If you are in the multimedia industry, you will have definitely experienced some technical problems dealing with TRP files. Furthermore, you might have made some resolutions to fix them. Hence, one of the subtle solutions is to convert them to AVI files. Through this, you will have confidence that your file will have the harmonious compatibility of any players you will use. Therefore, this article will give you insights into the best TRP files to AVI converters and their usage guidelines.

Part 1. What Are TRP and AVI Files?

What is TRP?

The TRP format is a file that contains MPEG-2 coding for video and AC3 coding for audio. Given that it uses MPEG-2 coding, it means that it has an explicitly high definition, with sufficient compression. Moreover, TRP is being used for DVD transportation within HD protocols and supported by various media players.

What is AVI, and why do you need to convert TRP to AVI?

AVI is a file container of Microsoft that contains video and audio data. Furthermore, it is the standard format of Windows-based devices, which is also being supported by almost all of the media players. In addition, the AVI file has a higher quality than the TRP.

Part 2. Convert TRP to AVI With the Optimum Software

Get yourself ready as we encounter an ultimate video converter which is the AVAide Video Converter. This excellent software has every tool and feature that the multimedia editor needs. First, it has the movie maker from videos of AVI, TRP, and other formats with multi-effects, filters, and themes. Next is its collage maker with corresponding templates of all kinds, filters, and more. And of course, its converter perfectly converts TRP to AVI, aside from its award-winning toolbox that has every enhancing tool to make the video extraordinary.

In addition, nothing compares to its powerful acceleration speed, which converts files 30x faster than others. And to complete the excellence of the AVAide Video Converter, it caters to bulk files conversion, having the vast support of 300 plus input and output formats.

AVAide Video Converter - The Best TRP to AVI Transformer
  • It's supported by any Windows Version, Mac, and Linux OS.
  • Enhance and customize the video and audio files perfectly.
  • It comes with an ultrafast conversion speed.
  • It works swiftly with group conversion.
  • It comes with a powerful toolbox and features.

How to Convert TRP File to AVI Using AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Get the Software

Download and install the software on your device. You may click on the download button available to get the tool instantly.

Step 2Prepare the TRP Files

Prepare your TRP files to upload. Click the Add Files button, or drag and drop them directly on the interface.

TRP AVI Upload

Step 3Fix the TRP Files to AVI

Press the Arrow button from the Convert All To tab to get to the following interface. Choose the AVI from the Video format list. Then, to claim the changes hit your preferred resolution.


Step 4Convert TRP to AVI Now

Tap the Convert All button located on the right bottom-most part of the interface to start the conversion process. After the swift process, you can check the completed files on the folder shown where they are saved.

TRP AVI Convert

Part 3. Top 3 Free TRP to AVI Converters

1. AVAide Free Video Converter Online

AVAide Free Video Converter Online is an ideal online tool that works perfectly great in converting video and audio files for free. Furthermore, it comes with built-in editing tools that can enhance your file's framerate, encoder, resolution, and bitrate of your file. Despite being a free tool, it has extensive support on a wide variety of input and output formats. What's more, this converter of TRP to AVI gives comfort to the users, for it is a watermark and ad-free tool. Do you want to see how it works? Refer to the guidelines below.

Step 1Visit the Web page

Visit the main page and start getting the launcher. Once acquired, hit the ADD YOU FILES to initiate file importation.

TRP AVI Online

Step 2Add More TRP Files

On the main interface, toggle the Add File button to import more TRP files.

Step 3Set the TRP to AVI

Configure the TRP files to AVI, by tapping the file then the AVI format from the video list at the bottom of the interface.

Step 4Save and Convert

Hit the Convert button of this TRP file to the AVI converter, and pick your file destination. Subsequently, the conversion process will swiftly progress.

TRP AVI Online Convert

2. FreeConvert

FreeConvert can convert your video, audio, document, Ebook, archive, vector, unit, and image for free but with a maximum of 1GB of size, which is not bad for a free online service. Despite its limitations, this online tool can also rotate and crop your video file, along with its vast support on different file formats. On the other hand, the steps below will help you use the Freeconvert for the first time.

Step 1Launch your browser and visit its website. Look for its Video Converter, and click the AVI.

Step 2To convert TRP to AVI, upload only the TRP once you hit the Choose Files button. You can add more files as long as they are within the 1GB size.

Step 3Finally, hit the Convert button to start the conversion process. Wait for the progress to finish, then download the converted file.

TRP AVI FreeConvert

3. Convertio

Last but not least is the Convertio. It's fun using the Convertio since it's always available in almost all conversion categories and various file formats as well. Furthermore, it claims to have millions of users who are satisfied with its service. However, Convertio's free service is limited to 100MB maximum file size, similar to the previous one. Anyway, let us see below how to convert the TRP file to AVI using the Convertio.

Step 1Visit Convertio's website and reach its video converter. Hit then the Choose Files button, and upload the TRP files.

Step 2To achieve an AVI output, toggle on the Arrow button next to the To button. Pick the AVI format in the list from the Video.

Step 3You may choose to customize the file first by tapping the Setting icon beside the output. Finally, click the Convert button to start the process, download the converted file after.

TRP AVI Convertio

Part 4. FAQs About TRP and AVI

Why can't I play my TRP file on Windows Media Player?

That happens at times. A possible reason for that is your Windows Media Player might not recognize the source of the file.

Can I convert TRP to AVI using VLC?

Unfortunately, VLC doesn't support the TRP files. For that reason, you wouldn't be able to play and convert the file using VLC.

Will I lose the quality of the TRP files when I convert them?

Using the right and reliable converter like AVAide Video Converter won't lose any bit of the quality of your TRP files.


You have seen the great tools for your TRP to AVI. Conceivably, that you wouldn't yet want to convert your TRP files, you can still have this post saved for your future reference. Remember that the tools presented here are not just TRP to AVI converters, for they are also experts in converting different video files.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 22, 2022

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