Are you a videography aspirant? Or just love to document all the good memories you do with your loved ones? If you are, you must know that technically speaking videos produced by your camcorders have the MXF format. Furthermore, this type of format is usually not for ordinary players and devices we always use. Therefore, it will always be better to convert the said file to a widely accepted format, like the MOV. Yes, converting is not as easy as we think, but through this article, you will be given the best and easiest ways on how to convert MXF to MOV.

Part 1. Extended Knowledge About MXF and MOV

What is MXF?

The MXF or the Material Exchange Format is a container used for digital audio and video broadcasting, TV commercials, and delivering movies in commercial theaters. Furthermore, it usually comes from digital camcorders such as the Sonny, Canon, Nikon, etc., with the .mxf file extension name.

What is MOV?

On the other side of the coin, the MOV is the multimedia container known as the QuickTime File Format. Furthermore, it contains multiple tracks in which each has a particular type of data. In addition, the MOV can use the MPEG-4 format, which is similar to MP4, and that being said, it has wide compatibility with media players and devices of Apple and WIndows of any kind.

Part 2. The Best Way to Convert MXF to MOV On Mac

Convert your MXF to MOV on Mac Using the best software of 2021. With AVAide Video Converter, you will have the best conversion experience ever. Its world-class features and tools will allow you to make extraordinary enhancements to your files. Make your music video, collages, and movies with your video files like a pro, where stimulating effects and filters await you. In addition, its powerful tools within the toolbox will allow you to make GIFs and 3Ds of your own, not to mention the other tons of editing tools that will make your videos perfect.

There’s more, this AVAide Video Converter has an acceleration technology that makes the conversion process like a turbo. Therefore, let us learn how to convert MXF to MOV for free on Mac with the detailed steps below.

AVAide Video Converter -The Best MXF to MOV Software
  • Edit the MOV outputs with numerous enhancing tools.
  • Convert the MXF to MOV in bulk.
  • Support all OS of Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Allow you to be an expert in making Movies, video collages, 3Ds, and GIFs.
  • Convert with a turbo fast conversion process.

Step 1Install the Software Now

Install the tool on your Mac or Windows device. To start it, click the download button presented above.

Step 2Get the MXF Files in

To import all your MXF files, hit the Arrow in the Add Files and upload by folder or by ones. Otherwise, you can just drop all of them at the center of the interface after dragging them from your folder.

MXF MOV Upload

Step 3MXF to MOV On Mac Setting

This time, let's get the target output by clicking the Arrow tab in the Convert All To. Choose the MOV from the Video portion, and hit the resolution you prefer.


Step 4Additional Setting for the Files

This step is just optional, and you can follow this if you want to edit the file before you begin the conversion process. If so, click on the Star and Scissors icons of each file. Also, customize the file destination by hitting the Arrow from the Save To portion.


Step 5Start the Conversion

If the files are good to go, you can finally hit the Convert All button. Observe the swift conversion process, which in no time completes the bulk files.

MXF MOV Convert

Part 3. How to Convert MXF to MOV Online for Free

We know that converting online is way much feasible. Therefore, this part will discuss the most reliable MXF to MOV online converters.

1. AVAide Free MOV Converter Online

The AVAide Free MOV Converter Online is the extensive greatness of the software presented above. This online tool will make you believe that you can achieve a smooth conversion process in an online solution. You won't ever experience any annoying ads and watermarks on the output. Moreover, you can also beagle to customize the file by configuring its specification with its built-in settings. And so, without any more adieu, let us learn the quickest way on how to convert the MXF to MOV online.

MXF MOV Online

Step 1Upload the Files

Open the launcher of this safest online tool, and start converting the MXF to MOV online. Upload the MXF files upon clicking the Add File button.

Step 2Obtain the MOV Outputs

Once you put all the files in, click each and tap the MOV from the video list shown at the bottom of the interface.

MXF MOV Online Set

Step 3Adjust the FIles' Specification

This step is an option to customize the output before transforming them. Hit the Setting icon of each file, and feel free to adjust the resolution and other video settings available.


Step 4Begin the Conversion

Tap the Convert button, and initially choose a folder for the destination of converted files. After that, the rapid and safe conversion process will begin.

MXF MOV Online Convert

2. AnyConv

AnyConv is another free MXF to MOV converter with a free conversion service. In fact, besides the video, it also offers a variety of conversions, including document, audio, image, eBook, archive, font, cad, and mesh. Although it doesn't meet the perfection due to its limited support on the output formats and having a somehow obtuse conversion process, still it's one of the users' choices due to its flexibility and feasibility. On the other hand, following the quick will know more about AnyConv.

Step 1On the tool's main page, start uploading the MXF files by hitting the CHOOSE FILE of this free MXF to MOV converter.

Step 2Toggle on the Arrow dropdown button to see the available outputs. Click the MOV, and hit the CONVERT button afterward. Patiently wait for the conversion process, and download the converted file after.


3. Video2Edit

Finally, we have the Video2Edit, one of the powerful video editors on the web. Furthermore, it doesn't limit editing alone, for it also creatively converts video for free. Moreover, it allows users to customize the files' screen size, frame rate, and bitrate. However, uploading the files is not as speedy as the others, but patience is a virtue.

Step 1Visit the main page of this MXF to MOV on your Mac or Windows, and directly hit the Convert From Video from the categories. Start uploading the MXF file by clicking the Choose File.

Step 2Wait for the completion of the file importation, and feel free to customize the file. Subsequently, hit the START button to begin the conversion process and download the file after.

MXF MOV Vidoe2edit

Part 4. FAQs Regarding MXF and MOV

Can I use a media encoder in transforming video files?

Yes, some media encoders can convert MXF to MOV. A good example of this is the Adobe Media Encoder.

Are the MXF files compressed?

No, the MFX has an uncompressed structure, which makes it big.

How to convert MXF to MOV in Final Cut Pro?

The Final Cut Pro is a powerful software used to cut videos. Hence, it doesn't support the MXF file format.


Being in the film industry should have a piece of technical knowledge. Therefore, the aspirants should know the limits of the MXF format. Be prepared in every circumstance that includes technical ones such as file conversions.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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