The CAF file is an Apple Inc. proprietary that contains various data including, metadata tracks. Moreover, it holds a high quality within a lossless file compression. However, just like the other files, this too has its own drawbacks which include the restriction to be played on a non-MaC OS device. For this reason, we highly recommend you convert CAF to MP3 freely to still enjoy such audio files on different devices. Why is that? Because the MP3 holds the record of having the widest range of compatibility on various devices. To help you on this matter, the best methods are introduced below.

Part 1. The Difference Between CAF and MP3

To start with, let us all see the differences between CAF and MP3. Below is a simple comparison table that contains the description, advantages, and disadvantages of the two.

File Name CAF MP3
Advantages It contains an unlimited file size, which makes it ideal for saving multiple aged audio recordings. Capable of being transferred over the internet due to having a small size. For this reason, it is also the favored format for massive file storing.
Disadvantages Restricted compatibility on MAC OS x 10.4 devices only. It has a lossy type of file that tends to lose sort of quality when compressed.

Part 2. How to Convert CAF to MP3 Flawlessly on Windows and Mac

The AVAide Video Converter is the most ideal way to convert CAF to MP3 on a Mac or Windows-based computer. In fact, aside from having a larger variety of support on various formats, it also has multifunctional features and a toolbox for the enhancement of the output. Moreover, it can be used as a bulk converter at a 30x faster speed on the conversion process. This amazing software allows the users to trim, merge, split and compress the audio files. Do you want more? See the sample steps below and be guided.

Step 1Download the Software

Download and install the software on your PC. To make the work done easily, you may hit the download button below.

Step 2Add the CAF Files

This is how to change CAF to MP3. Add the CAF files by pulling and dropping them into the interface. Alternatively, tap the Add Files button on the upper left part of it, then upload as many files as you want.

CAF MP3 Upload File

Step 2Settle The Output to MP3

Adjust the files to MP3 by tapping the Convert All To button on the upper right part. Click the Audio, then choose the MP3 among the list. For the individual setting, you may click the Arrow tab on each file.

CAF MP3 Set File

Step 3Start the Conversion

Begin the conversion afterward. Tap the red button located at the right bottom-most part of the interface which says Convert All. Wait for the conversion process to finish, then check the Converted portion for the completed files.

CAF MP3 Convert File

Part 3. Best Online CAF to MP3 Converters For Free

Below are the most ideal gathered CAF to MP3 converters online. These are for the users who are particular in using the web browser.

1. Utilizing ZamZar

ZamZar has the most fascinating page on the web. For this reason, many users are hooked beside the multiple categories it offers. However, many are also discouraged by the restriction it gives when it comes to size dimension, as it only allows up to 50MB in size.

Step 1Add your CAF Files

Hit the Add Files button to add the CAF files. Alternatively, you drag and drop them directly on the tab.

Step 2Presets to MP3

Tap the Convert To tab, and from the audio list, select the mp3 as the output.

Step 3Start the Conversion

Click the Convert Now button, and wait for the process to finish, then download the completed files after.

CAF MP3 Zamzar File

2. Get to Know the FreeConvert

FreeConvert is one of the online tools that are popular today. It offers a great chance to convert CAF to MP3 free online as it says in its name. However, as similar to the previous one, it restricts the file size, which is up to 1GB. On the other hand, it allows various conversion categories that makes it very versatile. To use it, the steps below are provided.

Step 1Attaching Of CAF Files

Tick the Choose Files button, and attach the CAF files.

Step 2Settle to MP3

Tick the Arrow tab on the side of the Convert To tab, then form the audio list, choose the MP3.

Step 3Convert CAF to MP3

Finally, click the Convert To MP3 tab to start the conversion process. Stand by for the process to finish, then download the completed files.

CAF MP3 Free File

3. Run the OnlineConvert

Convert CAF to MP3 for free using the OnlineConvert. This tool will not be outrun by the others, because it is also one of the great converters online. Hence, as all converters have their own drawbacks, the ads on the OnlineConvert make them their cons. Anyhow, see the steps below on how to use it.

Step 1MP3 as the Target Format

Go to the Audio Converter and choose the Convert to MP3 then hit the Go tab.

Step 2Upload the CAF Files

Tick the Choose Files then upload the CAF file.

Step 3Start the Conversion

Finally, tap the Start Conversion button to begin the process. Wait for it to finish, then download the completed file.

CAF MP3 Onlineconvert File

Part 4. FAQs About the CAF and MP3 Conversion

Is the quality being lost when I convert CAF to MP3?

Possible, especially when using a compressed MP3. Because as mentioned previously, the MP3 uses lossy compression.

Can I play the CAF file with VLC?

Sure, VLC supports playing back the CAF files.

Is the CAF to MP3 conversion irreversible?

Yes, but take note that some of the converters don't support the CAF as the output.


We have seen a lot of people asking how to convert CAF to MP3 on Windows as well as on Mac. Hope that what we featured in this article will be tried and tested by them. On the other hand, the AVAide Video Converter is what we highly recommend due to its generous features that were attested by many users, even the experts. Feel free to be on the same page, download the software now.

By Sylvie Hyde on Dec 28, 2021

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