Converting MTV to AVI is a good choice if you want high-end quality files of your raw data saved in MTV. Furthermore, reversing these files will allow you to access the videos on various devices, as multiple support the AVI file. Now, this article will introduce you to reliable video converters that produce excellent outputs of AVI files. Converters that you don't expect to be as great as they are. So without any further adieu, enjoy as you explore this write-up to feed you with helpful insights and guidelines that you can keep for future references.

Part 1. Convert MTV to AVI With Improved Quality

MTV files have low quality, and yes, you can have an improved one once to convert MTV to AVI. The AVAide Video Converter is a fantastic software that can make low-quality videos elevated. It is true because this beautiful software has professional-like features and tools that will easily do the job. Its toolbox amazingly comes with a video enhancer that can upscale the resolution for superb quality, tags along with the noise remover, shaking reducer, and an optimizer to obtain the perfect tone for your videos, not to mention the other tools it has.

Moreover, it has vast support for the different video and audio file formats, which shows its flexibility. What's more, it allows the user to convert multiple MTV to AVI without even noticing that they are being converted swiftly as the blink of your eye. Amazing right? Now let us see the power of AVAide Video Converter by looking at the comprehensive guidelines below.

The Powerful MTV to AVI Conversion of AVAide Video Converter
  • With fantastic support not only for MTV and AVI but with 300 plus file formats.
  • It comes with a speed-up technology that converts MTV to AVI 30x faster.
  • It converts countless MTV files at once.
  • AIt allows making movies, video collages, 3D, and GIFs from any format of videos.
  • With lots of exciting and supportive editing tools.

How to Convert MTV to AVI Losslessly

Step 1Import the MTV in Bulk

Launch the software. Gather your MTV files to be uploaded at once by dropping them at the center of the interface. Or, perhaps you want to upload the files individually or by folder; just click the Arrow of the Add Files button then.

MTV AVI Upload

Step 2Modify the Files to AVI

Click the Arrow dropdown button on the tail part of the file or the one next to the Convert All To portion. Go to the Video, select the AVI as the output, and click the resolution you like on the setting interface.

  • Aside from using the toolbox. Before you convert MTV to AVI, edit them first by clicking the Star icon under the input's name. Customized by putting effect, filter, watermark, and other settings available.

Step 3Choose an Output Folder

Pre-save the converted files, browse a folder by tapping the Arrow in the Save To.

Step 4Convert Now

The conversion process will immediately start when you hit the Convert All button. You will notice that it will only take a minute to convert multiple files. Afterward, check the converted files on your chosen folder, or go to Converted to preview.

MTV AVI Convert

Part 2. Free Ways to Convert MTV to AVI On Windows and Mac

Let's get to know the freeways to convert MTV to AVI. These methods are for beginners and experts who want to work directly on the conversion task without needing file enhancements.

1. FreeConvert

FreeConvert is one of the most straightforward yet powerful online tools on the web today. Furthermore, it is workable on any web browser you use, assuring the users to have protected data and files. Additionally, this online tool supports more than 500 file formats that can be used in the best quality produced by its conversion process. Along with its free service is a plain webpage interface, which somehow makes it look dull and pale. On the other hand, let us convert MTV to AVI by following the simple steps below.

Step 1Go to the official website, and reach for its video converter, and hit the AVI.

Step 2Upload your MTV files by tapping the Choose Files. Take note that you can add more files if you want.

Step 3Start the conversion process by hitting the Convert button. Wait for the process to end, then download the converted file.

MTV AVI Freecon

2. VLC Media Player

Next is the VLC Media Player. We should know by now that this freeware converts video and audio files fantastically. As the matter of fact, it can convert MTV to AVI or to various formats that you need, such as the MP4, MOV, FLV, OGG, ASF, WEBM, and more instantly. Moreover, it allows the users to adjust the video codec, audio codec, and file subtitles. Though the conversion process won't let you slide smoothly, it still works for free and efficiently. How? See the guidelines below.

Step 1Launch the VLC, and hit the Media, then the Convert/Save.

Step 2On the window, tap the Add button to upload the MTV file and hit the Convert/Save afterward. Target the AVI file by selecting the format from the list upon clicking the Arrow dropdown next to Profile.

Step 3Before you convert MTV to AVI, you must choose a destination file folder when you click the Browse. Finally, hit the Start button to begin the conversion process. Wait, and check the converted files after.


3. FreeFileConvert

FreeFileConvert is another online tool that converts audio, archive, Ebook, font, vector, image, document, presentation, and a video excellently for free. Furthermore, it also has something to do with editing PDFs as it is the available tool it has. However, its conversion service is not totally free, for it only caters up to 300MB size within five files maximum. On the other hand, just like the others, the guidelines to convert MTV to AVI are also straightforward, as given below.

Step 1Browse to reach the main page of the FreeFileConvert. On the Video Converter, input the MTV file by clicking the Choose File.

Step 2Select the AVI as your target output upon hitting the Convert Files To.

Step 3Start the conversion process by tapping the Convert. Wait for the process to finish, and download the converted file after.


Part 3. FAQs About MTV and AVI

What is MTV?

MTV is a video file format created to cater to the low-end handy media players. It has uncompressed raw data, which contains a low-resolution video quality.

Are MTV files large in size?

MTV files are usually small in size, considering the poor resolution they contain.

Can I convert MTV to AVI and produce only one file from the various files?

The AVAide Video Converter can merge all your MTV to a single AVI file. Try it to see if it fits your preference.


MTV files will always be great for portable players such as the MP4 and MP3. Since they only work great for those devices, having them on your desktop and Mac will make them depreciate. Therefore, this article will be a big help when you need to convert the files, for only a few video converters cater to converting MTV files.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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