Truly an APE file format or Monkey's Audio is one of the audio files containing high quality. However, not all devices suit to play it due to its license restriction. For this reason, APE file owners tend to look for a solution to this matter such as the transformation of the file. On the other hand, the MP3 has been undoubtedly made to be the universal audio file due to having the widest range of compatibility on devices. In relation to this, as many choose MP3 over APE, this article will give credits to the best converters to turn APE to MP3, that you can also acquire and utilize.

Part 1. Why Convert APE to MP3

An APE audio file format was made with lossless data compression. Additionally, it comes with license restrictions that make it restrained from sharing and playing to various devices. For this reason, to enjoy and share the APE files, they should be converted into a file with great suitability on devices like MP3. Also, it is a practical solution to maintain and keep numerous audio files within the MP3 due to its compression that only consumes a little space.

Part 2. Best APE to MP3 Converters on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Speaking of the best, nothing beats the AVAide Video Converter. This ape to mp3 converter on Mac has also great versions on Linux and Windows. Furthermore, everybody enjoys the same rate of multifunctional features and toolbox that make the video and audio output perfect. Moreover, this amazing software possesses a very handy interface that can be navigated by all ages. Together with its ability to transform multiple files at once, is the acceleration technology that converts all files rapidly.

How to Use the AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Upload Your APE Files

Once you downloaded the software, you may upload APE files you want to convert on the interface. Drag and drop them or, click the Add Files button where you are free to upload countless files from a folder.

APE MP3 Upload File

Step 2Set the Files to MP3

To convert APE to MP3 on Mac, tap the Convert All To button on the upper right part of the interface. Choose the MP3 as the output from the audio format list, then your preferred quality. For the additional settings, you want to make, click the Setting icon.

APE MP3 Set File

Step 3Start the conversion

Tap the Convert All red button on the bottom-most part of the interface to begin the rapid conversion process.

APE MP3 Convert File
  • If you want to trim, merge, compress, and split your audio output, you may click on the Scissors or the Star icon.

Step 4Check the MP3 File Destination

For a continuous checking of the converted files, go to the Converted tab. Locate the converted files on your PC, by clicking the Folder icon from there.

APE MP3 Converted File

Part 3. Top 3 Free Great APE to MP3 Online Converters

We have tested some free online APE to MP3 converters, and have come up with the top 3 ordered from the least to most used enumerated below.

1. FreeConvert

FreeConvert is one of the online solutions that give users free service. Although it's for free, this tool offers a limited file size of up to 1GB. In addition, the page is tied with Ads, which somehow vexes the users. Nevertheless, let's try to convert APE to MP3 with the easy instructions below.

Step 1Attaching Of APE Files

Tap the Choose Files button and attach the APE files not exceeding 1GB in size.

Step 2Set to MP3

Go to the Arrow tab beside the Convert To portion, then choose the MP3 from the audio file list.

Step 3Convert APE to MP3 Online

Go ahead and click the Convert To MP3 tab to start the conversion process. Wait for it to finish, then download the converted files.

APE MP3 Free File

2. ZamZar

Next, we have one that has the most facile interface, ZamZar. This online tool offers its users more than 1200 different types of conversion. Moreover, many are clinging to it and see it as one of the ideal online tools based on accessibility. Unfortunately, its service limits up to 50MB only. Nevertheless, the 3 simple steps are provided below for your guidance.

Step 1Add your APE Files

Tap the Add Files tab to upload the APE files. Otherwise, drag and drop them directly on the said tab. Make sure that the files won't exceed 50MB.

Step 2Set to MP3

Click the Convert To button, and choose mp3 as the output for this APE to MP3 online converter.

Step 3Start the Conversion

Finally, hit the Convert Now tab, and wait for the conversion process to finish for you to download the completed files.

APE MP3 Zamzar File

3. AVAide Free Video Converter

Down to our top 1, the AVAide Free Video Converter has the highest recommendation. This online solution gives free service without a limitation. Moreover, just like the previous tools, it also owns a very facile interface, which can be navigated by first-timers. We proclaim the smooth experience on its webpage as it's free with ads. In addition, it supports numerous formats to cater to a wide range of conversions, together with its capacity to transform multiple files at once. On the other hand, we prepared detailed steps of this best APE to MP3 converter.

Step 1Launcher Installation

Get the launcher via visiting the AVAide Free Video Converter website. Tap the ADD YOUR FILES button, then from a popped-up window, hit the Download then the Open.

APE MP3 Online File

Step 2Add the APE Files

Tap again the ADD YOUR FILES, and attach the APE files. On the interface, click the Add File button on the upper left part to import more APE files for batch conversion.

APE MP3 Online Upload File

Step 3Set the Outputs to MP3

First, tap the Note icon at the bottom part of the interface to reveal the audio formats. Click each file then choose the MP3 to be the output.

  • Click the Setting icon and feel free to adjust the bitrate, together with the sample rate, channel, and the encoder of your files.
APE MP3 Online Set File

Step 4Convert APE to MP3 Online

Lastly, click the Convert button located at the bottom-most part of the interface. Before the conversion process begins, you will be asked to pick a file destination from the popped-up window of your computer file storage. Check the chosen file storage for the converted files after.

APE MP3 Online Convert File

Part 4. FAQs With Regards APE and MP3

Can I download and play an APE file on my Android?

Some Android mobiles support the converted APE files.

Can I decompress my newly compressed APE file?

Yes, as long as you are using the right tool to decompress it. Otherwise, adjusting the bitrate may increase the quality of your audio file.

Can I convert APE to MP3 with Audacity?

Surely, Audacity is also another software that works with conversion greatly.


Converting the APE files to MP3 in bulk can save most of your time. Needless to say, most of the featured tools above offer bulk conversions without compromising the quality. Choose what you need the most, consider the features that the tool can offer, to expand your skill in conversion.

By Sylvie Hyde on Dec 16, 2021

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