VOB or Video Object is a developed format container for DVD-Video media. It holds digital audio, video, subtitles, navigation contents, and DVD menus. Given that this format is made for DVDs, in terms of its storage consumption, VOB is large in size. It's favorably suggested to find VOB to FLV converters online. Because FLV format files support most of the devices and platforms we used. Whether offline or uploaded FLV files on the web, they can surely work efficiently. What is more amazing is that it's small in size.

Part 1. Convert your VOB to FLV Through an Online Tool

High-Performing AVAide Free Online FLV Converter

AVAide Free FLV Converter is the perfect free VOB to FLV converter. This solution exemplifies effectively because of its timely and comprehensive features. It caters its users a wide list of audio and video formats. This tool uses advanced acceleration technology to convert your files even faster. It doesn't end with that! You can also try its service for multiple conversions. All these when you simply follow these quick instructions.

Step 1Get to the website

On your available device, visit the web browser and open AVAide Free FLV Converter. Once accessed, you will automatically see the tool's interface as it is loaded completely.

VOB FLV AVAide Website

Step 2Import the files

Add your VOB video files from your local storage. Click the ADD YOUR FILES button. Rest assured, this converter greatly works in batch conversion without compromising the speed and output's quality.

VOB FLV AVAide Import

Step 3Change the format

Afterwards, click the FLV button to change the containers of your products. You can find it on the Select Format panel.

VOB FLV AVAide Set Change

Step 4Convert the videos

Locate the Convert button placed on the rightmost bottom part of the interface and click it. Once clicked, the tool lets you choose the specified and designated file storage on your device. The tool starts the operation.

VOB FLV AVAide Convert

Step 5Check the saved new files

Finally, when the tool completely accomplished the task, simply click the folder icon provided on each file to have a quick view on your new files.

VOB FLV AVAide Check
  • Absolutely, a free VOB to FLV converter.
  • This tool certainly meets our demands for quality outputs. The converter has a long list of supported formats compatible for different platforms and devices.
  • Unique features such as excellent photo collages, video enhancing and editing, and DVD ripping services.
  • It absolutely supports conversion in bulk happening at once.
  • It has an amazing speed that takes only for minutes or less. Moreover, it doesn't reduce the quality of the outputs.
  • No permission to click a button responsible for the whole bunch preference setting.

Part 2. Offline Ways on How to Convert VOB to FLV Format

1. How to Use the AVAide Video Converter

And if you're searching for a VOB to FLV converter, AVAide Video Converter is our ultimate answer. This software gained its popularity for some significant reasons. Mainly, from its useful and upgraded features and services. To name a few, it has plenty of audio and video formats, batch conversion is made easy by its advanced speed technology, and what is more, it has a media toolbox that is functional in enhancing and editing your files. Convert with this tool! Just follow the simple procedure provided below.

Step 1Download then install the converter

From your device, open your web browser and visit the AVAide Video Converter. To install the software, you need to first download the converter app by clicking the Download button.

Step 2Drag the VOB video files

Drag your VOB files on the interface and after they are properly selected from your local storage. Another way is to seamlessly click the Add Files button. Add each or can be in a group.

VOB FLV AVAide Drag Videos

Step 3Finalize the output file container

Next is to finally choose your output container which is the FLV format. Look for it on the format list and click the FLV button. Change the format and its setting by one or as a whole.

VOB FLV AVAide Finalize Container

Step 4Start the process of conversion

At the bottom part of the tool, click the Convert All button once. When done, you can see that your files are progressively and quickly loading. If you desire to stop the process, you may do so by stopping the conversion.

VOB FLV AVAide Start Process

Step 5Examine the files on the local folder

Lastly, when everything is accomplished, better check your new format videos on your local storage from your used device.

VOB FLV AVAide Examine Files
  • Simultaneous conversion that happens at once is supported.
  • It offers collage making service, 3D maker, DVD ripping, and other media tools.
  • More than 300+ video and audio formats suitable for most devices are also included.
  • It has an advanced speed without decreasing the quality of the output.
  • This tool only allows free limited trial. Once you've finished it, it doesn't allow you to do the service.

2. FFmpeg as Your Alternative Choice

With the assistance of FFmpeg, VOB to FLV is within your reach. This video converter also produces good outputs. It is supported by both Windows and macOS. Better utilize this tool. Quick steps were given below to follow.

Step 1Add your videos and change to new format

Import your files by looking for the Add Files button and click it. Afterwards, select your VOB videos and choose their new format.

VOB FLV FFMEG Videos Format

Step 2Convert and browse the location

Begin the conversion and when done, you can find your new videos by clicking the browse button.

VOB FLV FFMEG Convert Browse

Benefits of Utilizing the FFMPEG

● Supported by Linux system, Windows, and macOS operating systems.

● It provides different formats.

● It has a screen recorder for capturing desktop works.

Drawbacks of Utilizing the FFMPEG

● It has no burner and ripper for DVD or Blu-Ray.

● You might experience glitches in bulk conversion.

Part 3. Comprehensive Comparison Chart of the Video Converters

Given below is a comprehensive illustration to easily identify the unique and excellent features of the two ideal converters. With this, we can easily compare which between them top the users' standards.

  • Web-based and software
  • Windows and Mac
  • Advanced Acceleration Technology
  • Batch Conversion
  • Additional Editing and Enhancing Tools
FFmpeg AVAide Video Converter

Therefore, AVAide Video Converter gained the demands and expectations of common users and professionals.

Part 4. FAQs of VOB and FLV File Format

Is FLV a lossless format?

Since FLV videos are convenient in terms of transferring, reproducing and loading, surely, videos with this format are lossless in nature.

What does FLV do?

The aim of Flash Video is to transmit files to streaming websites through the Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air. It is small in size compared to AVI, VOB, and other formats.

Can my Windows 10 Media Player play VOB videos?

There's no way to directly play a VOB file in Windows 10 Media Player. To play them, you are required to download and install an app with VOB codec. But the easiest way is to convert VOB to FLV using the AVAide Video Converter.

Are VOB files supported by iOS devices?

iOS devices have no default player to play VOB video files.


As a general conclusion of this article, AVAide Video Converter efficiently passed all the qualifications for a high-quality video converter than FFmpeg. Therefore, it's your time to convert VOB to FLV videos at the comfort of your skills and available devices.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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