has malware security.


There you have it, the most marvelous online and software tool for converting MPEG to WMV. Perhaps you are all agreeing by the means of their powerful features why they become the top choice of the experts. The choice is still yours on which of the two methods captured you, try them both and decide which will suit you better.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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