Everyone knows how functional the iPhone is. Furthermore, part of its multiple functions is its ability to capture the activity you do on the phone. There may be an essential task that you need to record, such as the lectures from your virtual class, your significant mobile leagues, or even the clips you can only access once. For this reason, you really need to know how to screen records on iPhones. Fortunately, we prepared various procedures that you can follow, not just to do your screen recording job quickly and efficiently. In that case, let's get the ball rolling as you continue to read the details below.

Part 1. How to Screen Record Using iPhone

In screen recording on your iPhone, you can use two methods. The first is by using its default or built-in recorder, and the second is by using a third-party tool. We are quite sure that more or less you will go for the built-in one. After all, this will be the safest way you could have. Hence, we will provide procedures for on-screen recording on iPhone 6, iPhone X, and higher below. On the other hand, we will also let you see you will be able to record with audio and the procedure to edit the recorded screen.

How to Record Screen on iPhone

Step 1Firstly, you need to enable the screen recorder in the Control Center. Open the Settings app, and navigate to the Control Center. Then, toggle on the Access Within Apps, and start looking for the Screen Recording app to tap the Add button.

Screen Record iPhone

Step 2This is how to screen record on iphone 6 plus,7,8, and SE. Once you have enabled the screen recorder, swipe the phone to launch the control center and tap the icon of the screen recorder. Now, you need to wait for 3 seconds before it starts recording.

Step 3If you need to stop the recording, you need to tap the red part at the top of the screen. Then, tap the Stop button. After that, this tool will notify you about the destination where this tool saved your recorded file.

Screen Record iPhone Stop

Note: For iPhone X, 11, 12, this tool will show the Stop button by tapping the time status bar on the left top corner of the screen.

Bonus 1: How to Screen Record on iPhone with a Voice Over

iPhone's built-in screen recorder allows users to add a voice-over while recording their screen. Yes, by using your Device's mic, you can record your voice while capturing your screen. See the quick steps below to learn.

Step 1Launch the Control Center to see the screen recorder app. Then, tap and grip the Record button until a pop-up window appears.

Step 2On the new window, tap the Mic icon to turn it on. Then, tap the Start Recording to begin the recording.

Step 3Make a double tap for you to exit from the popped-up window. The same procedure mentioned above will follow when you need to stop the recording.

Screen Record iPhone Mic

Bonus 2: How to Edit the Screen Recorded iPhone 6 and Up

You can always edit the recorded video you just made. How? By navigating to the Photo Gallery, where your recorded file is saved. To know more about it, see the steps below.

Step 1Tap the recorded file from your gallery, and tap next to the Edit tab located at the right uppermost part of the screen.

Step 2Then, it will bring you to the editing tools that you can use to enhance the recorded file. Feel free to trim, rotate, and improve it. After that, tap the Done button to apply the changes.

Screen Record iPhone Edit

Part 2. Reasons Why You Can't Record Screen on iPhone

There will be a time when you just can't use the screen recorder iOS 15, 16, 17, 18 and others. There may be some reasons why, but mostly it is the built-in program itself. Sometimes, it just doesn't work fine due to the following reasons:

1. Sudden Termination of the Program - This usually happens when some bugs and glitches get in the way. Users are often advised to restart their iOS devices to resolve this issue

2. Outdated Device - this is also one of the common problems why most of the mobile apps aren't working fine, including the screen recorder. Make sure to always have the new updates of iOS to prevent this circumstance.

3. Insufficient Phone Storage - This is probably the very reason why you can't screen record on your iPhone. Because how will a program run if poor storage hinders it in producing files, right?

Part 3. Suggested Way to Record Screen on iPhone Using a Screen Recorder

Upon learning the reasons that hinder you in screen recording, you might now think about how to get this thing done smoothly. Well, we have the best solution prepared only for you. We know how delicate it is to acquire a new app on your iPhone. Not just that, another reason that we see is that installing an app will eat up space on your precious mobile.

Actually, the phone screen recorder is only one of the multiple features of this excellent software because it also offers a game recorder, audio recorder, and webcam recorder, along with its Snapchat feature that can capture even while the recording is ongoing. Therefore, let's quickly proceed with its procedure on how to screen record your iPhone, with the detailed steps below.

AVAide Screen Recorder – An All-Out Tool to Capture Your iOS Screen
  • Allow you to record your iPhone screen in HD quality.
  • Provide various output formats, including AVI, MP4, etc.
  • It best suits the WIndows and Mac OS.
  • No watermark on the outputs!

How to Use the AVAide Screen Recorder in Recording Screen on iPhone

Step 1Launch the Software

Make sure that this software is installed on your computer device. Launch it on your computer and go directly to its Phone recorder located in the fourth box of features.

Screen Record iPhone AVAide Phone

Step 2Link it to Your iPhone

Select the iOS Recorder option from the new window. Then, follow the simple procedure given on the new window on how to link your devices together. But, you have to make sure that you are on Screen Mirroring, not the audio.

Screen Record iPhone AVAide Phone

Step 3Record Screen on iPhone

A new window showing your iPhone screen will appear once the devices are linked. This is the perfect time to adjust the presets for the Resolution and Content. If you want to include the audio in your recording, operate on the Recording Content and toggle the Phone Speaker. Also, to add voice overs toggle the PC Microphone. Then, click the Record button after.

Screen Record iPhone AVAide Content

Step 4Stop and Export

Before ending the recording, you may want to screenshot the screen record on your iPhone. How? Click on the Camera icon. Otherwise, hit the Stop button, and proceed to the next window where you can export the recording.

Screen Record iPhone AVAide Stop

Part 4. FAQs About Screen Recording on iPhone

Why can't I find the default screen recorder on my iPhone?

You can't find it because it's probably not enabled in your control center. Go to your settings and see if it's included in the controls from the control center.

Can I screen record using the iMovie on my iPhone?

No. iMovie is exclusive to editing videos and doesn't have the ability to record screens.

How to record a phone call on iPhone without a third-party app?

You need to click the Add Call while the phone call is ongoing to record the phone call. Then, dial your own number to direct you to the voicemail. Once you hear the greeting message, tap on the Merge Calls. The voicemail will be sent after you finish your phone call.


The methods in screen recording are indeed undemanding. Moreover, using the default screen recorder of the iPhone is undoubtedly convenient. Or you can turn to a third-party tool, like AVAide Screen Recorder which could smoothly capture your iPhone screen with HD quality. Also, you can use it to record audio on your iPhone.

By Sylvie Hyde on Jul 03, 2024

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