MKV is a file by Matroska that is known to have a high-definition video. Aside from the video and audio, this file container also supports cover art, chapter points, ratings, and descriptions. However, one of the few issues this container has is the compatibility of devices. You may find it difficult to playback on desktops and other media players as well. Meanwhile, WMV of Microsoft is a multimedia file container that also contains high-definition videos within a reasonable compressed file. Compared with MKV, WMV has a wider range of compatibility. Therefore, changing MKV to WMV is beneficial for you to circumvent the compatibility issue while keeping innumerable files on your PC.

Part 1. How to Convert MKV to WMV With a Free Video Converter

We did not gather a free service video converter alone. Instead, we bring you the most powerful online tool that will work amazingly on your conversion task freely. AVAide Free Video Converter has been attested to be the best free MKV to WMV converter among the rest. Why? This tool allows you to do the job smoothly with the following aspects: no watermark, no ads, no registration needed, no file limits, with batch conversion, 100 percent privacy safety, user-friendly interface, and built-in settings for your high-quality outputs. Very generous right? Let's now see below how to use this amazing free converter..

Step 1Visit the Website

Go to AVAide Free Video Converter main page, then click the ADD YOUR FILES button to get the launcher.

MKV WMV Online File

Step 2Import the Files

Upload MKV files by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button once again. To add more files, click the Add File button on the interface.

MKV WMV Online Add File

Step 3Preset the Outputs to WMV

Click each MKV file then set it to WMV by choosing from the video formats at the bottom part of the interface.

Step 4Start Converting

To convert MKV to WMV online, hit the Convert button on the bottom-most right part of the interface. After clicking, it will lead you to your local folder where you need to choose the file destination. The conversion process will start after which.

MKV WMV Online Convert File

Step 5Checking of Files

After the rapid bulk conversion, check your chosen local storage. Otherwise, click the Folder image of the files to locate them.

MKV WMV Online Check File

Part 2. How to Convert MKV to WMV With AVAide Video Converter Easily

After learning about the powerful free online converter, let's now move on to the highly recommended desktop tool. Introducing you to the most amazing MKV to WMV converter software which is the AVAide Video Converter. This tool has every feature you need in producing high-quality output. Furthermore, its advanced dash technology makes you convert MKV to WMV 30x faster than others. Without any further adieu, let's all see the amazing features and guidelines on how to use this software.

AVAide Video Converter - The Most Recommended MKV to WMV Converter
  • The fastest way to convert MKV to WMV without quality loss.
  • It supports more than 300 video and audio file formats..
  • It supports batch conversion.
  • With built-in DVD ripper, video collage maker, and movie maker.
  • It provides 1080p, 4K, 5K, to 8k video quality output.
  • Provides a helpful toolbox to make GIFs, create 3D, help you enhance, trim, rotate, compress, merge, crop, and split the video.

Step 1Upload MKV Files

Launch the MKV to WMV converter which is free to download. Then directly drag the MKV files on the interface. Otherwise, click the Add Files button to import more files or import an entire folder.

MKV WMV Upload File

Step 2Customize the Files

Configure the files by clicking the Convert All To button. Select the WMV under the video format list, then click your preferred resolution.

MKV WMV Set File

Step 3Convert the files

Begin the bulk conversion by hitting the Convert All red button on the interface. In this part, you will notice how fast the conversion process is.

MKV WMV Convert File

Step 4Check the Converted Files

After a few seconds, check the converted files in the Converted tab. Meanwhile, the completed files are already stored on the computer, to locate them, click the Folder icon.

MKV WMV Converted File

Part 3. How to Convert MKV to WMV With VLC for Free

Another recommended free video converter of MKV to WMV is the media player, VLC. You read it right, it is a well-known media player that suits to play most of the common file formats and that includes the WMV. Moreover, this freeware supports various inputs and outputs in accommodation for different file transformations. Unfortunately, VLC seems to decline batch conversion, and only offers limited features to enhance the output. However, it is still freeware that is preferred by many even though it has a confusing interface. Let's see how this software works.

Step 1Upload the MKV File

Launch the VLC, and hit the Media button, from there choose the Convert/Save. On the popped-up window, click the Add tab to upload an MKV file then hit Convert/Save.

Step 2Set to WMV File

From the drop-down Profile, choose the WMV. then click the Browse button to select a file destination.

Step 3Start the Conversion

When all are set, hit the Start button of this file converter MKV to WMV and wait for the conversion process to finish. Once done, check the chosen file storage for the converted file.


Part 4. Pros and Cons of the Converters

Surely these 3 converter tools are great. However, to give you more insights about them we have prepared a table of their pros and cons.

Tools Pros Cons
AVAide Free Video Converter It’s web-based which makes it more accessible.
Bulk conversion is available, as well as the built-in settings.
Totally free unlimited service.
No DVD burner.
VLC Flexible.
No DVD burner.
The interface is confusing.
It has no video enhancing features.
The conversion process is not that fast as others.
No DVD burner.
AVAide Video Converter Can be used even without the internet.
Bulk conversion.
With tons of amazing features.
No DVD burner.

Part. 5 FAQ's About MKV and WMV

How can I convert MKV to WMV on Mac?

Converting these files on your Mac is just similar to the steps provided in this article. Just download the AVAide Video Converter and follow the reliable steps.

What is the best resolution for MKV videos?

Through AVAide Video Converter you can convert files to MKV up to 3840 x 2160 resolution.

What is the highest resolution I can get when I convert MKV to WMV HD?

You can transform a file to WMV and get up to 2000 x 2000 resolution with AVAide Video Converter.


You have seen these top 3 best MKV to WMV converters today. Utilize them and witness their amazing conversion performance that you will surely love. Try most especially the AVAide Video Converter if you want a leveled-up conversion experience.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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