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  • Powerful recorders of the screen, video, calls, online meetings, and audio.
  • Great video and audio settings to tweak.
  • Multiple video and audio formats are supported besides MP3.
  • Record MP3 within the unlimited duration.
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There are thousands of MP3 recorders available today, but which one is the best for you? Many have tried the well-known software to capture their sound in MP3 but have failed to meet their expectations when it comes to the outcome. Luckily, this article brings you only the software that produces outputs with superb quality. For this reason, as you read the further, we expect your full attention to looking for the great attributes and the reasons to use the following software.

Name Platform Price Ratings on Features
AVAide Screen Recorder Windows and Mac With a free trial/ $36.00 for a lifetime license. 9.6
Audacity Mac, Windows, Linux Free 9.0
Free Sound Recorder Windows and Mac Free 8.7
WavePad Windows With a free trial/ $69.99. 9.0
Vocaroo Web (Windows and Mac) Free 8.5
Ocenaudio Mac, Windows, Linux Free 8.5
Cok Free MP3 Recorder Windows Free 8.3
Rev Online Voice Recorder Web (Windows and Mac) Free 8.5
Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder Web (Windows and Mac) Free 8.2
Wavosaur Windows Free 8.5
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Part 1. List of 10 Most Preeminent MP3 Recorders

1. AVAide Screen Recorder

AVAide Screen

AVAide Screen Recorder is an all-out MP3 recorder software that uses high-quality sound, besides its all-out ability to capture screens. Besides MP3, this excellent recorder allows users to produce audio files in AAC, WMA, and M4A. Not to mention the numerous of options to set the system and microphone sound to meet a next level outputs for you. So if you are looking for software that can record MP3s on any occasion, this AVAide Screen Recorder is the solution you need.

All-in-One MP3 Recorder - AVAide Screen Recorder
  • Record internal and external sound in the highest and lossless quality.
  • Record voice neatly with a mic enhancement and noise-canceling options.
  • Let you mix the volume of your device and applications.
  • Let you record and produce MP3 files unlimitedly.


It’s multi-functional.

Come with great audio settings.

Infused with noise-canceling and enhancement mic settings.

With auto stop selection on the recording.

Record both internal and external sound.

With hotkeys to extend its user-friendly interface.

Let you have high to lossless options on audio quality.


MP3 recorder doesn’t support Linux.

2. Audacity

Audacity Screen

Another best choice you can consider choosing in recording MP3 is through Audacity. Audacity is free and open-source software that is intently made for audio recording. It lets you capture computer audio and sound from your microphone using its full-featured yet straightforward recording interface. Besides, it lets you use its editing features, such as cut, delete, and copy, and the audio effects application it provides.


It produces outputs in various formats.

Come with many types of audio effects.

With noise reduction, file compression, and equalizer functions.


Some of its features are challenging for beginners.

Great features need an upgrade.

3. Free Sound Recorder

Free Sound Recorder

As its name suggests, Free Sound Recorder is a free MP3 Skype recorder that also applies to recording other audio broadcasts online. Just like the others, this recorder lets users schedule recording, modify audio quality, and apply audio effects to bring an excellent MP3 output for free.


It is entirely free.

It’s a user-friendly tool.


It doesn’t support Linux OS.

It lacks an audio beat effect.

4. WavePad


As its name suggests, Free Sound Recorder is a free MP3 Skype recorder that also applies to recording other audio broadcasts online. Just like the others, this recorder lets users schedule recording, modify audio quality, and apply audio effects to bring an excellent MP3 output for free.


You can share the files online.

Flexible in doing other tasks.

Equipped in audio editing tools.


It supports Windows only.

The interface is not modern.

5. Vocaroo


If you are looking for an accessible recorder, Vocaroo is up for you. It comes with a straightforward interface that only depicts a record button. However, it should not give you the impression of it being an inferior tool. As a matter of fact, Vacaroo is one of those MP3 recorders that gives enhanced outputs due to its background noise remover and volume modifier selections.


It allows you to share files online.

With background noise remover.

Easy to use.

It is accessible.


It is internet dependant.

It only records microphone sound.

It lacks effects and editing tools.

6. Ocenaudio


Ocenaudio is software that fits best for beginners. It is infused with editing features within a straightforward interface that will definitely require your time and effort to master. Like others, Ocenaudio comes with multiple options such as effects, controls, generate, etc.


An MP3 recorder for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

With a hassle-free interface.

Come with a screen recorder.

With an advanced sound analysis.


It sometimes crashes.

The interface is not modern.

7. Cok Free MP3 Recorder

Cok Free MP3 Recorder

This list will not be completed without the Cok Free MP3 Recorder. This Window-based recorder comes with a wide range of audio sources. For this reason, it shows its capability to record not only the sound from the microphone but also the system audio and the audio from Skype and Yahoo Messenger. Moreover, it makes users easily track their recorded files. This MP3 recorder’s file organizer arranges the files based on record time.


It is easy to use.

It records audio from apps and online.


It only works on Windows.

Its interface is too simple and needs an update.

8. Rev Online Voice Recorder

Rev Online Voice Recorder

Rev Online Voice Recorder is obviously a web-based recorder that performs well and is free in recording audio. Yes, it is a free program that won’t require you to register either. In addition, when you record your audio, it will automatically give you an MP3 output. Also, it will not keep any records of your recording to let you worry-free from data glitches. Like the other online MP3 voice recorders, Rev Online Voice Recorder illustrates a simple yet elegant interface.


It’s safe and free.

With a hassle-free interface.



Need a stable internet to access.

It has insufficient editing tools.

9. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Audio Recorder

If you want to record the sound from your game, voice chats, and the online sites, try the Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder. This free recorder can provide you with AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and OGG aside from the MP3. In addition, it allows you to record using your system sound, microphone, or both.


It is a free MP3 recorder.

It is unlimited to use.

With a simple and neat interface.


The editing features are restricted.

It requires a launcher.

10. Wavosaur


To complete the list, we have this Wavosaur. It is a free recorder infused with a fantastic toolbox for audio that consists of editing, processing, and converting audio files besides recording. Despite that, it allows users to freely acquire it without requiring them to register and get an installer. However, Mac users can’t enjoy its plethora, for it only works on Windows.


It has an intuitive interface.

Come with great audio editing tools.

It is a free MP3 recorder.


It has limited availability on devices.

Picture Left Picture Right

Screen Recorder IconAVAide Screen Recorder

Record screen, audio, webcam, gameplay, online meetings, as well as iPhone/Android screen on your computer.

Part 2. FAQs with Regards MP3 Recorders

Does the built-in Voice Recorder of Windows produce MP3 files?

No. Voice Recorder of Windows automatically produces M4A files. For this reason, you will need a separate file converter to turn the M4A to MP3.

Can I use an MP3 player to record sound?

No. Unfortunately, most MP3 players are not capable of recording audio or sound.

How will I record MP3 on my Android phone?

To record MP3 audio on your Android phone, you can use the built-in sound recorder, for it provides MP3 files as a default.


The list above is the roundup of the preeminent MP3 recorders that you can use today. Rest assured that all of them were tried and tested. Because of that, we arranged them based on their smoothness, excellence, and flexibility. All of them are worth your try. However, suppose you are looking for the one worth your time and effort. In that case, we highly recommend the AVAide Screen Recorder, for it has everything that you need a recorder should have!

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 08, 2022

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