If you are a movie lover, you have tried acquiring a copy for yourself, haven't you? Films or videos that fit DVDs and TVs are usually in a DivX format; therefore, if you happen to have this kind of movie and would like to play it on your iPhone, Mac, or even on a Windows-based device, better to convert DivX to MOV. Perhaps, you are wondering why MOV? The QuickTime format has been in tune with those various devices, and at the same time, bears a high video quality that meets the DivX-like.

However, converting such files won't assure you of having the same quality. Therefore, this article will bring you to the best and freeways to transform without losing any bits of the quality. Stay tuned to have an excellent experience in converting files.

Part 1. DivX and MOV Specification

What is DivX?

DivX is a video codec that contains three different forms, the MPEG-4 Part 2, High-Efficiency Video Coding, and the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC. Furthermore, it is extended from the AVI by a hack and is known to have a compressed file size. DivX is often used with TVs and DVDs because it meets the standard form for those platforms. For this reason, unless they support the Divx codec, other devices won't be able to play such movies with this format.

What is MOV, and Why Convert DivX to MOV?

On the other hand, the MOV is a format made by Apple. Furthermore, it is intentionally made to be the proprietary of QuickTime. Hence, it doesn't limit the compatibility of Apple devices alone, for it is playable with various devices as well. Moving forward, MOV is an extension of MPEG-4 Part 12, which somehow proves its quality. MOV is accessible widely by different applications that also makes sense in choosing it over DivX.

Part 2. Convert DivX to MOV On PC With the Top-Leading Lossless Quality Converter

Turn all your Divx into the MOV without affecting the quality, using the AVAide Video Converter. This ultimate software has an unbelievable capacity to convert DivX to MOV and audio files instantly via its ultrafast technology. Furthermore, its veracity is unquestionable, for it has the most accurate conversion, as well as features that will help you make excellent movies, video collages, 3Ds, and GIFs. Also, it has the most exciting and multifunctioning toolbox, where the users will get the chance to enhance their videos in various ways.

AVAide Video Converter the Top DivX to MOV Converter
  • It is licensed to convert bulk files at once.
  • It supports 300 plus different audio and video formats.
  • It converts 30x faster than a regular converter.
  • Edit media metadata, enhance, crop, trim, reverse, rotate, compress, merge, control the speed, boost the volume, and sync the audio of your file.
  • Make exciting movies, video collages, GIFs, and 3Ds easily and artistically.

How to Convert DivX to MOV With AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Import the DivX Files at Once

Launch the software once you have installed it successfully. Upload the DivX files by dropping them at the center of the interface. Otherwise, click the Add Files button, and choose to upload by folder or individually.

DivX MOV Upload

Step 2Preset the Uploaded to MOV

Set all files to MOV, by choosing it from the Video format list once you click the Convert All To. Also, you can choose to adjust the file by clicking the Setting icon indication Customize Profile.

DivX MOV Set

Step 3Customize Name and Folder

You have the choice to change the outputs' names and their destination. For the file name, you can click the Pen icon saying Rename. Then for the folder, you can click the Arrow button in the Save To portion.

Step 4Convert DivX to MOV

Finally, hit the Convert All button to start the swift conversion process. Check your chosen folder right after.

DivX MOV Convert

Part 3. Top 4 Tools on How to Convert DivX to MOV for Free

Top 1. AVAide Free MOV Converter Online

Step 1Quickly Get the Launcher

Visit the webpage on your browser, then simply hit the ADD YOUR FILES button. Download and install the launcher on your desktop.

DivX MOV Online

Step 2Import the DivX Files

Click again the ADD YOUR FILES to add your first files. From the main interface, you can tap the Add File to import more files.

Step 3Set the Divx to MOV

Toggle each file, and choose the MOV from the video format list at the bottom. This time, you may also adjust the framerate, bitrate, resolution, and encoder of your video files by hitting the Setting icon beside the output of each file.

DivX MOV Online Set

Step 4Pre-save and Convert DivX to MOV

DivX MOV Online Convert

Top 2. Totally Free Converter

The Totally Free Converter is widely known to have the most undemanding conversion procedure. Moreover, it doesn't require expertise when using it. For as long as you know how to save a new file, you're good to go. However, this free downloadable software doesn't have any editing tools, for it only converts straightly, just like the steps below show.

Step 1Launch the installed software, and click the Video & Audio box and be ready to convert DivX to MOV.

Step 2Choose the Divx file that you want to convert, and click Open. This time, you can rename the new file in the File Name.

Step 3Select the MOV from the Save as Type, then click Save to start the conversion process.


Top 3. ZamZar

ZamZar is also an ideal free DivX to MOV converter online. Furthermore, it has the most playful user interface, which makes it memorable to use. Also, you can freely convert images, documents, audio, ebook, archive, and more besides video. However, its conversion is not unlimited unless you apply for its paid account. On the other hand, follow the steps below if you choose to convert DivX to MOV with ZamZar.

Step 1Visit the page in your browser. Then upload your DivX files by clicking the Add Files. Please make sure to upload not more than 50MB of files.

Step 2Select the MOV as an output when you hit the Convert To tab.

Step 3Tap the Convert Now to start the conversion process.

DivX MOV Zam

Top 4. VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is a tool that is also commendable, being a free converter. Besides its capacity to playback video and audio files, it also has an excellent and quick conversion process, with vast support on different file formats. See how it works in converting DivX to MOV with the brief guidelines below.

Step 1Open the VLC and click CTRL+R. Click the Add to upload the DivX file, then hit the Convert/Save.

Step 2In the Profile, choose the MOV, and hit the Browse to pre-save the converted file, then click the Start to proceed on the conversion.


Part 4. FAQs About DivX and MOV Conversion

Can I convert DivX to MOV with QuickTime?

Unfortunately, QuickTime doesn't support the conversion of videos. For your Mac, you can use the version of VLC or, better, the AVAide Video Converter.

Does VLC support bulk conversion?

There are claims that VLC supports bulk conversion, as it is also shown in its interface. However, a technical issue occurred when we tried to convert DivX to MOV in bulk.

Will it affect the quality of the Divx when I convert them to MOV?

Technically, since there will be a bit of change, using a correct and efficient converter will make a good impact.


You might be overlooking technicalities when converting files, but surely there will always be. Thus, this article brings you the best converters that give you excellent quality output in amicable and efficient ways. As all have the same level, but the AVAide Video Converter gained the highest ranking.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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