As media users, there are unwanted troubles we can surely encounter. Likewise, with VOB or Video Object is a defined file format for DVD-Video media. It holds digital audio, video, menus, subtitles, and navigation contents. As being mentioned, this type of people was developed for DVDs. Despite that, the native size of this format is large in nature. Unlike the WMV which is undeniably compressed. Plus, it is also responsible similarly to the VOB. Convert VOB to WMV on a Mac or using the Windows platform. Manage your storage consumption by converting your files without losing their quality. Maximize the content of your files by understanding.

Part 1. The Quickest Steps to Convert VOB to WMV Video Files

Introducing the Commendable Features of AVAide Video Converter

To change VOB to WMV file format, you are going to examine all the standards needed in checking the distinctive features of a video converter, the right tool to choose is the AVAide Video Converter. This solution gained popularity as the top-performing converter for videos. It absolutely creates high-quality products with the help of convenient ways that are easy to learn. The tool is known for its advanced acceleration technology that can quickly transform the files within few minutes. The task is undeniably seamless whether for single and simultaneous attachment. What is more, it allows us to enhance and edit our videos by maximizing the use of the toolbox. Let us all try the service of this VOB to WMV converter free download and the full version.

Step 1Downloading and installing the software

First, you need to visit your web browser and open the official webpage of AVAide Video Converter. Once landed, you will see the Download button, click it all the way. After loading, install the tool on your device and simply open.

Step 2Uploading the local files

To upload your old VOB files, look for the Add Files button and click it. You can also exceed your importation of videos as many as wanted to convert. This tool can handle group conversion happening at once.

VOB MOV AVAide Upload

Step 3Selecting the WMV format

From the long list of audio and video formats, find the WMV button and select it as your output format. You can also click the button for batch conversion so the selection won't consume much of your time.

VOB WMV AVAide Format

Step 4Converting the finalized files

After that, click the Convert All button to begin the process of converting your old files to their new container. If you opt to discontinue the process, you can freely stop the tool from converting your old files.

VOB WMV AVAide Convert

Step 5Checking the finished outputs

When all files are finished processing, check their designated local storage.

VOB WMV AVAide Finished
  • 50X faster without quality reduction compared to other converters.
  • 300+ audio and video file formats.
  • Supported by different operating systems including Windows, Linuz, and Mac.
  • Batch conversion is widely used by common and professional users.
  • Additional features such as DVD ripper, video compressor, GIF maker, 3D maker, and media metadata editor.
  • It can handle homemade DVDs.
  • It is limited to the free trial version.

Part 2. Simple Tips on How to Convert VOB to WMV

Since the VOB file format is not the same as the other ones, it can be encrypted. If the file is said to be encrypted, your mobile device or computer can get into trouble. To get rid of these difficulties, you can convert videos of VOB to WMV. DVDs with VOB file format don't allow us to edit the subtitle and audio track options. With the help of AVAide Video Converter. This video converter can definitely solve your problem from encryption. Plus, you can get access to your outputs' subtitle and the track options of your audio. Additionally, you can enhance the preferences on the format settings and can handle homemade DVDs.

Part 3. Comparison Chart of VOB and WMV

We provide an informative chart to easily compare the two file formats. Listed below are the description, format developers, the advantages, and disadvantages.

File Extension WMV VOB
File Type Microsoft’s Windows Media Video DVD Video Object File
Format Identification WMV is a video container that is compressed with Windows Media compression and has a video encoded with one of Microsoft’s Windows Media Video. WMV was originally used for web streaming applications, but with WMV9 version, it recently suits HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. VOB or the “Video Object” has built DVD specifications. It was developed as a container for DVD-Video media. It holds digital video, audio, and subtitles or text. This file format is derived from the MPEG program stream format. Therefore, videos in VOB format may be encrypted.
Developer of the Format Microsoft DVD Forum
Advantages or Benefits 1. High in quality.
2. Small in size. It’s compressed.
3. Best for DVD and Blu-ray Disc.
4. For streaming applications on the Internet.
1. It has a good quality.
2. It can be burned into DVD or Blu-ray disc.
Shortcomings 1. Not good for web video streaming. 1. It’s a large file size. A 2-hour video contains 4.7 GB.
Additional Informations for further suggestion Best for DVD files and internet streaming videos. You can burn VOB videos to DVDs using a DVD burner

With the aforementioned illustration, WMV is the suggested format most especially for DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Therefore, find the best VOB to WMV converters available on your web.

Part 4. FAQs of Converting VOB to WMV

Is it possible to rename my VOB files on DVD?

DVD files with VOB format can't be renamed. We are only allowed to play and read, not so for editing.

Can my Windows 10 Media Player play VOB videos?

Unfortunately, there's no direct way to play VOB videos on Windows 10. To play them, you need to download a third-party tool with VOB codec.

How does the WMV format work?

This specific format was developed by Microsoft with a series of video codecs. WMV is the most reliable format for online content and DVD or Blu-ray Discs. Unlike other DVD formats, this one only stores small size packages, but the original quality is retained and preserved.


There are many ways to seamlessly convert VOB to WMV on Windows 10 and Mac systems. All you need is an excellent and reliable DVD converter suited to your demands and skills. The top-performing AVAide Video Converter will surely solve those specific difficulties. It doesn't have any prior understanding on what to do. With this tool, possibilities are endless. Therefore, be partnered with this attested solution.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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