It may not be the best time to have events due to the Pandemic. But this won't stop us from documenting essential episodes in our lives. In relation to this, camcorders usually produce DV video files, which most media players do not support. On the other hand, AVI files are one of the great files with good quality and aspects that cause the underlying compatibility of players. Therefore, this article will give you the best options if you want to convert DV to AVI files without the requirement of paying.

Part 1. Most Efficient Way to Convert DV to AVI Without Losing the Quality

There is much available software that can convert files, such as DV and AVI. Hence, not all do the task efficiently. On the other hand, the AVAide Video Converter gained the highest rank in converting DV to AVI. Furthermore, this software has every tool and feature that everyone needs to produce quality output. Do you have shaky, noisy, or unpleasant videos? Don't worry, because this fantastic software can stabilize, reduce the noise and enhance the video to perfection.

What's more? You won't ever get stuck on the conversion procedure, for it has the most straightforward and fastest process bringing forth excellent outputs. How does AVAide Video Converter do that? Look at the following details below.

AVAide Video Converter The Powerful DV to AVI Converter
  • Convert 50x faster than others.
  • Convert bulk DV files at once without affecting the quality.
  • It comes with a powerful toolbox that obtains numerous enhancing tools, tags along with the 3d maker, Media metadata editor, and GIF maker.
  • It supports not only DV and AVI but also various input and output formats.
  • It has exciting features that can make personalize movies and video collages.
  • Convert DV files into different devices that fit the users' needs.

How to Convert DV to AVI on Mac

Step 1Obtain the Software on the Mac

Download and install the Mac version on your device. Then Launch it.

Step 2Import the DV Files

When uploading files, you can do it by tapping the Add Files. Upload then, a single file, or even the entire folder. Otherwise, you can just drag and drop all the DV files at the center of the interface.

DV AVI Add File

Step 3Fix Them to AVI

Configure the DV files to obtain AVI outputs. Click the Arrow from the Convert All To or from the tail part of each file. Then, select AVI from the video format list, and click one resolution you prefer.

DV AVI Set File

Step 4Convert Now

To start the speedy conversion process, hit the Convert All button of this Mac DV to AVI converter. Anyway, before this step, you can pick a folder where you want to save the converted files. Just go on to the Save To portion, as shown below.

DV AVI Convert File

Part 2. How to Convert DV to AVI For Free: Top 4 Converters

1. FreeConvert

FreeConvert is one of the leading free converters on the web today. Furthermore, its capacity doesn't limit to the videos alone, for it offers other conversion types, such as music, unit, document, and more. Hence, FreeConvert, just like the other online tools, happens not to have a built-in enhancer tool, which is so important to others. However, it freely converts mini DV to AVI and different output formats like the MKV, FLV, 3GP MOV, and various devices like PSP, XBOX, iPhone, and more.

DV AVI FreeConvert File
  • Very accessible.
  • You can convert not only video files but also other category files.
  • It has simple steps provided on the main page.
  • The conversion process is not that swift.
  • You cannot access it without the internet.
  • No setting items are available.

2. Convertio

Convertio is another ideal online tool that is also known for its versatility. Furthermore, this web solution offers various features for your video files, where you can add the subtitles and compress the videos, together with its meme and video makers tools. Hence, Convertio is not a free DV to AVI converter totally, for it only converts files up to 100 MB. On the other hand, you can still enjoy its better service if you sign up for the plan they offer.

DV AVI Convertio File
  • Accessible as long as you have the internet.
  • Very versatile with many conversion categories.
  • With built-in setting tools.
  • Uploading of the files takes time.
  • It has a limited file size to cater.
  • It needs a reliable internet to navigate smoothly.

3. VLC Media Player

Perhaps, you do not know that you may use the VLC for file conversion, and yes, it is one of the commonly used converters nowadays. Furthermore, this media player converter supports multiple file formats, even those that are not popular. As we often get to see a review of how others find this DV converter to AVI confusing, you will eventually be familiarized with it by utilizing it more often.

  • A popular media player/converter to use.
  • It has vast support on different file formats.
  • It's total freeware.
  • The conversion procedure is not straightforward.
  • Some files are challenging to convert.

4. Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert is an online tool that can capture websites, convert, optimize, and merge files. Although it only supports 200 plus formats, it still leaves a good impression on the users as they explore the capacities of this online tool. Moreover, this DV to AVI converter offers free service up to 25 conversions per day, which can be modified to a better package upon subscription.

DV AVI Cloud Convert File
  • Accessible anytime, as long as you have internet.
  • Only limits the conversion to 25 files.
  • It needs to have a strong internet when converting.
  • It has no built-in setting.

Part 3. Differences Between DV and AVI

Below is a brief description of how the DV differs from the AVI.

File Name DV AVI
Description 1. Digital Video container.
2. Created from DigiCams.
3. Standard raw format.
4. Contain lossy compression.
1. A multimedia container.
2. Developed by Microsoft.
3. Exceptionally high quality.
4. With lossless compression.
File Size Much Larger Large
Compatibility Limited players. Various media players.

Part 4. FAQs Regarding DV and AVI Conversion

Is QuickTime a DV to AVI converter on Mac?

Quicktime is a media player that can somehow convert files. However, it cannot convert DV and AVI files, for it only limits the conversion output to MOV and MP4.

Are all DV files HD?

DV files usually have 720x480 and 720x 576 resolution. However, the latest camcorders can produce HD DV files.

Why do we still need to convert DV to AVI, where the camcorders produce DV-AVI files?

Converting your DV or DV-AVI to purely AVI will make your files more diminutive in size, which will be helpful for your hard drive to cope with such files.


Indeed, DV to AVI conversion is not a simple task. However, with the help of these fantastic converters, you will make a change. Learn how to play and keep your files by taking actions like conversions and compressions. Use the AVAide Video Converter to ease all of your work with your video and audio files.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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