Without any doubt, Apple products are most people's choice for so many reasons. One of the file formats Apple had produced was the M4V file, which is used particularly for iTunes. Unfortunately, this file type has this DRM protection which serves to be a hindrance in sharing the video file on the web. If you happen to experience this particular problem, the best solution is the transfiguration of files.

Most videos on the web are encrypted in flash, so to easily upload your M4V files, you may just need the help of an M4V to FLV converter. Luckily, plenty of tools are available but not all perform efficiently. This article will introduce you to the best video converter with different methods to use depending on your preference.

Part 1. What are M4V and FLV

Let us have a piece of extended knowledge about the M4V and FLV video files, this is to understand the purpose and the usage of both.

What is an M4V file?

The MPEG-4 Video or also known as M4V is a file container for video and audio that was developed by Apple. Relatively the same as MP4 when it comes to the quality with a little larger in size. Additionally, M4V is mostly protected by DRM or Digital Rights Management copy protection, for copyright purposes. This is because M4V is used by Apple to transmit video files in the iTunes Store. Therefore, if you noticed most downloaded iTunes videos are restricted from sharing into the web and playing back with the common media players.

What is an FLV file?

Meanwhile, a Flash Video or FLV produced by Adobe Systems is a file container for video, audio, data, and text. In addition, this file format is the common format used for the internet video streaming sites like Youtube. Moreover, FLV is supported by most of the media players and with the size of a compressed file that makes it very suitable to upload and download into the web.

With this information, therefore, the need to convert iTunes DRM M4V to FLV is yearning. Luckily, this article will teach you how to convert your M4V files in the most efficient and quickest ways. Let's begin with the offline method using this promising software.

Part 2. How to Convert M4V to FLV on Mac & Windows Easily and Quickly

AVAide Video Converter is the ultimate software that will give you a blissful conversion experience. This software has this advanced technology that makes the conversion process so fast. What's more, it allows you to make your own movies by customizing the video files, collaging videos, and enhancing them to obtain your preference. With its bountiful features, you can convert M4V to FLV fleetly and swiftly on your Windows or Mac. How? Please refer to the guidelines below.

The Amazing M4V to FLV Features of AVAide Video Converter
  • It supports more than 300 inputs and output file formats.
  • With an acceleration technology that makes 30x faster on the conversion process.
  • Bulk conversion function.
  • With 3D Maker, GIF Maker, Video Compressor, Speed Controller, Booster, Reverser, and many more.

Step 1Software Installation

Download and install the software to your PC. To do so, click the download button above.

Step 2Uploading of M4V Files

Launch the acquired software, and drag all the M4V files you want to convert directly into the interface. Otherwise, click the Add Files tab then upload the entire M4V folder.

M4V FLV Upload File

Step 3Setting to FLV

Preset your outputs to FLV from the Video portion upon hitting the Convert All To button. Please take note that individual setting for each file is also available, just click the Arrow button of each file.

M4V FLV Set File

Step 4Start Converting

After the configuration, click the Convert All button right away. Notice how fast the conversion process is, with this trial it only took less than10 seconds to convert the 2 files.

M4V FLV Convert File

Step 5Locating Converted Files

To locate the converted files to your PC, simply hit the Converted button, then the Folder icon. If you wish to share the converted files right away, you can click the Share icon to upload the file to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, and Flicker.

M4V FLV Converted File

Part 3. How to Convert M4V to FLV Online for Free

Convert M4V to FLV online with this AVAide Free Online Video Converter. Do not hesitate to use this online tool just because you are worried about malware safety. AVAide has made its tools 100 percent malware safe, due to its enhanced encryption technology. What's more, this free online converter has plenty of video and audio formats and settings within its facile interface. Convert smoothly as many as you want for it is made without limitation, ads, and watermark on your outputs. Interesting right? Take a look at the steps below to guide you in using this method.

Step 1Acquiring the Launcher

Download the launcher to your PC and start to convert M4V to FLV for free. Go to the official website then hit the ADD YOUR FILES button. To direct you to the website, click this to get AVAide Free Online Video Converter.

M4V FLV Online File

Step 2Uploading M4V files

Hit the ADD YOUR FILES button again to add your initial files. Then on the interface, to add more files hit the Add File button.

M4V FLV Online Upload File

Step 3Setting the Files to FLV

Set the uploaded M4V files to FLV. Choose among the video formats available at the bottom part of the interface. Audio files are also available upon hitting the Note icon.

M4V FLV Online Set File

Step 4Converting

Hit the Convert button when presetting is done. Thereafter, a window of your local file storage will appear, from there you need to choose the file destination then the conversion process will start afterwards.

Step 5Checking The Converted Files

To locate the converted files easily, click the Folder icon on the interface.

M4V FLV Online Converted File

Part 4. Which is the Best M4V to FLV Converter

We prepared a simple comparison chart between the 2 methods, whereas you will see the advantages and drawbacks of each, this is to help you choose which method is applicable for you.

Method AVAide Video Converter AVAide Free Online Video Converter
Platform Downloadable Web-based
Advantage 1. Can be used even without the internet.
2. It has more features and formats available.
3. Faster method when it comes to sharing the files on the web.
1. More accessible since it’s online.
2. Won’t consume storage on your PC.
Drawback Needs to be downloaded since its a software. Internet-dependent, you won’t be able to use it without the internet.

Part 5. FAQs About M4V to FLV

What is the highest resolution of M4V?

M4V has the 1020x1080 as the highest resolution.

Can I also convert M4V to MP4?

Yes, you can, with AVAide Video Converter you can convert any video format to your preferred output.

Can I playback FLV with my Mac?

FLV files can be played on Mac as long as you have a media player.


You have seen the greatest tools and their different methods as your M4V to FLV converters. This doesn't mean you can't use both, in fact, you can still utilize the online tool even if you already acquired the software. We are just giving you the best option to pick on a particular situation.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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