Most of us maximize the use of our media nowadays. And there will come a time that you need to enhance and edit them for a much better purpose. One key factor is compatibility and its space consumption among different devices. For instance, our MKV videos get so much from our storage, that we need to convert MKV to FLV for free online using the right solutions. Join us as we discover and explore media possibilities.

Part 1. The Need to Convert your MKV to FLV File Format

Why is it highly recommended to change MKV to FLV formats on our files? Here are some helpful information for clarification.

The MKV Format

MKV or also known as the Matroska Video File, is a container of videos that supports more than audio and subtitle tracks. Sad as it is, but files with this type of format are not widely supported as those with FLV format. Moreover, they contain a large-sized file that can consume a lot of space from your storage.

The FLV Format

FLV is a Flash video container mainly used for several audio streaming sites and online video viewing. It is excellently viewed by web browsers and supported by most media players as well. It's a versatile container and a top-choice format for YouTube. Plus, files with this format relatively have a smaller size which makes them convenient to download and transfer.

Therefore, an easy way of downloading, transferring, and uploading, FLV is the appropriate file format we should choose. Thus, you better need to discover MKV to FLV converters and their services.

Part 2. Better Try a Free Online Video Converter

Make Use of the AVAide Free Online FLV Converter

AVAide Free Online FLV Converter is a powerful online MKV to FLV converter that could help you with your media essentials. Needless to mention, you can easily select an output format and convert your files without any hassle. Learn the simplest steps on how to use it.

Step 1Open your web browser

The first thing you need to do is get access to the AVAide Free Online FLV Converter webpage.

MKV FLV AVAide Open Web

Step 2Add your MKV files

Proceed to importing your files by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button. Be aware that the tool supports conversion in batch.

MKV FLV AVAide Add Files

Step 3Pick your output format

Click the FLV button as your output format from the list of file containers on the interface.

MKV FLV AVAide Pick Format

Step 4Convert your local files

After adjusting the settings, begin the process by clicking the Convert button. Then, choose a local folder from your device where the completed files will be placed.

MKV FLV AVAide Covert Files

Step 5Check your outputs

To double check your outputs, see the folder icons on the right side of the interface. Click them to easily locate your converted videos.

MKV FLV AVAide Check Outputs
  • It allows us to experience multi-formatted converting tools for videos.
  • The fast-speed conversion process doesn’t affect the quality of the outputs.
  • It serves its users simple yet comprehensive interface.
  • The tool is not just limited as a converter. It is an editing and enhancing online tool.

Part 3. Video Converters with Full-Featured Methods

1. Use AVAide MKV Converter to Aid you Instantly

AVAide MKV Converter is a software program that can surely assist you a lot on how to convert MKV to FLV. It is capable of aiding you with simple instructions without a need of experience or prior skills. Output's resolution ranges from 480p to 4K. It supports group conversion happening at once. To know more about this tool, simply undertake these.

Step 1Download and install the converter

To install the software of AVAide MKV Converter, visit your browser and go straight to the official web page. Click the Download button and install it on your device.

Step 2Transfer the files with MKV formats

Secondly, click the Add File button to transfer all your local files. Adding files can be in batches.

MKV FLV AVAide Transfer Files

Step 3Choose the new format

When done transferring, click the FLV Format button as your changed file container.

MKV FLV AVAide New Format

Step 4Begin the process of converting

Proceed to clicking the Convert All button and the tool will immediately start the converting operation.

MKV FLV AVAide Begin Process

Step 5Successful and completed

As seen on the Converted column, your videos are now converted to their new file container.

MKV FLV AVAide Success
  • This software serves a numerous number of audio and video formats.
  • It has a previewing panel for the changes you’ve made from the settings.
  • The speed sets a quality standard for similar services.
  • User-friendly and has presented steps to follow before starting.
  • It only offers a limited trial version.
  • Other tools are not usable for the trial version.

2. Try the Established FFMPEG Converter

FFMPEG video converter is good for working with media files. It is also a cross-platform for audio and video streaming. Also, this one contains some key functionalities. Convert MKV to FLV on this freeware by conveniently doing these basic guidelines.

Step 1Open the tool and add files

Enter the official website and download the converter. Once done, open it and proceed to importing your files by clicking the Add Files button. Then, choose an output format.

MKV FLV FFmpeg Open Add

Step 2Convert the files and browse when saved

Start the conversion process. Once everything is completed, browse the folder where they were saved.

MKV FLV FFmpeg Convert Browse
  • It's an established converter.
  • It works with simultaneous conversion.
  • The interface is confusing. Especially when use by a first-timer
  • The number of files greatly affects the time consumed by the process.

Part 4. Comparison Chart for MKV and FLV Video Converters

Both of these MKV to FLV converters offer us sumptuous features to use and enjoy. Given these, both have similarities and differences. Presented below is a comparison chart to clearly distinguish their services.

  • Features
  • Advanced Acceleration Speed
  • Multi-Format
  • Web-based and software
  • Windows and Mac
  • Batch Conversion
  • Intuitive Interface
AVAide MKV Converter FFMPEG

As illustrated above, AVAide MKV Converter gained a lot from distinctive features video converters must have.

Part 5. FAQs of MKV and FLV

Do Sony Televisions support MKV video files?

Sony Televisions can actually play MKV video files. However, others do encounter issues and difficulties in playing back the files. But you can still use those videos if we convert your MKV to FLV for better usage.

What media players can play MKV?

There are a lot of players that support this type of format. This works for macOS Sequoia, Linux, and also Windows users.

Is FLV a lossless file container?

Yes, it is. This container is undeniably lossless. This benefits its users especially when transferring, it makes the loading process even faster.


Assuredly, we were all amazed by these two best MKV to FLV converters we can reach with the comfort of our online connection. AVAide MKV Converter and FFMPEG will solidly solve your need to change and enhance. Nonetheless, between the two, AVAide MKV Converter is our go-to converting partner.

By Bryan Simmonds on Jul 03, 2024

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