There are people who want to keep the MKV files only because of the music on them. For this reason, the files tend to be cumbersome to handle. Surprisingly, we have the best solution for that matter, and that is to change the video file into audio alone. On the other hand, MP3 is one of the audio files that hold great prominence due to its substantial compression and suitability on almost all devices. Therefore, if you change MKV to MP3, you will definitely maximize your file storage. In relation to this, we will introduce 5 online and desktop solutions to help you on the task.

Part 1. The Need to Convert MKV to MP3

The Matroska file or MKV is a video container that holds multiple videos, audio, and subtitles in a file. Moreover, it contains good quality, within a relatively small size. However, this video file type limits its range of compatibility on devices, especially on mobiles. Therefore, transforming them to MP3 will sustain their quality, and be able to meet the proper execution on various devices. In addition, with the help of the efficient MKV to MP3 converter for PC, will bring an excellent MP3 output.

Part 2. Best MKV to MP3 Audio Extraction on Linux, Windows, and Mac

When it comes to extracting the audio from the MKV video file, the AVAide MKV Converter hits the highest rank. Furthermore, this software amazingly works in conversion related to MKV to still maintain the quality. With the help of the multifunctional toolbox within the very facile interface, you will definitely expand your preference in the supposed output. Moreover, it has the acceleration technology that has the power to convert files 30x faster, compared to others. What's more, experience extracting bulk through this MKV to MP3 converter even offline. Want to know how it works? See the detailed steps below applicable on Linux, Mac, and Windows-based devices.

Step 1Download and install the Software

Download the software by visiting the AVAide MKV Converter official web page. Otherwise, click the download button below and proceed with installing.

Step 2Add the MKV Files

Launch the software, then click the Add Files button to transfer all your MKV files on the interface. Note that adding files can be in batches. Otherwise, you may just drag all your files and drop them directly on the interface.

MKV MP3 Upload File

Step 3Choose the MP3 as the Output

When uploading all the MKV files, click the Convert All To tab. Go directly to the Audio portion, then choose the MP3 as the output.

MKV MP3 Set File

Step 4Convert MKV to MP3 Now

Proceed by clicking the Convert All red button, and the tool will immediately start the conversion process.

MKV MP3 Convert File

Step 5Checking the Successful Files

Go to the Converted column to see your newly converted files. To locate them, you may click on the Folder icon of each file.

MKV MP3 Converted File

Part 3. How to Convert MKV to MP3 Using VLC

VLC is one of the most accepted media players today. In fact, almost all desktop devices have it. Meanwhile, as being one of the best media players, it is also an ideal converter of video and audio files. However, not everyone might understand how the procedure goes with this freeware, especially for first-time users, due to its various tabs to click. Therefore, we will give you the simplified steps on how to convert MKV to MP3 using VLC.

Step 1Uploading of the MKV File

Launch the VLC, go to Media then choose the Convert/Save. Otherwise, push on the CTRL+R as the timesaving way. On the main interface, hit the Add tab and upload the MKV file, then click the Convert/Save button.


Step 2Make the Output MP3

On the Profile, choose the MP3 from the dropdown portion. Then, tap the Browse tab, and choose a file destination for the converted file.

Step 3Start the Conversion

Tick the Start tab to begin the conversion. Wait for the process to be completed, then finally check your chosen file storage.


Part 4. The Amazing MKV to MP3 Free Converters

We know that a lot of users seek free converters. For this reason, we have collected the 3 amazing MKV to MP3 converters for free.

1. AVAide Free Video Converter

The AVAide Free Video Converter is definitely the best online converter that gives a totally free service. Furthermore, it has the smoothest navigation for it is free of ads and watermark. No wonder why everyone loves using this online tool because it has the safest and quickest within the bulk conversion process online. Without any further adieu, below are the detailed steps to follow in using it.

Step 1Come in for the Launcher

Go through the AVAide Free Video Converter website, and safely download the launcher. To do so, tap the ADD YOUR FILES button, then from the popped-up window, tick the Download then tap the Open.

MKV MP3 Online File

Step 2Upload the MKV Files

Go ahead and tap the ADD YOUR FILES button again to add the first file. Feel free to add more MKV files, tap the Add File button located on the upper left part of the main interface. Upload as many files as you want, to experience bulk conversion.

MKV MP3 Online Upload File

Step 3Set the Outputs to MP3

To change MKV to MP3, tap each file, then hit the Note icon to view the audio formats. Choose then the MP3, and reapply the procedure for the other MKV files.

MKV MP3 Online Set File

Step 4Convert Now

Finally, hit the Convert button of the interface. Choose file storage for the changed files from your local folder. Immediately, the conversion process will start. Wait for the process to finish, then check your chosen file storage.

MKV MP3 Online Convert File
  • Accessible.
  • Offers unlimited file size and conversion service.
  • With built-in settings.
  • Works 30x faster within a bulk conversion.
  • Couldn't work without the internet.

2. Totally Free Converter

Next, we have the Totally Free Converter. This freeware has the instant conversion process as if just saving another file in a different format. Moreover, users who are not after an enhanced fit with this software. How to use this MKV to MP3-free converter? It's as simple as the steps below.

Step 1Choose the MKV File

Launch the software, then click the Video & Audio icon. Choose and click the MKV file you will convert.

Step 2Save the File to MP3

Save the new file to MP3 by choosing it from the Save as Type. Create a new futile name then hit Save. Wait for the conversion process, then check the file storage.

  • Very easy to use.
  • The conversion process is as fast as saving a new file.
  • No settings and other features to enhance the output.
  • Very limited interface.

3. ZamZar

Lastly, we have the ZamZar. This another online tool makes a great impact on the users due to its capability and versatility. Aside from the video and audio bracket, it also expands in eBook, image, document, and other categories of conversion. How to convert mkv to mp3 online with ZamZar? Steps are provided below.

Step 1Add the MKV File

Drag the MKV file and drop it to the webpage. Otherwise, click the Add File.

Step 2Convert To MP3

Tap the Convert To tab, then choose the MP3 from the audio format list.

Step 3Convert the File Now

Finally, click the Convert Now button to start the conversion process. Wait for it to finish, then download the completed file.

MKV MP3 Zamzar File
  • Accessible and easy to navigate.
  • Couldn't work without the internet.
  • No built-in settings
  • Limits the size to 50MB.

Part 5. FAQs On MKV to MP3 Conversion

Does an MKV file have a lossless compression?

Yes. MKV files contain a lossless compression.

In what Media Player can I play my MKV file?

the following media players may tend to support the MKV file. VLC, KMPlayer, MX player, MK Player, Macgo Blu-ray Player, Video Stream, and the MKv Player.

Can I make the MP3 lossless when converted?

There are still arguments on that matter, as many say that MP3 contains a lossy compression. But if you will convert a file to MP3 to make it high in quality, bring it with a higher bitrate upon conversion.


Truly, the featured tools are really amazing. In fact, all of them have their own characteristics and can be chosen depending on your needs. Nevertheless, the AVAide Video Converter is what we highly recommend, for it has the most awesome features and tools that will help you get a perfect output.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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