The OGV file of Xiph.Org is a kind of video container that can hold various codecs within a lossy compression. However, this file is not widely supported by media players, most especially with the commonly used ones such as the Windows Media Player. Therefore if you are about to save your OGV files on your Windows-based desktop, better to transform them to AVI.

Fortunately, we will not just show you the proper ways to convert OGV to AVI online, as it's the most accessible way. Hence, we will give you four different converter tools tested and certified to be the most efficient video converters this year. And so, buckle on your seats as we explore and expose the amazing features and guidelines of each tool.

Part 1. Top 3 Online OGV to AVI Converters

As mentioned previously, online tools are the most accessible solutions to convert OGV files to AVI. Therefore, 3 of the top online converters are now presented below to give you a definite solution for the OGV to AVI task.

1. Convertio

Convertio has been one of the best online tools today. Furthermore, it is the type of tool which has the broad support of conversion categories and of various file formats as well. In addition, its feasibility implies on every browser-based platform. Everyone gets the chance to use it, as it allows free conversion on a maximum of 100MB file size. So, without further adieu, let us see below how Convertio works to convert an OGV file to AVI.

Step 1Start with opening your browser and directly visit its webpage. Click then the Choose Files to select the OGV file you have from your device.

Step 2Go and hit the Arrow drop-down button next to the To button. Then select the AVI from the Video list, as the output.

Step 3You have the choice to click the Setting icon to adjust the file. Otherwise, hit the Convert tab, to start the conversion process, wait and download the file after.

OGV AVI Convertio

2. Online-Convert

Online-Convert, especially its AVI converter, is an awesome online tool, for it offers multiple converters aside from the video and audio ones. Also, aside from your device's local folder, this converter of OGV to AVI lets you import files from the drive and enter the URL address. Moreover, it has multiple settings that allow you to customize your file before converting it. On the other hand, let us see the simple steps below regarding the conversion.

Step 1On the website, go and explore it by clicking the All Tools. Choose the Convert To AVI tool.

Step 2Import your OGV file by tapping the Choose File tab, wait for it to be uploaded, then proceed to the next step.

Step 3Customize your file by adjusting the settings given under the file. Otherwise, hit the START button to begin the conversion process. Download the converted file afterward.

OGV AVI Online-Convert

3. Convert Files

Convert Files by Dan's tools is another ideal method to convert OGV to AVI on Windows and other browser platforms. Identically, Convert Files has features like the other two tools. However, it allows you to personalize your file by adjusting the quality from low to high and the size up to 1920x1080. Thus, the guidelines below will let you understand how effective yet straightforward this tool is.

Step 1Upon reaching the webpage, start uploading the OGV file by tapping the Select a File button.

Step 2Next, is to set the output to AVI by choosing the format from Convert To.

Step 3Lastly, hit the Convert button to start the conversion process. Download the converted file after acquiring it on your device.

OGV AVI Convert File

Part 2. The Ultimate Method to Convert OGV to AVI on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Nothing beats the AVAide Video Converter when it comes to having an ultimate performance in converting OGV files to AVI. Furthermore, this fantastic software lets you transform other formats as well, including MP4, MOV, MP3, MPG, VOB, FLV, and more. In addition, it is supported whether by Windows, Linux, or Mac, wherein you get to enjoy every remarkable feature it has in every computer device you use.

And hey, it even allows you to rip all types of DVDs and convert them to your chosen video format. Experience its incredible acceleration technology, which makes the conversion process 50x faster than ever. Try to customize your files like a pro, where you can enhance and turn them into the most excellent outputs you'll ever have. For now, let's convert OGV to AVI on Windows with the AVAide Video Converter.

AVAide Video Converter The Ultimate OGG to AVI Converter
  • Turn the video and audio files with ultrafast technology.
  • It allows group conversions.
  • It comes with numerous advanced features.
  • With a powerful Toolbox that enhances, compresses, trims, merges, rotates, and more, your video files.

Step 1Obtain the Tool on Your PC

Get the tool installed on your desktop by hitting the download button given.

Step 2Collect the OGV Files

Get all your OGV files into the interface. To do so, click the Add Files button. Otherwise, to make the task faster, drag all the files and drop them at the center.

OGV AVI Upload

Step 3Set the Files to AVI

To convert the OGV files to AVI, configure them at once by tapping the Convert All To. From the video format list, select the AVI. Then, tap the size and resolution you prefer


Step 4Start the Conversion

Finally, hit the Convert All button. Wait while the conversion process is running, and check the converted files after.

OGV AVI Convert

Part 3. Brief Summary of OGV and AVI

By looking at the overviews of the OGV and AVI below, you will get the primary purpose of why you need an excellent converter of OGV to AVI.

An Overview OGV

OGV is a video file that contains different kinds of codecs. Furthermore, it is one of the file formats that are being used for sharing and playing videos on the web using HTML5. When it comes to compression, this format by Xiph.Org has a lossy compression and aspects that make it unsuitable to be played on various media players.

An Overview of AVI

On the Contrary, AVI is a file container that can obtain high-quality video and audio. In addition, it's a file developed by Microsoft that is made to be the standard format for Windows-based devices. It holds a lossless compression, which also significantly impacts being one of the best and most used formats nowadays. Lastly, it has a wide harmony with devices.

Part 4. FAQs About OGV to AVI

Which has better quality? Is it the AVI or OGV?

Quality-wise, AVI has a better one. In fact, it's labeled as one of the greatest video formats.

How to convert OGV to AVI on Linux?

All of the converters presented above are workable Linux. However, the AVAide Video Convert is the most reliable converter, even for Linux.

Will I have better quality when I convert OGV to AVI?

Converting low-quality video files will retain the quality when converting to a better file. However, you have a choice to enhance the quality by customizing the files with the tools of your converter.


This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how you will do the OGV to AVI conversion efficiently. By choosing the right tool from the ones presented above, and by following the steps given, you will surely get the output you are expecting. Lastly, choose the AVAide Video Converter, if you want to be a pro-like converter.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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