WebM is basically made for the web. The codecs VP8 and VP9 are developed to compress the contents and to reduce the file size on the storage. Also, it contains very high compression rates and can be used for free. However, this type of format is less supported by web browsers. The Safari of MacOS needs a third-party tool to allow the files of this format to be played. Additionally, there are media players that require plug-ins or necessary components. Lastly, it is not compatible on most portable devices since it was created for the web.

No wonder, you're having issues playing your favorite audiobooks, musical playlist, or even popular podcast. No worries! You can still choose to play them, but now, with the right format. Change WebM to MP3 using reliable tools. MP3 is now the most used audio file by many audio users. Why? The size is smaller. It's compatible most especially with portable devices. And lastly, it's still high-quality sound content.

Part 1. Best Offline Tool to Convert WebM to MP3

AVAide Video Converter

The best software one can use is the AVAide Video Converter. This tool amazingly works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Imagine how this solution is being supported by different infamous operating systems and platforms. Surely, it can easily convert WebM to MP3 without any issues and hassling efforts. Installing this makes your tasks done with all the convenience you desire to experience. It has an advanced speed that makes the process so seamless. Just a few minutes, your files are already converted. Plus, it offers more than 300 video and audio file containers. Add in bulk because this software works well in converting files in groups without compromising the original quality. Discover as well the popular toolbox that can edit and enhance your selected contents. More to explore by following these simple guidelines.

Step 1Install the app

Firstly, on your web browser, go straight to the main website of AVAide Video Converter. Once arrived, you need to download the app. Then, install it on your device immediately.

Step 2Attach the old videos

Secondly, to import your files on the interface, simply drag them on the dragging panel. The other way around, click the Add Files button. You may drag each or in a group.

WebM MP3 AVAide Attach Videos

Step 3Choose the audio container

Afterwards, locate the menu bar and click the Audio button. Once clicked, all the audio file formats will appear. Find the MP3 button and click it as your output.

WebM MP3 AVAide Choose Container

Step 4Start the quick procedure

Start the quick process by clicking the Convert All button. You can also pause or stop the process once you missed editing something from the settings.

WebM MP3 AVAide Start Procedure

Step 5Check the finished task

Finally, go to your local storage. Check your converted files after the completion of the process.

  • This software contains almost all the audio and video file formats.
  • It is run with fast-speed acceleration technology.
  • Batch conversion can be seamlessly done while preserving the original quality.
  • It is totally supported by known operating systems such as the MacOS, Linux, and Windows platforms.
  • Added toolbox works best for enhancing different elements of media content.
  • Limited usage for the trial version.

Part 2. Top 5 Online Methods to Change WebM to MP3

1. AVAide Free Video Converter

On the top of the list is the AVAide Free Video Converter. Why did it gain the peak from the roster? This is a chargeless web program that caters most key features of a high-standard audio converter. Undeniably, you can convert from WebM to MP3 with its easy procedures to follow. Like the software version, it also possesses the capacities such as, fast-speed process, simultaneous conversion, operating systems support, and the numerous formats for audio and video. Consider visiting the tool on your web by undertaking these simple instructions.

Step 1Open your web browser

On the browser of your choice, simply visit the AVAide Free Video Converter's official web page.

WebM MP3 AVAide Open Browser

Step 2Select your local videos

Secondly, click the ADD YOUR FILES button to import your local files on the tool. You may choose to add each or in batch to lessen the time consumption.

WebM MP3 AVAide Select Videos

Step 3Adjust your file format

On the format panel, easily click the audio icon to view all the available audio formats. Look for the MP3 format and click its button.

WebM MP3 AVAide Adjust Format

Step 4Convert your chosen files

Then, click the Convert button to start the fast-speed process.

WebM MP3 AVAide Convert Files

Step 5Check your saved files

To check the finished files, click the provided folder icon on each side of the saved file. Once clicked, the local folder where your files are saved will automatically open.

WebM MP3 AVAide Check Files
  • Free WebM to MP3 converter.
  • It is 30X faster from its rival tools.
  • Multiple formats are available.
  • Intuitive interface and guidelines.
  • Without ads and fancy banners.
  • Need a stable internet connection.
  • No extra toolbox unlike the software version.

2. Zamzar

Another tool that can change WebM to MP3 is the reliability of Zamzar. This online solution has a huge list of different supported file containers. Also, it supports popular platforms including versions of Windows and Mac. Experience first-hand the most comprehensive ways to use the tool. Follow the given steps below.

Step 1Open and select files

Visit the tool on your browser. Then, click the Add Files button to upload your local files.

Step 2Change format and convert

Afterwards, click the Convert To button to view the list of the provided audio formats. Finally, you can start converting them quickly by clicking the Convert Now button.

WebM MP3 Zamzar Convert
  • Can copy URL and paste for conversion.
  • It provides popular file formats.
  • Limited to 50 MB file-size.
  • Format settings are adjustable for enhancing.

3. FreeConvert

FreeConverti is also a trusted tool to convert WebM to MP3 online. This free of charge tool offers adjustable options for different format settings such as the resolution, orientation type, and codec support. Discover the limitless features of this tool by doing these simple guidelines.

Step 1Look and click the AUDIO Converters button on the official web page. Click the MP3 button as your output format.

Step 2Upload your files by simply clicking the Choose Files button.

WebM MP3 Freeconvert Convert
  • Without advertisements on the interface.
  • Fast-speed tool.
  • Limited 1GB for simultaneous conversion.
  • Internet dependent.

4. OnlineConvert

Ranked 4 on the list is the OnlineConvert. This is absolutely a free converter of WebM to MP3. Simply search it on your browser and you can enjoy all the benefits it offers. Make use of it by following the few steps given below.

Step 1Upon visiting, look for the Audio converter panel.

Step 2Once you land on the main page, find the Audio converter panel. On the Select target format… button, click the Convert to MP3 as your output.

Step 3Afterwards, click the Go button followed by uploading your local files.

WebM MP3 Onlineconver Convert
  • Huge list of formats.
  • It contains plenty of choices for different converters.
  • The interface is filled with many buttons and panels.
  • Appearance of ads and banners.

5. Convertio

The last online converter of WebM to MP3 is the Convertio. This tool functions similarly with the first tools. Though it's listed on the last, still, it's an attested online program that caters different key features of a competent converter. Follow these comprehensive steps to start.

Step 1On the tool's interface, click the Choose Files to import the finalized files.

Step 2Change the format preference by changing the container, choose the MP3. Lastly, click the Convert button to begin.

WebM MP3 Convertio Convert
  • Straightforward steps and interface.
  • Unlimited conversion opportunity.
  • Needs a launcher to run the app.

Part 3. FAQs of WebM and MP3

Can I play WebM using VLC?

VLC media player totally supports files with WebM format. VLC is available to Windows and downloadable on Mac. These platforms support playback of numerous types of video formats, including the WebM. Additionally, converting your WebM to MP3 on VLC is possible.

How can I reduce WebM size?

There are plenty of tools to compress the size of your files. Do format conversion as the answer. AVAide Video Converter is the ideal tool to use.

Is MP3 audio only?

Yes, it is. MP3 was developed specifically for audio-only contents. It doesn't store any image and video content.


To summarize, AVAide Video Converter, AVAide Free Video Converter, Zamzar, FreeConvert, OnlineConvert, and Convertio, made their names well-known in the digital community. This set of audio converters can effortlessly change WebM to MP3 on Mac and other platforms. Nonetheless, AVAide Video Converter excels in every feature for the best audio converter.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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