M4V is the iTunes Video File, a container format used by Apple's iTunes application. It's also a useful type of format but it is protected by Digital Rights Management or DRM. Unfortunately, we need to make some adjustments to make this type compatible with other devices. In response to this, here are the best free M4V to AVI converters available online.

Part 1. How to Convert M4V to AVI for Free

1. Access the AVAide Free Online AVI Converter

If you are wondering how to convert M4V to AVI for free, the AVAide Free Online AVI Converter will absolutely cater you. The performance of this unique tool is widely attested by both first-time and common users. It will never require you prior knowledge and skills. With all the comfort and simplicity, it allows you to see high quality output files. To get started, seamlessly follow these basic steps.

Step 1Access your browser

To enter the tool, directly open your browser and search for AVAide Free Online AVI Converter.

M4V AVI AVAide Access

Step 2Import your M4V files

Then, next is to import your files by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button. Once clicked, the tool immediately shows up your local file storage to help you drag files.

M4V AVI AVAide Import Files

Step 3Choose the AVI format

Look for the AVI button from the roster of available containers and click it to freely convert M4V to AVI.

M4V AVI AVAide Choose Format

Step 4Select output storage and start converting

Click the Convert button then a folder shows up to assist you where you would like to save your files after completion.

M4V AVI AVAide Storage Convert

Step 5Check your AVI files

To check your saved files, simply click the folder icon. By doing this, you can freely examine your files.

M4V AVI AVAide Check
  • This tool has an advanced technological acceleration. Whether single or by group attachment.
  • It supports a long list of audio and video formats.
  • It is compatible with most devices. Also, M4V to AVI on Mac is acceptable.
  • The converter has limitless additional features like editing and enhancing attributes.
  • Every file needs to reset the format individually.

2. Try the Tested CloudConvert Tool

Another tool that matches your needs is the CloudConvert. It allows us to change our files to different file containers. It also supports group conversion happening at once.

Step 1Upload your files

Once you're on the official webpage. Click the Select File button to attach your M4V files.

M4V AVI CloudConvert Upload

Step 2Change to AVI and convert

On the interface, look for the arrow down icon and click it. This icon is located beside the Convert panel.

M4V AVI CloudConvert Format Convert
  • It is easy for users to follow the procedures.
  • It has an all-inclusive interface.
  • It requires you to refresh the page to start converting again.

3. Make Use of the QuickTime Player on Your Mac

On the other hand, if you're an iOS user, M4V to AVI converter on Mac is possible. QuickTime Player is more than a media player, but also acts as a converter. Let us know how to use this built-in tool on your Mac.

Step 1Open the software

Look for the QuickTime Player on your device. Have access to the software.

M4V AVI HandBrake Open

Step 2Export the file

On the tab, click the File button and find the Export to start the conversion.

  • It's built-in for Mac devices.
  • Limited converting formats.
  • Only useful for iOS users.

4. Utilize the HandBrake Tool

Similarly, Handbrake is an excellent free M4V to AVI converter. This converter is also a trusted solution for your media files. Plus, it doesn't require you any professional knowledge to utilize it.

Step 1Install and import media

Look for the Source button located on the left upper side of the interface.

M4V AVI HandBrake Install Import

Step 2Load local files and change format

Set the container to AVI File. Finally, click the Start button.

M4V AVI HandBrake Load Format
  • Handbrake suits your video files.
  • It's limited in converting videos, but not audio files.
  • Batch conversion decreases the acceleration speed.
  • You may find the interface outdated.

Part 2. Quickest Way to Convert M4V to AVI Video Files

How to Easily Use AVAide Video Converter

The fastest way to change your M4V format is to make use of the AVAide Video Converter. This incredible tool performs an extra mile from others. With its plentiful features that will surely meet your standard and demands. Here are the basic guidelines on how you can navigate this downloadable M4V to AVI converter.

Step 1Download and install

First, you need to visit your browser and have access to AVAide Video Converter. Nextly, proceed to downloading and installing the tool.

Step 2Drag the M4V videos

Attach your files by clicking the Add Files button. The tool seamlessly accepts batch conversion.

M4V AVI AVAide Drag Videos

Step 3Select the AVI format

As listed from the list, look for the AVI button and select it as the converting format.

M4V AVI AVAide Select Format

Step 4Start the conversion and set file folder

Then, to convert your protected M4V to AVI, click the Convert All button. By doing this, the tool starts operating.

M4V AVI AVAide Convert Folder

Step 5Check the saved AVI files

To assure your completed AVI files, the software will immediately open the folder location to check your AVI files.

To check your finished video files, upon completion, the tool will automatically open the output destination.

M4V AVI AVaide File Check
  • The converter can be downloaded and installed in most mobiles, Windows computers, and Mac.
  • It has features for enhancing and editing purposes.
  • The speed is faster than other similar solutions.
  • It provides multiple-format preferences.
  • It permits group conversion happening at once without speed and quality loss.
  • No available DVD burner.

Part 3. FAQs of M4V and AVI

Why should I convert my M4V?

This type of media container was developed by Apple. Since it is DRM-protected, unauthorized reproduction prevents you from using the files to other unsupported devices.

Is AVI format playable on iPad?

Yes. By using a default player, the iPad plays various audio and video files.

How can I check I have a DRM-protected file?

Simply, select the media file. Then, access the Properties menu. Look for the tab Details and find Protected. You will see 'Yes' or 'Not'.


There are tons of simplest ways to find and use M4V to AVI converters online. The AVAide Video Converter, CloudConvert, QuickTime Player, and Handbrake will solidly assist you. There are no reasons not to play our video files to the available devices we have. You can download the recommended tools and have a try.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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