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  • Video, game, webcam, phone, and audio recorders of the highest quality.
  • Noise-canceling and enhancing options for the mic.
  • Record internal devices and applications.
  • Support on the various popular video and audio formats.
  • Task scheduling, auto stop, and real-time annotation features.
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There are reasons why you need to record audio from the computer. Perhaps, you are one of those game players who want to capture the voices of your favorite heroes to compile since they are music to your ears. Or, you are that one who loves collecting movie songs or lines that strike up you most. Or maybe, you need to record the conversation, speech, or interviews you have done via video call. Regardless of the reason, we delightedly give you the excellent tools and the guidelines to use for this task. So, without further adieu, fill yourself with the information below, and see which among the three will catch your attention and interest in recording sound from the computer.

Part 1. The Best Way to Record Audio from the Computer

Suppose you want to have an audio recorder that is multi-functional, user-friendly, and powerful. In that case, you must have the AVAide Screen Recorder. This computer software is the best when it comes to capturing the screens and the audio from different sources such as the system, speakers, applications, and microphones.

The AVAide Screen Recorder ensures that users will experience the best recording sound from the computer. It is powered with microphone noise cancellation and microphone enhancement, which is a significant factor in making your recording sounds great. AVAide Screen Recorder remains to be on the top list for being one of the best tools in capturing all types of audio on all occasions.

Try the Best Audio Recording Style of AVAide Screen Recorder
  • Record screen, video, game, webcam, and audio in the highest quality.
  • Let you enhance your microphone and put it in noise-canceling mode.
  • Record and mix the sound from internal devices and applications.
  • Produce your audio outputs in MP3, AAC, WMA, and M4A formats.

How to Record Computer Audio with AVAide Screen Recorder

Step 1After installing the powerful recorder on your desktop, please open it and click the Audio Recorder option from its engaging interface.

Audio Recorder Selection

Step 2On the following interface, toggle on the System Sound selection. Then, click on its arrow dropdown button to see the other settings you can navigate.

Audio Sound Selection

Option 2. Alternatively, you can hit the Coggle icon on top of the Microphone selection to see the entire set-up you can customize. Subsequently, go to the Sound or Output selection to customize the audio format, quality, and more. Then, click the OK tab to apply the changes to take to record sound from the computer.

Additional Settings

Step 3Now you can hit the REC button to start the recording. While the audio recording is ongoing, a popped-up window will appear where you can pause and stop the recording.

Audio Recorder Rec

Step 4After finishing the recording, you will have another window. You can hear the recorded audio from that window and trim it by dragging the Pannel Bar using your mouse. You can click arrows from the Set Start or Set End options as another option. After that, hit the Export button to save.

Audio Recorder Export

Step 5Finally, you have the option to label your creation by filling out the information in the next window. If not, you can hit the Complete button and check your recorded audio from the computer.

Audio Recorder Complete

With this tool, you can easily capture voice and audio on your Mac and Windows PC.

Part 2. How to Record Audio from Computer with the Buil-in tool

Windows desktops have their built-in Voice Recorder. And as its name suggests, this default program of Microsoft can only record external sounds. This means that if you are going to use it, you are only allowed to capture the sound captured by your microphone, and it won’t capture any sound that you play from your computer. Nevertheless, it is still one way to have an accessible recording tool you can use on your computer without the need to install any software. For this reason, let’s see how to record audio on windows 10 using this Voice Recorder.

Step 1Make sure to check your microphone to see if it is working fine. Check on your System Settings, then under the Sound location, look for the Input and click the Manage Sound Devices from the test your microphone option.

Voice Recorder Set Mic

Step 2After that, go check for the Voice Recorder tool from your applications and launch it to start the job.

Voice Recorder Open

Step 3On its main interface, you will find nothing but the Microphone icon, wherein by hitting it, you will start the voice recording. Meanwhile, you can hit the icons shown to pause or stop the recording. Then, check your recorded file after.

Voice Recorder Stop

Part 3. How to Record Audio from the Computer with Audacity

Another breathtaking way to record audio from a computer is through the use of Audacity. To boot, Audacity is a well-known free and open-source audio recorder with a user-friendly interface. Despite that, it is equipped with multiple editing tools that users can utilize after recording internal and external sounds. In addition, users can acquire Audacity on Mac, Linux, and Windows as part of its flexibility. And suppose you are after the audio formats that you can use when exporting your recording. In that case, this tool can provide you with MP3, WAV, OGG outputs, the many options on the playback meter, and the effect. Have yourself a try by looking at the guidelines on how to use Audacity below.

Step 1To record sound from the computer, launch the Audacity after installing it. Then, ensure that your microphone is attached to your desktop. To check, go to the Edit portion, then click Preferences to see the recording devices connected.

Audacity Mic Check

Step 2If all is good, then start the recording by clicking the Red Circle icon from the playback controls at the top. Click the same button if you want to stop the recording. After the recording, you can choose to trim and split the audio by clicking the Edit tab.

Audacity Edit

Step 3After that, you can finally save and export the file. To do so, click the File tab, go to the Export selection, and choose the format you prefer, which will complete the steps on recording computer audio.

Audacity Export

Note: Audacity can only work on audio and sound recording. If you want to have a recorder of all types, go for the AVAide Screen Recorder.

Picture Left Picture Right

Screen Recorder IconAVAide Screen Recorder

Record screen, audio, webcam, gameplay, online meetings, as well as iPhone/Android screen on your computer.

Part 4. FAQs about Recording Audio from the Computer

Can I record the audio of my computer without a mic?

Yes. If you are only trying to record your computer’s internal audio, you can do so without a mic. You will only need the microphone if you want to record your voice, which is true with the AVAide Screen Recorder.

How to record sound from the computer without losing the quality?

You need a powerful audio recorder like the AVAide Screen Recorder to have a lossless quality file. Then, before recording the sound, go to the output setting, and from the audio quality, choose the lossless option.

Can I still have the same quality of the recorder audio if I compress the file?

Usually, compressing a file will lead you to a lower-quality file. This is because compression will mean lowering the bitrate of the file, and that causes lower quality.

Can I record my computer sound online?

Yes. You can record your computer sound online using an online audio recorder. But if you prefer to get high-quality recordings, you can choose desktop audio capture like AVAide Screen Recorder since it can capture the internal and external sound that you play on your computer.


This post gave you the best and most efficient ways how to record computer audio. Please choose what you think will give you the most fantastic experience based on their proficiency in doing the task. You can choose Audacity if you want to be practical. However, if you need to record the external and the internal sound, go for the AVAide Screen Recorder. Because you will not just have the perfect audio recording software, but the perfect recorder of all types!

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 08, 2022

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