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Apple's Core Audio Format is versatile for storing and manipulating digital audio data. Despite its unrestricted file size, safe and efficient recording, this format remains confined to Apple hardware and software. If you have other media players which can't support CAF audio files, you need to convert your CAF audio file to WAV. Thus, converting CAF to WAV is the best choice to enjoy your music. This article helps you to transfigure your CAF audio file to WAV with the following solutions.

Part 1. CAF vs. WAV

The Core Audio Format (CAF) is a container for storing and manipulating digital audio data. CAF provides excellent performance and flexibility, as well as the capacity to grow to the high-definition audio clip, processing, and playback. However, this file advantage also has its limitations, since this file format was designed by Apple's Core Audio standard, this format is limited only to Apple devices.

On the other hand, the WAV format was created by Microsoft in partnership with IBM and remains the most common format for saving and exchanging uncompressed audio. WAV is known for its universality. Its compatibility with all the major operating systems is highly regarded. Consequently, WAV works better with a wider range of devices than CAF does, that is why it is recommended to convert CAF to WAV with these various power tools.

Part 2. Professional Way to Convert CAF to WAV on Mac

Exploring AVAide Video Converter

If you are a Mac user, and you would like to convert CAF to WAV in batch, AVAide Video Converter is strongly recommended. This versatile software is known as one of the handy tools nowadays. This tool works best in transforming your audio file without any quality loss. More so, it supports 300+ formats and includes a built-in editor with a range of features such as rotating, compressing, trimming, cutting, and enhancing your video and audio files. Thus, if you are looking for a tool that will help you convert your files fast with less effort, AVAide Video Converter is the best choice for you. Below are the steps in converting CAF to WAV on your Mac device.

Step 1Install and Launch

Acquire the software on your Mac device from the download buttons below.

Step 2Import your files

Drag and drop files on the interface. To add multiple files, click the Add Files button.

CAF WAV AVAide Import

Step 3Setup Your Format

Then, on the menu bar, tap the Convert All to. Now you may see the vast audio formats list. Select WAV as the output format.

CAF WAV AVAide Choose Format

Step 4Begin the conversion

After that, click the Convert All button to convert.

CAF WAV AVAide Export

Step 5Check the Converted Files

Finally, check your files on their file designation.

CAF WAV AVAide Converted

Part 3. 3 Free Online CAF to WAV Converter for Swift Conversion

Free online video converters are becoming famous nowadays because there is no need to install software and no need to sign up for an account feature. Since they are online tools, the conversion is only available when there's an internet connection. However, the drawback is the limitation on input file size and the service may be slow if the website experiences high traffic. Without much ado, let's take a look at some of the best free CAF to WAV online converters that work best if you just want to convert an occasional file.

Use Zamzar

First, we have Zamzar, this is a good freeware converter that supports popular formats like WAV. It runs on any operating system because it only requires a browser to function. However, many are also deterred by the restriction it provides when it comes to file size, as it only permits up to 50MB in size. Here are the steps on how you can convert CAF to WAV for free.

Step 1Add your CAF Files

Hit the Add Files button to add the CAF files. Otherwise, you can drag and drop them directly on the tab.

Step 2Presets to WAV

Tap the Convert To tab, and form the audio list, select the WAV as the output.

Step 3Start the Conversion

Click the Convert Now button, and wait for the process to finish, then download the converted files after.

CAF WAV Zamzar Export

Use Online Convert

Next, Online Convert is a comprehensive tool that allows you to convert audio as well as other digital files such as e-books, photos, and documents. Also, it includes roughly 23 video conversion solutions, including Xbox 360, Blackberry video, and iPad video conversion. Other conversion options include changing the bitrate, eliminating audio, and changing the frame rate. Without further ado, here are the steps to utilize it.

Step 1CAF as the Preferred Format

Go to the Audio Converter and choose the Convert to WAV then click the Go tab.

CAF WAV Online Convert Choose Format

Step 2Upload the CAF Files

Click the Choose Files then upload the CAF file.

CAF WAV Online Convert Upload File

Step 3Start the Conversion

Finally, tap the Start Conversion button to begin the process. Wait for it to finish, then download the completed file.

CAF WAV Online Convert Export

Use FreeConvert

FreeConvert is a popular online tool today. It allows you to convert CAF to WAV for free online. Like the previous one, it limits the file size to 1GB. However, it has many conversion categories, making it very versatile. Here are the steps to use it.

Step 1Choose WAV as the format

Find the Music Converters in the interface. Then, click WAV.

CAF WAV Freeconvert Choose WAV

Step 2Begin the Conversion

Convert to WAV by clicking the Convert button.

CAF WAV Freeconvert Import File

Step 3Download WAV

Once the conversion finishes, click the Download WAV button to save the file.

CAF WAV Freeconvert Download

Part 4. Comparison of Different Online CAF to WAV Converters

  • Features
  • Platform
  • Format Support
  • File size
  • Internet Dependence
  • Conversion Speed
  • Price
AVAide Video Converter Zamzar Online Convert Free Conver
Windows/Mac Windows/Mac/Linux/Others Windows/Mac Windows/Mac
300+ Popular ones Widely used ones Commonly used ones
No limit 50mb 100mb 1gb
Super-fast Decent Slow Decent
Paid but with a free trial Free Free Free
Picture Left Picture Right

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Part 5. FAQs of Converting CAF to WAV Files

Does CAF use a lossless format?

Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) is the audio format Capture uses in its CAF files. Apple's own lossy compression format.

Is there a file size limit while converting with AVAide Video Converter?

No, AVAide Video Converter can convert files of any size.

Where can I play CAF files?

The associated programs of CAF are Logic Studio, QuickTime and Soundtrack Pro.


The featured tools in this article were among many that can be used for CAF to WAV conversion. The AVAide Video Converter in particular showed excellence and a significant amount of excellence when used. Consider purchasing it and comparing it to the others to see which one performs better.

By Sylvie Hyde on Jul 25, 2022

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