We know the struggle of seeking media players to run the XVID files, for these files are barely supported by devices and players. That is why we encourage you to just convert Xvid to video files that are widely accepted by media players yet with a quality that is undeniably great just like the AVI. Therefore, convert Xvid to AVI online and offline smoothly. As others experience tough times to convert the files perfectly, but through this article, you will be able to learn the easiest and practical solutions to use with such tasks.

Part 1. Summary About Xvid and AVI

What is Xvid?

Xvid, formerly known as XviD, is a video codec with a MPEG-4 coding standard which is intentionally made to carry on the excellent quality while prioritizing the compression of the file. Furthermore, this codec is typically stored in video containers like AVI, MKV, and MP4, which is why, as you noticed, your Xvid files have those extensions. However, this particular detail won't change the fact about the compatibility issue. That is why it's still necessary to convert Xvid to AVI.

What is AVI?

On the flip side, the Audio Video Interleave or AVI is a file container format by Microsoft, which is also the standard format for Windows. Furthermore, it is mainly used for containing excellent quality within a small file of TV shows and movies.

Part 2. How to Convert Xvid to AVI For Free

This time, we will bring the best free converter tools that can make an excellent output despite being free.

1. AVAide Free AVI Converter Online

The AVAide Free AVI Converter Online can convert your files magnificently without being charged. As mentioned in the name, it is entirely free without any limit. That is why it is the ideal tool to convert Xvid to AVI online. Moreover, it has a super fast conversion speed that works 50x faster, even transforming bulk files at once. In addition, it's not only for AVI files, but it also supports numerous input and output formats.

AVAide Free AVI Converter Online also has the easiest and straightforward interface. It has its own launcher, which saves you from encountering any pesky ads. What's more, it generously allows you to adjust your file with its built-in setting. And so, without any further adieu, let us start using it by following the simple yet informative steps below.

Step 1Quickly Install the Launcher

By clicking the ADD YOUR FILES tab from the official website of this free Xvid to AVI converter will guide you on how to get the launcher quickly.


Step 2Load the Xvid Files

Load your Xvid files onto the main interface by hitting the Add Files.

XVID AVI Online Add

Step 3Set to AVI Output

Click on the file, and tick on the AVI format from the list at the bottom of the interface.

XVID AVI Online Set

Step 4Store and Convert

Click the Convert button to select a folder where you want to pre-store the converted files. Subsequently, the conversion process will start, and check the folder right after.

XVID AVI Online Convert

2. Totally Free Converter

The Totally Free Converter is also a good choice if you want to obtain an excellent AVI output. This freeware has the simplest way to convert Xvid to AVI, among the others. Moreover, it lets the users utilize it unlimitedly. Hence, despite being free, it might not be appreciated by some users who want to customize the files, for it doesn't contain any setting tools. Anyway, the steps are given below to try converting files as simple as saving a new one.

Step 1Launch the tool, then aim to hit the Video & Audio tab.

Step 2Look and click for your Xvid file, then click the Open tab.

Step 3Set a name for your new file in the File Name. Then in the Save as Type, select AVI, and hit Save after.

Part 3. The Great Software For Xvid to AVI Conversion

How to convert Xvid to AVI excellently? The AVAide Video Converter is the only software that works beyond greatness. Using it will elevate your ability to enhance videos due to its beautiful features that will help you be an expert. Moreover, its powerful toolbox contains multiple enhancers that will turn your files into high-end quality. Get yourself ready, for it won't allow you to slump because as soon as you drop your file and start the conversion, it will only take less than a minute to achieve the transformed file.

Great, isn't it? But there's more, it can work with group files of any kind, for It supports more than 300 formats and converts them to various platforms and devices. With that being said, let us all witness how AVAide Video Converter converts Xvid to AVI through the detailed steps below.

AVAide Video Converter
  • Comes with 3D Maker, Video Compressor, Media Metadata Editor, Video Enhancer, GIF Maker, Video Collage Maker, Moviemaker, and more.
  • It converts files in batches.
  • It works with an ultrafast conversion speed that converts 50x faster.
  • It supports numerous files formats (input and output).

Step 1Install the Converter

Download and install the software on your device. Click the download button presented above.

Step 2Loading of the Xvid Files

Upload the Xvid files by hitting the Add Files tab, or just drop them all at the center of the interface.

XVID AVI Upload File

Step 3Convert Xvid to AVI output

Set the Xvid files to achieve your desired output. Click on the Arrow either from the Convert All to or from the tail of each file. And on the setting location, select the AVI under the video formats given.


Step 4Predestine The Converted Files [Optional]

You have the option to select a folder first where you want your files to be redirected. To do so, on the left bottom-most part, tap the dropdown arrow in the Save to, then browse the folder to choose.


Step 5Convert Xvid to AVI Now

Start the ultrafast conversion process by hitting the red tab, which says Convert All. Wait for the progress to finish, then check your chosen destination file after. Otherwise, preview the files in the Converted.

XVID AVI Convert File

Part 4. FAQs With Regards Xvid and AVI

Can I play the Xvid files with QuickTime?

Xvid files cannot be played with QuickTime unless you use the right codec that suits the player. Otherwise, use the AVAide Video Converter and convert the Xvid to a different format instead.

Are Xvid and DivX the same?

No. DivX and Xvid are both codecs but with different ownership. Besides, both are known to be competitors.

Will I have the same quality when I convert Xvid to AVI online?

Yes. With the AVAide Free Video Converter Online, you will obtain the same or even better video quality.


Now you know the great solutions on how to convert Xvid files into AVI proficiently. Now, the decision is yours to make, on which among the tools will you choose. All of them are great, hence, the AVAide Video Converter will have been and will always be the excellent choice for many.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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