Transform your 3GP to AVI for free with the fantastic video converters today. 3GP files are the type of files with low quality, which are primarily applicable with mobile devices, specifically on 3G phones. On this note, to obtain a better resolution along with sufficient harmony on desktop media players, they should be converted to AVI files. Indeed, converting video files is a bit challenging. Nevertheless, this article will teach you the easiest and most practical ways in converting 3GP to AVI in particular.

Part 1. Check Out the Ultimate Software in Converting 3GP to AVI

If you are looking for optimum software to convert 3GP to AVI on Mac and Windows, the AVAide Video Converter is the one. This amazing video converter gives the ultimate conversion encounter, not just because of its process but also due to the powerful and multifunctional tools and features it owns. Furthermore, it will allow you to enhance the quality of your 3GP files by using its captivating tools that can upscale the resolution, remove video noise, reduce shaky video, and optimize the brightness and contrast.

What's more, it can control your outputs by choosing over the 300 formats it supports. Experience an ultrafast conversion speed along with its capability to convert bulk files at once. Don't just convert 3GP to AVI format, try also to make a customized movie, and video collage as they are part of the glorious features this AVAide Video Converter Offers.

AVAide Video Converter The Ultimate 3GP to AVI Converter
  • It allows multiple files to be converted at once.
  • It is with a tremendous ultrafast conversion process.
  • It comes with video tools that are powerful enough to enhance 3GP files.
  • It has vast support on various input and output files.
  • It comes with a built-in Moviemaker, a Video collage maker, and a DVD Ripper.
  • Convert without damaging the quality and offers 1080p/4k/5k/8k video output.

How to Convert 3GP to AVI on Mac Using the AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Upload the 3GP Files

Launch the installed AVAide Video Converter on your Mac. Start dragging the 3GP files on the interface, or as another option, you can click the Add Files button to upload the files.

3GP AVI Add File

Step 2Set the Files to AVI

Go to the Convert All to tab, and on the setting part, choose AVI from the video list. Then, to apply the changes, select your preferred resolution to tap.

3GP AVI Set File

Step 3Predestined the AVI Files

We encourage you to choose a folder destination for your converted files. To do so, click the Arrow tab in the Save To portion, located at the left bottom-most part of the interface.


Step 4Freely Convert 3GP to AVI Now

When all are good, it's time to hit the Convert All red button. Wait as the conversion process is in rapid progress, and check your chosen folder after.

3GP AVI Convert File

Part 2. The Gratis Ways to Convert 3GP to AVI

Let us all check out the gratis converter tools that won't allow you to spend even a single penny.

1. Totally Free Converter

The Totally Free Converter is a freeware that comes with a very easy-to-understand conversion procedure. Furthermore, this kind of software won't require you to be experienced in the process, for it only asks you to convert the file as if you are saving a new file. Despite that, the process is undeniably swift and straightforward. However, the Totally Free Converter cannot enhance your files, for it doesn't have any editing tools, but it will definitely convert 3GP to AVI for free. See the following steps below.

Step 1Launch the freeware and start the procedure by clicking the box that says Video & Audio.

Step 2Choose your 3GP files, then hit the Open button.

Step 3Create a name for your new file, and by tapping the Arrow drop-down button from Save as Type, select AVI. Hit the Save button, then wait for the process to finish.



Then we have this, which is an online program. Furthermore, this tool allows different conversions such as images, Ebooks, archives, audio, etc. Also, when it comes to video files, it is one of the 3GP to AVI online converters that provide free conversion. Hence, to experience its upgraded service, you must register on its paid packages. On the other hand, converting video files through it is as simple as the steps below.

Step 1Drag and drop your 3GP file on the main page, or click the CHOOSE FILE button to upload one.

Step 2To produce an AVI output, you must click the drop-down button next to the To portion and select AVI from the video.

Step 3Start the conversion process by tapping the CONVERT button. Wait for the process to complete, then download the converted file.


3. OnlineVideoConverter

Another gratis online 3GP to AVI converter is this OnlineVideoConverter. Into the bargain, this online program is not only workable on desktop but also with smartphones and tablets. Also, it supports various formats, including the most popular ones out there. Although the procedure is not that swift, unlike others, it still gives unlimited service. See and follow the fantastic procedure below.

Step 1On the main page, choose to CONVERT A VIDEO FILE. Then, start to upload your 3GP file by tapping the SELECT OR DROP FILE.

Step 2Choose your target output, clicking the dropdown menu. Then hit the Start button to begin the conversion process. Download the converted 3GP to AVI freely afterward.


Part 3. Comparison About 3GP and AVI

Learn About AVI

The AVI is the shortened name for Audio Video Interleave developed by Microsoft. Furthermore, this type of format uses lossless file compression and can hold videos encoded with different codecs. The fact that it is lossless gives absolutely high quality. After all, AVI is one of the most used media files nowadays, for it doesn't have any argument when it comes to compatibility.

Learn About 3GP

On the other hand, the 3GP or the 3GPP Multimedia File is made by the Generation Partnership Project. Furthermore, this multimedia container was produced intentionally for 3G mobile phones, for it helps them attain lesser space and bandwidth. However, the 3GP files have a strict association with the famous media players, which is one of the reasons why file owners tend to convert 3GP to AVI format instead.

Part 4. FAQs Regarding 3GP to AVI

Can the 3GP files contain HD quality?

No. Because 3GP files were designed to have the low quality to accommodate the less bandwidth and space of mobile phones.

Will the AVI converted files become large in size after converting from 3GP files?

Actually, the size of the AVI files will depend on the size of the original input. Therefore, newly produced AVI files are smaller if they come from a small file like 3GP.

Can I use the FFMpeg to convert 3GP to AVI?

Yes. The FFMpeg is also an ideal tool to convert such files, but not for the inexperienced.


Not all converters can fulfill your technical desire. In these times, having an all-in-one tool could lighten any tasks. Thus, having the AVAide Video Converter will certainly be a great helping hand for your audio and video assignments.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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