Most of us find ways to maximize the use and storage of our media files. Given this positive action, converting the format of our files is very much needed. With the access we have on the internet, we can be able to do it by ourselves first-hand. Here are the solutions that will impress you on how to convert MTS files to AVI without losing quality.

Part 1. Convert MTS to AVI Without Quality Loss on Windows & Mac

The Top-Performing AVAide Video Converter

The fastest way to change your M4V format is to make use of the AVAide Video Converter. This incredible tool performs an extra mile from others. With its plentiful features that will surely meet your standard and demands, namely, DVD ripper, video collage maker, audio-video converter and enhancer. Here are the basic guidelines on how you can navigate this downloadable M4V to AVI converter.

Step 1Install the software

Open your browser and go to AVAide Video Converter. Once landed, download the tool and install it.

Step 2Add the files

Import the MTS files by simply clicking the Add Files button. The tool is not just limited to individual conversion but also supports group upload.

MTS AVI AVAide Drag Files

Step 3Set the container type

Click the Format button to see the list of the file formats. Since you are to convert MTS to AVI on windows or on other devices, click the AVI option.

MTS AVI AVAide Set Container

Step 4Start converting

Afterwards, click the Convert All button to allow the tool to start converting the necessary files.

MTS AVI AVAide Convert

Step 5Complete and check the videos

Upon completion, the tool will show the location of your saved files so that you can scrutinize them.

MTS AVI AVAide Complete Check
  • Has an advanced technology that quickens the operation.
  • It's available to download and install.
  • It supplies multiple formats.
  • Has editing and enhancing features.
  • Supports simultaneous conversion without compromising the quality.
  • Free trial version has a limited usage.

Part 2. Free Online Tools to Convert MTS to AVI Video Files

1. Use the AVAide Free Online AVI Converter

If you are wondering how to convert M4V to AVI for free, the AVAide Free Online AVI Converter will absolutely cater you. The performance of this unique tool is widely attested by both first-time and common users. It will never require you prior knowledge and skills. With all the comfort and simplicity, it allows you to see high quality output files. To get started, seamlessly follow these basic steps.

Step 1Open your browser

To access the AVAide Free Online AVI Converter, you need to open the available browser from your device.

MTS AVI AVAide Browse

Step 2Upload your files

Secondly, click the ADD YOUR FILES button to upload all the files needed for changing format.

MTS AVI AVAide Upload Files

Step 3Select your format

Click the AVI button placed from the list of formats.

MTS AVI AVAide Select Format

Step 4File location and convert

Start the process by clicking the Convert button. Once clicked, the tool authorizes you to set the file location once done saving.

MTS AVI AVAide Location Convert

Step 5Files completed

The folder icon is placed beside each file to check where your files had been saved.

MTS AVI AVAide Completed
  • You can upload the files by group.
  • You can see that its speed is exceptionally faster.
  • You can enjoy the long list of formats.
  • It is compatible and useful to most devices.
  • It has an additional audio-video enhancer and editor.
  • Also, it's a free downloadable video converter MTS to AVI.
  • It is a non-DVD burner online converter.

2. Ways to Use Zamzar AVI Converter

Aside from that, Zamzar is also a tool intended for converting your MTS files. As users, you can utilize it comprehensively. To know more, here are simple steps to use the solution.

Step 1Add the files

To begin, click the Add Files button to import your files.

MTS AVI AVAide Add Files

Step 2Convert the files

Then, click the Convert To button to set the intended format. Lastly, click the Convert Now button to start the operation.

MTS AVI Zamzar Convert
  • It's a free MTS to AVI converter for windows.
  • It contains more than 150 file formats.
  • It would take time when you convert in a group.

3. VLC Media Player as Your AVI Converter

VLC Media Player is also a possible solution that works as a converter. Probably, you are not aware of its converting feature. It's a sure converter of MTS to AVI with free download options. To clearly see it, check these basic instructions.

Step 1Open and import the files

Launch VLC on your device. Find the Media tab and click the Convert button. Once clicked, you add your files.

MTS AVI VLC Open Import

Step 2Format and the storage

Next, simply click the AVI button from the formats. Then, you can select the output destination of your files when the process is finished.

MTS AVI VLC Format Storage
  • VLC has a set of video and audio formatting types.
  • It's not just a known media player, but also a converter.
  • It's a freeware MTS to AVI converter.
  • Formats are limited compared to other similar tools.
  • The interface is a bit confusing especially for first-timers.

Part 3. MTS vs AVI

To better understand the MTS and AVI, illustrated below are their characteristics.

File Name MTS AVI
Description MTS or MPEG Transport Stream. It’s a saved video in the Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD) container. AVI or Audio Video Interleave is the most used and infamous video format for users.
Developer Sony and Panasonic Corporation Microsoft
Advantages 1. For digital recording.
2. HD video playback design.
1. Supported by major platforms.
2. Built-in support for Microsoft.
3. Promoting videos, clips and movies and advertisements.
4. Hold videos and audios compressed and created using DivX and Xvid codecs.
Disadvantages 1. Smartphones and TVs are having some difficulties opening files.
2. Not playable through iOS devices.
1. Uncompressed file.
Additional MTS specializes in Blu-ray Disc recording. If you’re looking for excellent compatibility and quality, AVI is the best file format.

Part 4. FAQs

Can I play MTS videos on my television?

Actually, there is no direct way to play MTS videos on TV. However, there are free converters for MTS to AVI online that are easily reachable.

Can I use my iPhone to open my MTS files?

Whether iPhone or iPad, MTS files are not supported with these iOS devices. The only solution you can apply is to convert your files for compatibility’s sake. But there are simple ways to convert MTS to AVI free on Mac.

What is the file size of MTS?

A file containing MTS is 450 megabytes.


To sum up, video files come in various file formats. Take a quick advantage of our video converters for MTS to AVI. You will never be challenged, regardless of being a common user. Take a look at the AVAide Video Converter, Zamzar, and VLC Media Player as your best converting solutions!

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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