Without even playing videos, you can listen to your most-loved soundtracks in a number of ways. What are the advantages of doing this? You'll save battery life, use up less storage, and be able to quickly share music thanks to their small file size. That's why MKV to WAV conversion is a must-have step to enjoy your music experience. Learn how to convert MKV to WAV with these helpful tools.

Part 1. What is MKV and WAV File Format?

MKV, known as Matroska Multimedia Container, is a file container for video, audio, and text. More so, it is often utilized to save video snippets and movie information. MKV was released in 2002 as a free container format holding a reasonably compact yet acceptable quality file. Sadly, MKV lacks compatibility with various operating system devices. However, on the other side, there are still different ways to convert your MKV to WAV.

On the other hand, WAV known as Waveform Audio File Format is an audio file format, coined by IBM and Microsoft. It is an accurately lossless format that produces a high-quality output without quality loss. Moreover, it is also compatible with a lot of devices on Mac and Windows. Therefore, there is a need to convert MKV files to WAV without any hassle.

Part 2. Powerful Tool to Convert MKV to WAV on Windows and Mac Offline

AVAide MKV Converter

AVAide MKV Converter by all terms is the top software converter on the market. As everyone knows, this software has an amazing accelerated technology that makes its conversion process 30x faster than others. More so, this toolkit has features that will help you develop a quality output.

AVAide MKV Converter
  • efficient in converting multiple files at the same time.
  • extract background music, sound, audio tracks from MKV seamlessly.
  • converts various formats like AVI, WMV, MP4 MOV, etc.

Step 1Install the app desktop version

First off, visit the official website of AVAide MKV Converter. Otherwise, click the download button above.

Step 2Import the MKV files

After that, upload all your original files from your local storage by clicking the Add Files button.


Step 3Choose the Desired Format

Then, on the menu bar, you'll see the Convert All to button and click it. Now, you'll see the list of audio formats. Choose the WAV as the format.

MKV WAV AVAide MKV Choose Format

Step 4Begin the Conversion Process

After that, click the Convert All button to start the process of changing the format.

MKV WAV AVAide MKV Convert File

Step 5Check Your Newly Converted WAV Files

Finally, wait for the process to finish. Then, check the completed files by going to the Converted tab.

MKV WAV AVAide MKV Check Converted File

Part 3. Online Solutions to Convert MKV to WAV Files

1. Zamzar

Zamzar is an online tool that is efficient and easy to use. This is indeed very useful in converting MKV to WAV files right away. The only drawback of this tool is the limited file size upload. However, many users still utilize this MKV to WAV online converter tool. Here are the guidelines to follow:

Step 1Import MKV Files

Visit the website, then click the Add Files green tab to upload an MKV file.

MKV WAV Zamzar Add File

Step 2Set WAV for the Output

Choose WAV from the audio formats upon clicking the Convert To tab.

MKV WAV Zamzar Choose Format

Step 3Begin the Conversion

Start the conversion process by clicking the Convert Now tab. Wait for the process to finish, then download the converted file.

MKV WAV Zamzar Export

2. Convertio

The next amazing online tool that you can use is Convertio. This tool enables you to convert audio, images, eBooks, documents, and even presentations. It has only a 100MB input file size. Let us take a look at how we can use Convertio in converting MKV to WAV format.

Step 1Import MKV File

Visit the website, then click the Choose Files button to import an MKV file.

MKV WAV Convertio Add File

Step 2Choose WAV as the Output

Then, click the dropdown tab beside the To option, then choose M4A as the output.

MMKV WAV Convertio Choose Format

Step 3Start Converting

Start the conversion process by clicking the Convert button. Wait for the process to finish then download the file.

MKV WAV Start Convert

3. AVAide Free Video Converter

The AVAide Free Video Converter is an online tool that has the capacity to accomplish bulk conversion in less than a minute. It is equipped with a launcher that is safe to utilize. This AVAide Free Video Converter supports all the most used video and audio formats which makes it accessible to use. With its very simple interface, even the newbies will definitely love the swift process of converting their MKV files to WAV online. Here are the steps to utilize this amazing online tool.

Step 1Download the Launcher

Get the launcher by visiting the AVAide Free Video Converter website. Click the ADD YOUR FILES to download the launcher, then open it.

Step 2Upload the MKV Files

In the interface, click the ADD YOUR FILES button on the upper left part to import multiple MKV files.

MKV WAV Free Add File

Step 3Preset the Preferred Format

Tap the Note icon at the bottom part of the interface to see the list of audio formats. Choose WAV as the format.

MKV WAV Free Choose Format

Step 4Start Converting

Start the conversion process by clicking the Convert button. Wait for the process to finish then download the file.

MKV WAV Free Convert File

Part 4. FAQs about MKV to WAV

Is it possible to watch MKV videos on an iPhone?

MKV files cannot be played natively on this Apple device. MP4 and M4V are the only video formats supported by iPhones. It's for this reason that MKV to WAV conversion is so highly recommended. To get the best possible results, use AVAide MKV Converter.

Is there a maximum file size for AVAide MKV Converter when uploading multiple files?

Thanks to AVAide MKV Converter's unlimited input file size, you may easily and quickly convert numerous files of any size.

Is AVAide MKV Converter compatible with Windows?

For Windows and Mac users alike, AVAide MKV Converter is an excellent choice.


To summarize this post, there are numerous methods for converting MKV audio files to WAV. AVAide Free Video Converter, Zamzar, Convertio, and AVAide MKV Converter are just a few examples of the many available programs on the web. These are useful web resources that you should seek out and make use of. In general, AVAide MKV Converter has received the highest ratings.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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