The Small Web Format or commonly known as the SWF is a flash file format of Adobe. Furthermore, it carries vector graphics data along with the audio and video media, as well as the video games. In fact, the all-time favorite Super Mario game is encoded in the SWF format. Moving forward, many are asking how they can export the audio from their SWF files and save them into a dominant audio file like WAV. We couldn't agree more on this idea, as they want to preserve the sound quality of their file, so they are choosing the WAV.

Therefore, in this write-up, you will be introduced to the high-ranking online SWF to WAV converters and preeminent software today. Additionally, we will also give highlights on their features, benefits, and drawbacks that will help you decide which among them will suit your conversion task.

Part 1. Top 6 Greatest SWF to WAV Converters for Windows and Mac

Let us start exploring the 6 of the experts' best pick converters today.

1. AVAide Video Converter

The AVAide Video Converter is the most recommended tool to extract the sound from a video file like SWF. Furthermore, this software gives generously when it comes to features and tools, for it has everything you need in enhancing and producing perfect outputs. Moving forward, this amazing SWF to WAV converter is compatible with Mac, Windows, and even Linux, which add up on its flexible definition. By trying the steps below, you can efficiently convert the files.

Step 1Get the Tool

Download and install the tool on your PC, by pushing on the download button provided below.

Step 2Load the SWF Files

Upload all of your SWF files, by simply dropping them on the interface. Otherwise, click the Add Files or the Plus sign at the center.

SWF WAV Upload File

Step 3Set to WAV

Tap on the Arrow from the Convert All To portion. Go to the Audio and choose the WAV from the list. Then, hit the lossless files to acquire the changes.

SWF WAV Set File

Step 4Convert All Now

When all are good to transform, hit the Convert All button. Wait for the conversion process to finish, then check on the completed files, from the Converted.

SWF WAV Convert File
  • It comes with editing tools.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • With the ultrafast conversion process.
  • Can convert in bulk efficiently.
  • With a hardware acceleration.
  • Allows to create own movies, video collage, and rip DVD and convert to various file formats.
  • Subscription-based.

2. AVAide Free Video Converter

Next to the ultimate software is its online version AVAide Free Video Converter. Moreover, this solution is the most ideal online SWF to WAV converter due to its built settings that allow file enhancement. Nothing compares to how smooth the conversion process this tool brings, along with the ultra-speed, protection, and dashing bulk conversion it has. By simply acquiring its launcher, followed by the steps below, you can already have an efficient output.

Step 1Load the SWF Files

Tap on the Add File blue tab on the interface, and add as many SWF as you want.

SWF WAV Online Upload File

Step 2Presets to WAV Output

Hit an uploaded file, then click the Note icon since we are converting a video into an audio file. From the presented audio formats, choose the WAV.

SWF WAV Online Set File

Step 3Convert SWF to WAV Now

When all are set, click the Convert blue tab. Subsequently, choose the file destination from the popped-up window, then the conversion process will proceed.

SWF WAV Online Convert File
  • Offers totally free service.
  • No ads on the page.
  • No watermarks on the outputs.
  • With built-in setting tools.
  • No need to download software.
  • Allows bulk in a super swift conversion process.
  • It's web-based which means it won't be navigated without the internet.
  • It's web-based which means it won't be navigated without the internet.

3. Totally Free Converter

If you are looking for gratis SWF to WAV converter, the Totally Free Converter is the most ideal one. Also, it has the simplest conversion process today that makes you do it like just keeping a new file by saving it. Look through the quick guidelines below and see how it works.

Step 1Launch the software, then hit the Video and Audio box. Browse and click on the SWF file, then click Open.

Step 2Save the file as WAV type, then hit the Save button.

  • The conversion process is very easy.
  • It is a totally and unlimitedly free service.
  • No editing tools are available.
  • With limited support on file formats.
  • It looks dull.

4. FreeFileConvert

FreeFileConvert is another ideal to convert SWF to WAV online. Furthermore, it doesn't limit its capacity to convert audio and videos for it is also suitable to transform files like eBooks, documents, fonts, and more. By the simple three steps provided below, you can now transform your SWF to WAV instantly.

Step 1Input the SWF by tapping on the Choose File tab.

Step 2Select the WAV as the target format after clicking the Convert Files To.

Step 3Hit the Convert button to start the conversion process.

  • Versatile with different conversion categories.
  • Comes with a user-friendly procedure.
  • Internet dependent.
  • No editing tools are available.
  • Downloading of the converted files is sometimes lagging.

5. Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe

Then we have the Winx Video Converter. This SWF to WAV converter is very versatile when it comes to the optimization of files. Furthermore, it allows you to custom the output along with some editing features it has. Learning to navigate it is somehow new to the users for it is a bit confusing. However, simple guidelines are given below to help you.

Step 1Launch the software, and upload your SWF file by clicking on the Video.

Step 2Upon uploading the video file, you will be shown the list of outputs. Go and click To Music, then choose the WAV, and tap Ok.

Step 3Start the conversion by tapping the RUN button.

  • With vast support on different input and output formats.
  • With hardware-acceleration, along with the helpful editing tools.
  • With a confusing interface.
  • Limited features are available.
  • Uploading of the input is somehow troublesome.

6. Convertio

Lastly, is the Convertio. This amazing SWF to WAV online converter allows various categories of conversion that makes it very versatile in use. Wonderful setting tools are also available to modify the files before the conversion. And so, for proper assistance brief steps are given below.

Step 1Upload your SWF upon clicking on the Choose Files button.

Step 2Set the output to WAV from the audio list shown when you click the To tab.

Step 3Convert the files by hitting the Convert red tab.

SWF WAV Convertio File
  • A versatile tool with different tools such as rotation, flipping etc.
  • No ads on the page.
  • Allows bulk conversion.
  • The conversion process is not that rapid.
  • Need a continuous refresh on every conversion.

Part 2. A comparison Chart Among the SWF to WAV Converters

For additional details and comparison, we have given a comparison table on the presented SWF to WAV converters below.

  • Tool
  • AVAide Video Converter
  • AVAide Free Video Converter
  • Totally Free Converter
  • FreeFileConvert
  • Convertio
  • Winx HD Video Converter
Accessibility Price Audio Editing Tools
Downloadable 1-month subscription $18.00
Lifetime license $36.00
Web-based Free YES
Downloadable Free NO
Web-based Free NO
Web-based Light $9.99 per month
Basic $14.99 per month
Downloadable 3-month subscription $29.95
1 year $39.95
Lifetime license $149.95

Part 3. FAQs About SWF to WAV Conversion

Are the online solutions all safe to use?

Yes. The presented online solutions are tested safe when it comes to converting files.

Are the converted WAV files compressed automatically upon conversion?

Files converted to WAV are not compressed yet. However, the AVAide Video Converter has a file compressor that will let you have a great quality even after compression.

Can I play the WAV on my iPhone?

iPhones basically don't support the WAV file. Hence, converting the WAV to a file format that suits the iPhone would be okay.


Great! You have learned the different ideal tools to convert SWF to WAV. Therefore, trying and testing all of them would not be necessary but still recommended. On the other hand, the AVAide Video Converter is really worth the try, go and explore this tool and be amazed at how it works.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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