Keeping MPEG files with irrelevant videos will just lead to unworthy reservations on the device. This is certainly true when you are just actually after the good sound from those files. Therefore, to preserve the good sound quality of your kept video files, it is better to just convert them into an audio file that contains a substantial quality just like the WAV.

Nevertheless, converting video files into audio ones is not a simple task. Although the web offers numerous tools for this, still not all you see would be great. Fortunately, this article will lead you to the most amazing tools that are most used by experts to convert MPEG to WAV freely yet amazingly.

Part 1. Knowledge About the MPEG and WAV

Before proceeding to convert, you must see an overview of these two different files.

Brief Information of MPEG

MPEG is a multimedia file created by the Moving Picture Expert Group. Furthermore, it has a substantial-quality within a lossy compression. Moreover, it is being used for the distribution of films on the internet.

Brief Information of WAV

The Waveform Audio file or WAV is a creation of Microsoft. Despite this being said, it is still being supported by many media players including ones of Apple. Moreover, this audio file contains a significantly great quality within a lossless file, which is why it is being used for professional recording applications.

Part 2. How to Convert MPEG to WAV the Quickest and Lossless Quality Way

A great way to convert MPEG to WAV besides online is through the AVAide Video Converter. This ultimate software has been given the highest ranking on video converting due to its amazing process of producing excellent quality. Many are fond of using it because of its wonderful multi-use features and tools in beautifying the quality of a file. Allow yourself to try making a personalized movie, video collages, and a DVD ripped file.

What’s more, no hesitations should be formed when using it, for it supports more than 300 video and audio files including the most used nowadays. Quickly export the audio from a video file through its acceleration technology which allows converting a file 30x faster while preserving the high quality. Interesting right? Therefore, below are the detailed steps on how to convert MPEG to WAV efficiently.

Step 1Acquiring of the Tool

First, you need to download and install the software on your PC. To do so, you may click on the download button given below, choose which button will suit your device.

Step 2Putting in the MPEG File(s)

On the Converter portion, upload the MPEG file directly on the interface by a drag and drop procedure. Otherwise, click on the Add Files tab and choose whether to upload an individual file of the whole folder for a batch conversion process.

MPEG WAV Upload File

Step 3Setting the MPEG Files to WAV

To transform the MPEG to WAV, click on the arrow beside the Convert All To portion. Go to the Audio, then choose the WAV, then hit the quality choices portion.

  • If you want to personalize the output, hit the Setting icon. Modify on your preference the channel, bitrate, encoder, and sample bitrate.

Step 4Converting

Start the conversion process by hitting the Convert All red button. See the powerful swift process, then check on the completed files on the Converted portion.

MPEG WAV Convert File

Part 3. How to Convert MPEG to WAV Safely and Easily Online

Executing with the online converters the MPEG to WAV task is also an ideal way. In fact, this kind of method gives the users the privilege to do the conversion for free. Therefore, we are giving you the 3 of the best online tools on the web today.

1. AVAide Free MPEG Converter

The AVAide Free MPEG Converter is the most exceptional online tool when it comes to converting MPEG files for it is purposely made for such. Furthermore, this platform consists of a strong support system that gives high security in maintaining the file and data safe. Also, it comes with a wide range of support on different varieties of formats that are allowed to be converted in batches. In addition, this MPEG to WAV online converter is free from watermarks and ads on the page, which makes the process very smooth. How to use it? See below.

Step 1Visit the AVAide Free MPEG Converter, and download the launcher to access the interface. To do so, click the ADD YOUR FILES button, then follow the simple procedure.


Step 2Once the launcher is acquired, click on the ADD YOUR FILES button again to upload your initial MPEG file. You can add more files by tapping on the Add File on the interface.

MPEG WAV Online Add

Step 3Start setting the file into WAV by clicking on the Note icon, and choosing the WAV as the output.

Step 4When all are set, tap the Convert tab on the right bottom-most part of the interface. You will see that prior to the conversion process and need to select a file destination folder where the converted files will be saved.

MPEG WAV Online Convert

2. Online UniConverter

Another ideal online tool is this Online UniConverter. This online MPEG to WAV converter allows free conversion, however in limited file size. Moreover, it produces good quality from a different variety of audio and video formats along with its multi-features. Hence, simple guidelines in using it are provided below.

Step 1Visit the webpage, then start by letting the tool recognize your input and output. Click the Arrow from the Convert and choose the MPEG, then from the Arrow next to it, choose the WAV.

Step 2Upload the MPEEg file by tapping on the Choose File button.

Step 3Start the conversion process by hitting the CONVERT button. Then, download the converted file once done.

MPEG WAV Online Uni

3. YouConvertIt

YouConvertIt is an online platform that allows free conversion for public users. It is also the best choice on how to convert MPEG to WAV in less than 5 minutes. However, despite being a free tool, it only allows files with a maximum of 100MB size. By looking at the steps provided below, you will have an instant WAV output using this online tool.

Step 1Go to the official website, and upload the MPEG file right away by clicking the Choose a File tab.

Step 2Look for the WAV format as your target output. To do so, click on the Arrows from the Convert To portion.

Step 3Start the conversion process by confirming first that you are not a robot from the captcha section, then hit the Convert button. Download the converted file after.

MPEG WAV Online You

Part 4. FAQs With Regards MPEG to WAV Conversion

Does iTunes convert MPEG to WAV?

Yes, iTunes can export the audio from the MPEG file into WAV.

Can I compress the WAV file after I convert it from MPEG?

Yes. The AVAide Video Converter also allows compression of the WAV file by adjusting the bitrate lower before converting it.

How long is the conversion process with the AVAide Free MPEG Converter?

Converting MPEG to WAV with the AVAide Free MPEG Converter only takes less than 3 minutes, depending on your internet speed.


This write-up will help you explore the different tasks regarding video and audio files. In addition, the tools presented in this post will allow you to extend your ability by using their helpful features. Most especially, we recommend using the AVAide Video Converter to widen your knowledge and skills in enhancing files.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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