Being here reading this post means you have experienced circumstances on both AMR and MP3 files. Perhaps, you have the need to convert AMR to MP3 on iPhone or Android for some reasons like having a compatibility issue. Surely, there are various tools on the web today, but not all of them give excellent quality. In this case, the different methods that you will learn from this article are the best solutions for your conversion task based on the testings.

Part 1. What is AMR

The AMR which stands for Adaptive Multi-Rate is an audio file that is compressed in size. Furthermore, it is made to cater to the speech data on 3G phones. To elaborate, this is the default file format to enhance the speech coding of VOIP and mobile devices. That is why many use this format in storing a bulk of voice recordings on their mobile phones, after all, it has the maximized file compression which only requires a little space on the device.

However, being too compressed is also the main reason for its suitability issues on other players. AMR can hardly play on media players of various desktops devices, as well as on some mobiles too. For this reason, many choose to turn AMR to MP3 instead.

Part 2. How to Convert AMR to MP3 in Batch Online

Using an online method is basically the most practical way. That is why we are giving you the most feasible among the others. The AVAide Free Video Converter has been the experts’ best pick when it comes to transforming files online instantly. Additionally, this adaptable online solution makes the conversion process quicker as it uses an acceleration technology which gives it a 30x faster procedure than others. It also allows the users to enhance their outputs within a batch conversion. Let’s see how this free online converter of AMR to MP3 works with the guidelines to follow below.

Step 1Visit the Web Page

Go to your browser and visit the AVAide Free Video Converter webpage. Hit the ADD YOUR FILES tab to get the launcher.

AMR MP3 Online File

Step 2Upload the AMR Files

Click the ADD YOUR FILES button once again to attach the first AMR files. To add more files, tap the Add File button located at the left uppermost part of the interface.

AMR MP3 Online Upload File

Step 3Set the Outputs to MP3 Files

Click each AMR file then tap the Note image to reveal the audio formats. Click the MP3 from the audio formats of the interface. You may also adjust the bitrate, channel, sample rate, and the audio encoder from the settings by clicking the Setting icon of this online AMR to MP3 converter.

AMR MP3 Online Set File

Step 4Go and Convert

Tap the Convert button, hence, before the conversion process begins, you will need to select a file destination for the converted files. Pick from your local file storage which you can check right after the conversion process is completed.

AMR MP3 Online Convert File

Part 3. How to Convert AMR to MP3 Quickly on Mac

The AVAide Video Converter has all that it takes to be an excellent tool. In addition, this multi-functional software doesn’t only work excellently on Mac, but also on Windows. It gives its users the best features and helpful toolbox to build up files. With its facile interface, anyone with any level of expertise can navigate it. What’s more, it is not just the best on videos but also the great software to convert AMR to MP3.

AVAide Video Converter
  • Allows to Convert 30x faster than other tools
  • Allows to Convert Bulk AMR files
  • With extensive support on numerous audio file formats
  • With multiple audio settings like trim, merge, compress, and split

Step 1Install the Tool

Free download this software and install it to your PC. When acquired, launch it.

Step 2Upload the AMR Files

Drag and drop the AMR files to the interface. Alternatively, you may go on the Add Files button located on the left upper part, then upload as many files as you want.

AMR MP3 Upload File

Step 3Preset The Files to MP3

Tap the arrow beside the Convert All To button on the right upper part of the interface, then choose the MP3 among the listed audio formats.

AMR MP3 Set File

Step 4Transfer AMR to MP3

Start the conversion process by tapping the Convert All red button at the right bottom-most. Notice the fast process this software has.

AMR MP3 Convert File

Part 4. How to Convert AMR to MP3 Freely on Windows

We have also collected the software that you least expect would be working in changing AMR to MP3. As many users are getting hooked on using them, below are the guidelines on how to handle such conversions using a Windows-based desktop.

1. iTunes

Firstly, we have iTunes. Yes, this Mac built-in media player has its windows version that is ready to download. Many are trying its power on Windows as it is also good at transforming files. So without any further adieu, let us all see below the instructions on how to convert AMR to MP3 on iTunes.

Step 1Import the AMR files on the Library

Transfer your AMR files to the library. Go to File, and choose Library then Import Playlist.

Step 2Set the Import to MP3

After acquiring iTunes, launch it. Go to Edit and press the Preference tab. Move to General and go to Import Settings. From the Import Using option, select the MP3 Encoder then press Ok.

AMR MP3 iTunes File

Step 3Convert the Files Now

Click on the AMR files to be converted, then go to File and choose Convert. Click on the Create MP3 Version, wait and check for the newly converted files.

AMR MP3 iTunes

2. Windows Media Player

The Windows Media Player has been very helpful in playing various file formats. On the other hand, it also has its way of converting them. This built-in software has this Rip Music that converts audio files into the ALAC, WAV, MP3, and FLAC, as long as you had the original file on a disc. In relation to this, see the instruction below on how to convert AMR to MP3 on Windows Media Player.

Step 1Set the Format to MP3

Begin the Windows Media Player, go to Organize then the Options. Tap the Rip Music button, then from the settings select MP3 as the format. Tap the Rip CD Automatically then click Apply then the OK tab.

Step 2Convert Via inserting Disc

Insert the disc where the AMR file is saved. The conversion process will subsequently begin, wait for it to finish, then check the library.


Part 5. Most Popular Android App on AMR to MP3 Conversion

For your Android option, there is this All Audio Converter. This mobile app is always at the tip of your fingers, as it is more accessible to convert AMR to MP3 via an Android app. However, expect many ads popping while using it, as we have experienced seeing one after the other. Nevertheless, this app is one of the ideal tools based on the experts’ choice. On the contrary, we prepared simple steps below to properly assist you in using it.

Step 1Choosing the AMR File

Once the app is acquired, you just need to tap the Convert tab, then click on your AMR file, then hit the Check icon.

Step 2Set Output to MP3

Choose the MP3 among the file formats as the output. You will have the option to customize the output to your preference.

Step 3Start the Conversion

Finally, hit the Check icon to start the conversion process. Wait for it to be completed, then check the file storage after.

AMR MP3 Mobile File

Part 6. FAQs on AMR and MP3

Does Audacity do AMR to MP3 conversion?

Yes, Audacity supports AMR conversion to MP3, WAV, and OGG.

Which has a smaller file size MP3 or AMR?

As both have compressed files, AMR still has the smaller file as it uses a bigger compression.

Which has the better quality, MP3 or AMR?

Both contain good quality on their specific usage which is the AMR for speech and the MP3 for music.


You have given the best choices of converters for your needs. Really, there are still few which are labeled as best, but as per the testings and other things that were considered, the converters shown above outstand them all. Nevertheless, we highly recommend the AVAide Video Converter if you wish to experience many helpful features. Needless to say, it is the only one that made the conversion the easiest and quickest.

By Sylvie Hyde on Dec 16, 2021

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