Are you experiencing difficulty in playing the OGG files on your music player? Truly, some devices lack support with the OGG file, especially the iPod and other Apple products. On this note, if you are delighted with the audio of the OGG file, better to convert it into a format that would suit any device you use, like the MP3. In relation to this, we are giving you this article for you to be familiarized with the best converters to change OGG to MP3 online and great software today.

Part 1. An Overview of OGG and MP3

What is OGG?

The OGG file is a container developed by Xiph.Org. Furthermore, it is a file that is used to contain both audio and video data, and later on, was recommended for audio storing only. Moreover, it is a free container that obtains a great quality within a lossy compression. However, this audio file has minimal compatibility on devices particularly the Apple ones.

What is MP3?

The MP3 on the other hand is an audio file proprietary to Fraunhofer society. Furthermore, just like the OGG, it can also obtain a great quality within a lossy file compression. On the contrary, the MP3 file has the widest range of suitability. In fact, it holds the title of the universal audio format. Therefore, many choose to change the OGG to MP3 for a harmonious reason.

Part 2. 5 Greatest OGG to MP3 Software

This part will introduce you to the 5 greatest tools that are worth downloading. Additionally, their strengths and weaknesses will also be provided. So without any further adieus, see the following details below.

1. AVAide Video Converter

The AVAide Video Converter has always been the number one choice ever since. Furthermore, this software gives the users the best quality in every output they make. In fact, it is equipped with wonderful and multifunctional features and tools that are continually used by experts. What's more, this converter tool comes with the best acceleration technology that is very committed to converting files at 30x faster. Downloading this OGG to MP3 converter would be very beneficial for you.

AVAide Video Converter
  • Converts the OGG Files to MP3 massively.
  • With a conversion process of 30x faster than others.
  • Great features to enhance the video and audio files.
  • Allows to merge, split, compress, and trim the music.
  • It supports more than 300 file video and audio formats.

How to Convert OGG to MP3 Flawlessly

Step 1Software Installation on Device

Free download and install the tool to your PC. Visit the AVAide Video Converter main page then acquire the desktop version.

Step 2Drag the OGG Files in

Once downloaded, launch the tool. Start dragging and dropping the OGG files directly to the interface. On the other hand, you may click the Add Files button then upload files or even the whole folder for batch conversion.

OGG MP3 Upload File

Step 3Output Presetting to MP3

Preset the uploaded OGG files to MP3. Tick on the arrow portion of the Convert All To button, then choose the MP3 from the formats under the audio tab.

OGG MP3 Set File

Step 4Start Converting Files

Finally, after setting all the uploaded files to MP3, click the Convert All button at the bottom-most part of the interface. This time you will notice the swift process of this tool. Take note that these are the standard procedure on how to convert OGG to MP3 on Mac and Windows.

OGG MP3 Convert File

NOTE: The converted files may be seen by tapping the Converted tab. To locate the completed files on your PC, tap the Folder image.

OGG MP3 Converted File
  • Its capability to convert exceeds the standard speed.
  • With plentiful features and tools.
  • With the power to convert in bulk.
  • Comes with the movie maker, video collage, and DVD ripper.
  • Will consume space on your desktop.
  • Needs to be paid, but the free trial version is already a full package.

2. iTunes

Secondly, we have iTunes. This freeware can work idealistically in converting files. Furthermore, its versatility not only limits its conversion feature, for it is also used as, media player, radio broadcaster, media library, and more. This is why many Mac users maximize the privilege to use it anytime without the need to download it. However, when it comes to formatting support, iTunes has a smaller range. On the other hand, the simplified steps below will answer your question on how to convert OGG to MP3 with iTunes on Mac.

Step 1MP3 for the Import Settings

Configure the importing settings to MP3. to do so, go and click the iTunes>Preferences>General then select the MP3 encoder on the Import Using.

OGG MP3 iTunes File

Step 2Upload the OGG files

Drag and drop your OGG files on iTunes. Then click the files prior to conversion.

Step 3Convert the Files Now

Start the conversion by clicking the File tab, then Convert and hit the Create MP3 Version. Wait for the conversion process to finish, then check your library after.

OGG MP3 iTunes File
  • It is a multifaceted tool
  • No need to download it for it is a built-in tool for Mac
  • Less support on different file formats.
  • The conversion procedure might be confusing to first-time users.

3. FFMpeg

FFMpeg has been known for its command-based program. This kind of software is for users who have enough knowledge of technology. Nevertheless, it is one of the greatest software that newbies can still use with the proper guidance. If you want to experience a unique conversion, the FFMpeg converts OGG to MP3 in an extraordinary yet instant way. See the guideline below to have an idea of how to use it.

Step 1Start the Commanding

Launch the installed software, then type the ffmpeg and click enter after.

Step 2Open the File Storage

Type the file name where your OGG file is saved. To do so, you need to use the cd command then the file path then click enter afterward.

Step 3Start The Conversion Finally

Write the ffmpeg -input.ogg to output.mp3, then click enter. Wait for the command to be completed, then check the file path you have chosen afterward.

OGG MP3 FFmpeg File
  • This OGG to MP3 freeware supports codec and filters magnificently
  • Supports the majority of audio and video formats.
  • Difficult to navigate for beginners.
  • With limited support on cross-platform.
  • Will consume space on your desktop.

4. Audacity

Audacity is an open-source tool that can work flawlessly in converting audio files. Aside from that, this software is used best in editing podcasts, mixing, and recording music. Moreover, it can make an audio file with a maximum of 32-bit/384kHz. So without any further adieu, see the simplified steps below.

Step 1Import the OGG File

Launch the installed freeware on your computer, then click the File tab on the interface. Click the Import button, and choose the OGG file that you want to convert.

Step 2Export as MP3

To convert OGG to MP3 with Audacity, tap the File once more, then hit the Export button and select the Export as MP3 tab.

Step 3Pick a Destination and Convert

Pick a file destination where you want to save the converted file. Afterward, wait for the conversion process to finish, then check the chosen destination.

OGG MP3 Audacity File
  • The conversion process is definitely fast.
  • Contains audio enhancer and features.
  • The interface is not that user-friendly.
  • Will consume space on your desktop.
  • The features are limited to audio-only, not for video.

5. VLC

Finally, there is this VLC. Just like the previous tool, the VLC is also an open-source software applicable in converting files. Furthermore, many users are getting accustomed to this freeware due to its flexibility where it can be used as a media player alone. Nonetheless, if you are a first-time user of the VLC, the OGG to MP3 conversion process would be a little confusing due to so many tabs you need to click. Fortunately, below are the simplest guidelines that you can follow with the Windows version.

Step 1Upload the OGG File

Launch the VLC, and go to the Media tab, then choose the Convert/Save button. For the timesaving approach, you may just click the CTRL+R. On the interface, hit the Add tab and attach the OGG file, then hit the Convert/Save button


Step 2Set Output to Mp3

Go to Profile, then from the dropdown arrow, select the Audio-MP3. Afterward, hit the Browse tab, and choose a destination for the new MP3 file.

Step 3Start Converting

Finally, click the Start button. Wait for the conversion process to be finished, then check for the converted file.

  • It uses shortcuts to easily navigate it.
  • Flexible in playing and at the same time converting files.
  • It supports short-range file formats.
  • The conversion process sometimes takes time.
  • With minimum features to enhance the output.

Part 3. The Best Online Tool to Convert OGG to MP3 For Free

For your online option, we are about to give you the most popular tool that gives generously free of service to its users. The AVAide Free Video Converter is the one and only OGG to MP3 converter online that is very dedicated to supplying a smooth and practical conversion process. Why? Because this tool is free of bugging ads and watermark together with its unlimited service that you can use anytime you want.

What's more, the AVAide Free Video Converter also comes with a powerful acceleration technology, and similar to its software version, it can also transform numerous files at once. Amazingly, it also comes with a built-in setting, to extremely give the users a perfect conversion experience for free. How to use it? Please see the detailed steps below.

Step 1Simply Get the Launcher

Stop by the AVAide Free Video Converter website, and click the ADD YOUR FILES to download the launcher, then open it.

OGG MP3 Online File

Step 2Upload the OGG Files

On the main interface, hit the Add File button to upload the OGG files. Change OGG to MP3 online, and try the bulk conversion by attaching many files.

Step 3Configure the Outputs to MP3

Tap each file followed by the Note icon at the bottom part of the interface. Choose the MP3 as the output, then do the same procedure for the other files.

OGG MP3 Online Upload File
  • Adjust and personalize the bitrate, sample rate, channel, and encoder by clicking the Setting icon.
OFF MP3 Online Set File

Step 4Start Converting Now

Lastly, hit the Convert button located at the bottom-most part of the interface. Hence, before the conversion process starts, you must pick a file destination from the computer file storage. Subsequently, the conversion process will start immediately, then check your chosen file storage after.

OGG MP3 Onlineconvert File

Part 4. FAQs On OGG to MP3

What is the OGG abbreviated for?

Actually, the name OGG was derived from the word logging, which is a jargon word from a computer game.

When it comes to quality, which is better, OGG or MP3?

Quality-wise, the OGG contains better than the MP3.

Is converting MP3 to OGG a better quality?

Converting in reverse won't give you the assurance to bring back the quality. However, using the AVAide Video Converter will give you the highest quality of the file.


You see, there are a lot of free OGG to MP3 converters for Mac and Windows. What we introduced to you is attested to be the best. Therefore, you deserve whichever of the featured tools you choose. Hence, we still highly recommend the AVAide Video Converter as it gives the maximum great experience in converting files.

By Sylvie Hyde on Dec 16, 2021

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