A DivX with the .avi hack is a video file container best for DVDs, TV shows, and podcasts. If you happen to have this kind of file of your favorite podcast and want to enjoy it, by just listening to it while doing your kinds of stuff outdoors, converting DivX to MP3 would be the best solution. For this reason, we have collected the best online and desktop tools to help you on this matter. As we all know, extracting the audio from a video file is not an easy task. Therefore, we provide the tools that have the easiest yet most efficient application.

Part 1. How to Convert DivX to MP3 Using the Best Tool

When it comes to efficiency, the AVAide Video Converter ranks on the top. This amazing software offers bountiful features and tools that are very cooperative with the enhancement of the outputs. Moreover, it possesses an undemanding interface, which is loved by first-time users because it makes them navigate like a pro. What's more, this tool supports countless file formats that can be converted all together at once, with the work of the advanced acceleration technology this tool has.

AVAide Video Converter
  • Comes with great features that allow making a movie, collage video, rip DVD.
  • Offers a bountiful toolbox that allows making 3D, GIF, enhance, trim, compress, merge, reverse, rotate, control the speed of the video and audio, together with the metadata editor.
  • Supports more than 300 audio and video formats.
  • Speed up the conversion process up to 30x faster.
  • Comes with a powerful bulk conversion.

How to Convert DivX to MP3 With AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Download the Tool

Install this DivX to MP3 converter via free download. Launch it once downloaded.

Step 2Import the DivX Files

Upload the DivX files by pulling and dropping them on the interface. You may also tap the Add Files button to continuously add more files for bulk conversion.

DivX MP3 Upload File

Step 3Set them to MP3

Presets the DivX files to MP3 by clicking the Convert All To button. Choose the MP3 among the audio file format list, then tap your preferred quality.

DivX MP3 Set File

Note: Other settings like the channel, encoder, bitrate are available upon clicking the Setting icon.

DivX MP3 Set

Step 4Convert Now

Tick the Convert All red button located at the lowest part of the interface to start the conversion process. Wait for the process to finish, then tap the Converted to see the completed files, and the Folder icon to locate.

DivX MP3 Convert File

Part 2. Top 5 Free Outstanding DivX to MP3 Converters

This part will introduce you to the amazing free DivX to MP3 converters, as many seek a solution that will not cost them a single penny. Moreover, the following tools will not only be known by their ability to convert the said files but also their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Top 1. AVAide Free Video Converter

First on the list is the AVAide Free Video Converter. This online tool is the most practical converter known by experts due to the convenience it gives. Moreover, it is free from ads, watermarks, and malware, which brings smooth navigation to the users. It has a great variety of support with file formats and allows bulk conversion through an acceleration technology that converts 30x faster. Without any further adieu, the simple steps below are provided for your reference in transforming the DivX to MP3.

Step 1Launcher Acquisition

Visit the website and get the launcher by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES tab.

DivX MP3 Online File

Step 2DivX Files Importation

Upload your DivX.avi by tapping the Add File button on the interface. Take note that you can upload unlimited files and convert them all at once.

Step 3MP3 Configuration

Click each file followed by tapping on the Note icon. Choose the MP3 as the format for the outputs.

Step 4Start the Conversion

When all files are set, hit the Convert button. Choose a file destination, then wait for the process to finish. Check the converted files on the chosen file storage after.

DivX MP3 Online Convert File
  • No software needs to be downloaded.
  • Very accessible.
  • With built-in settings.
  • A literal free Divx to MP3 converter.
  • Internet-dependent.

Top 2. VLC

VLC is one of the well-known freeware today. This open-source media player is also ideal when it comes to conversion. Learn the simple steps below in converting DivX to MP3 using the VLC.

Step 1DivX Files Attachment

Click CTRL+R, and add a DivX file, then tap the Convert/Save after.

Step 2Output Placement

Choose the MP3 from the profile, and choose your file destination by clicking the Browse tab. Hit the Start button to start the conversion process.

DivX MP3 VLC File
  • Serving 2 purposes, a converter, and a media player.
  • Freeware, no registration needed.
  • No enhancement features.
  • Contains a thorough interface.
  • The conversion process takes time.

Top 3. ZamZar

Next on the list is this Zamzar which has an attractive page appearance. Conversion-wise, it is one of the ideal online DivX to MP3 converters. With the 3 easy steps it has, everyone is guided easily.

Step 1Add the DivX File

Tap the Add Files tab then attach a DivX file.

Step 2Setting to MP3

Next, click the Convert To tab, then choose the MP3 as the output.

Step 3Convert

Lastly, hit the Convert Now tab. Download the completed file after the conversion process.

DivX MP3 Zamzar File
  • Supports other categories of conversion besides video and audio.
  • Accessible since it's web-based.
  • The file size limits up to 50MB.
  • The conversion process takes time.
  • Internet-dependent.
  • No built-in settings.

Top 4. Totally Free Converter

As it says in the name, this software gives the essence of a totally free DivX to MP3 converter. Moreover, unlike the others, this software doesn't have an interface, for it converts as easily as saving a new file. How? Just open the downloaded software then tap the box with the Video and Audio label, open the Divx file, then save it as an MP3.

DivX MP3 TFC File
  • Completely free.
  • With the easiest conversion process.
  • No setting and features are available.
  • Need to download the software.

Top 5. Convertio

Finally, we have the Convertio. Another ideal DivX to MP3 converter tool is not only for audio and video but also for documents, images, presentations,s and more. Simply drop the DivX file, set it to MP3 by clicking the dropdown button, then hit the convert button. With these 3 easy steps, you will get excellent output right away.

  • Flexible in a variety of categories of conversion.
  • Accessible since its web-based.
  • Limits the file size up to 100MB.
  • Internet-dependent
  • Ads occupied.

Part 3. Comparison Among the DivX to MP3 Converters

To properly assess the given converter tools, below is the given comparison table. See how they differ from each other.

  • Features
  • AVAide Video Converter
  • AVAide Free Video Converter
  • VLC
  • ZamZar
  • Totally Free Converter
  • Convertio
Platform Features Price
Downloadable DVD Ripper, Movie Maker, Video Collage, and Toolbox (Trimmer, enhancer, rotator, merger, audio sync, metadata editor, and etc.) Affordable price with a free trial.
Web-based With built-in settings Free
Downloadable Audio neutralizer Free
Web-based none Free but limitations
Downloadable none Free
Web-based With built-in settings Free but limitations

Part 4. FAQs Concerning DivX and MP3

Can I share my DivX files on a video streaming site?

You may probably do that, but DivX containing a large size will be troublesome sharing.

Can I play the DivX file on my smartphone?

Some smartphones can play the DivX with the .avi ack extension. While others are having a hard time, they surely convert the DivX to MP3 or other output format suited to smartphones.

Can I convert back the MP3 to DivX?

Converting back a file from audio to video won't allow you to bring back the video data. Nevertheless, for the sake of having back the original format, you may do so.


There are many free converters available on the web today. However, the featured tools in this article are the ones that received great compliments on the testing. They are truly reliable and practical. Nevertheless, the AVAide Video Converter is what we highly recommend.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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