Have you tried extracting the audio from the WMV file and transforming it to WAV?As this may sound difficult to do, but you can do it quickly and efficiently with the right tool to use. Although there are lots of converters on the market today, not all of them give great experience along with high-quality outputs. Therefore, through this article, you will be introduced to the 3 most prominent yet practical programs for your desktop, along with the best tool to convert WMV to WAV online for free.

Part 1. WMV and WAV Differentiation

What is WMV?

The Windows Media Video or WMV is a file container for video and audio. Furthermore, it is a property of Microsoft which contains a series of codecs within a compressed container. Quality and size speaking, it has extraordinary ones, that is why it is always a great choice for online video streaming.

What is WAV?

On the other side of the coin, the Waveform Audio file, or the WAV, is a file container for audio-only. Similar to WMV, the WAV is also a file developed by Microsoft and IBM that contains a remarkable sound quality similar to a CD and DVD-like. However, in contrast to WMV, it has a larger size but within a lossless file container.

Part 2. 3 Best Solutions to Convert WMV to WAV on Windows and Mac

Gathered here are the 3 amazing platforms that give the easiest and quickest ways on how to convert WMV to WAV files. Moreover, these are not just random choices but the best choice of the experts.

1. AVAide Video Converter

The AVAide Video Converter is an ideal tool that converts files easily. Its stunning interface makes everyone love it, not to mention all its wonderful features that can help you make a personalized movie and collages out of the produced outputs. Moreover, the users are also enthusiastic about its powerful tools that enhance the video files in an instant. And for the audio, it allows you to trim, merge, cut, add segments, adjust the bitrate, channel, encoder, and a lot more.

What's more, this amazing WMV to WAV file converter saves your precious time by uploading, converting, and saving your files in bulk at the same time. Are you excited to use it? Buckle on your seat because we will explore this delightful software as we do the WMV to WAV conversion.

Step 1Install the Software

Make sure you have the software on your PC. Click the download button below, and proceed in installing it after.

Step 2Import All the WMV Files

Explore the time-saving procedure, upload all your WMV files all at once by dropping them all into the interface. Or, you can also hit the Add Files tab and feel free to add the entire folder.

WMV WAV Upload File

Step 3Set to the Target Output

To convert WMV to WAV files, set the files by tapping on the Arrow of the Convert All To tab. If you happen to like to set an individual file, just hit the Arrow at the tail part of the file. On the setting portion, go to the Audio, then choose the WAV from the list.

WMV WAV Set File

Step 4Start the Converting

Go ahead and hit the Convert All red button to start the conversion process. After the swift process, you may check the outputs anytime on the Converted or in your file storage.

WMV WAV Convert File

2. Windows Media Player

Convert WMV to WAV with Windows Media Player. Yes, this media player can convert your files, however, via ripper. This method is perfectly great for a Windows-based device because no software is needed to be downloaded, for it is the built-in software. Unfortunately, if you are a Mac user, this method is not for you. Moving forward, let us all see below the detailed steps on how to rip your CD with WMV videos and turn them to WAV.

Step 1Launch the Windows Media Player, and click Organize, then choose the Options.

Step 2Go and click the Rip Music, and from the rip settings, choose the WAV (Lossless) as the target format. Then, click the Apply tab.

Step 3This time, you can already inject the CD, then click OK, to automatically start the ripping process. Then check your file storage afterward.


3. AVAide Free Video Converter

Another method that doesn't need software is this AVAide Free Video Converter. It is the ideal solution to convert WMV to WAV online for free, as the matter of fact, it gives no limit in converting files. Smoothly do the task with its very facile interface, along with the useful tools that can enhance your output. Moreover, unlike the other online tools, this AVAide Free Video Converter allows bulk conversion, without any watermarks and ads for the users to prosper to their smooth conversion. Therefore, the detailed steps below are provided to assist you in utilizing it.

Step 1Obtain the Launcher

Visit its official website, then click the ADD YOUR FILES button to acquire the launcher. Follow the simple instructions afterward on how to download and install it properly.

WMV WAV Online

Step 2Import the WMV Files

Once the launcher of this free WMV to WAV converter is installed, hit the same button to upload your first file. Then, on the main interface, hit the Add File tab to import more files.

WMV WAV Online Upload

Step 3Set Into the Target

Set the WMV files by clicking the file, then hit the Note icon and choose WAV from the list.

WMV WAV Online Set

Step 4Get the Conversion Started

Finally, click the Convert button, a window of your local Storage will appear. From there, choose a folder for your converted files. Then, the conversion process will start immediately. When the process finishes, you may check the chosen storage right away.

WMV WAV Online Convert

Part 3. FAQs About WMV to WAV Conversion

What is the advantage of converting the WMV to WAV and not to MP3?

f you are the type of person who wants the same or even better quality from a WMV file, then the WAV file would be a better choice over MP3.

Can I convert WMV to WAV with VLC?

Yes. VLC also allows file conversion like such. However, for a better conversion experience, and enhancement of the files, we highly suggest you use the presented converters above.

Are the WMV HD in resolution?

Yes. In fact, the WMV file is very ideal for Blu-ray and HD DVDs for it has an extraordinary quality that fits those


To wrap it up, choosing a long-term solution will end your how-to convert WMV to WAV efficiently. Therefore, having the AVAide Video Converter as your companion for such matters will have a great impact on how you handle such tasks. Give it a try, download it now, and see how it will help you get your target output ideally.

By Sylvie Hyde on Nov 07, 2022

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