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You should know by now that your Xbox One has its own screen recorder. And being here on this post, you want to learn how to record your gameplay on Xbox One, for it is not easy to detect the said recorder unless you scrutinize the device well. Luckily, this article offers simplified tutorials to do the job favorably. In addition, we will recommend the best recording software that everyone, including you, deserves to know and utilize. So, to cut the excitement, let’s explore those mentioned above by continuously reading the content below.

Part 1. The Best Screen Recorder to Record the Gameplay on Xbox One

Allow the AVAide Screen Recorder to show you its magnificent power in capturing your screen and sound awesomely. This recording software can capture everything on your screen on any occasion, for it offers various recorders that complete the entire software. Such recorders will not only capture but capture with seemingly high quality on display and sound as well. Therefore, if you will allow it to record your gameplay on your Xbox One, expect an excellent output within an open time duration of clips. Yes, this magnificent screen recorder can allow you to record your gameplay for hours or even the whole day!

Furthermore, this screen recorder also enables you to follow the trend of recording a picture-in-picture gameplay, for it has a webcam recorder where you can include a real-time video of yourself while playing and recording. So, to see how to record gameplay on Xbox One with this fantastic recording software, here are the steps that will guide you.

Capture Your Victorious Gameplay with AVAide Screen Recorder!
  • Record your gameplays simultaneously on Xbox, PS4, phones, desktops, and Mac.
  • Record your gameplay and capture the victorious part with a screenshot.
  • Capture and create a video clip in highest to lossless video and audio.
  • It offers unlimited video length extensions.
  • Enjoy the numerous settings and options to navigate.

How to Use the AVAide Screen Recorder in Capturing Gameplay

Step 1Grab the Screen Recorder

Grab the recording software on your computer via free download. Hit the download buttons given above, and install it in a hassle-free way. After that, launch the software.

Step 2Pick the Best Recorder

As mentioned, and as you see on in its interface, the software offers various recorders. You may choose the Game Recorder or the Video Recorder for your task. However, in this tutorial, we will go with the Game Recorder.

Game Recorder

Step 3Pick the Game Window

On the following iframe, hit the drop-down arrow beside the controller icon. Then, select the window page where your game on Xbox One is shown. Please note that this selection is essential, and see to it that as long as the gameplay is ongoing on the window, the recording will proceed. After choosing the window, click the OK button.

Game Window

Step 4Start Capturing the Gameplay

Suppose you’re done setting up the others you want. This time you can hit the REC button to start the recording. You can also begin playing the game on your Xbox One. Please note that the software will automatically end the recording process when you exit the game window.

Start Rec

Step 5Export the Recording

When you are done with the gameplay recording, you can now either exit the window game or hit the Stop button from the floating bar shown. After that, proceed to save the video clip by taking action in the Export window.

Export Avaide

Additionally, this game recorder can handle various recording tasks, for example recording audio from computer.

Part 2. How to Record the Gameplay on Xbox One Using the Default Way

One of the built-in features of many game consoles like Xbox One is screen recording. However, with this console, you can only record the gameplay for 30 seconds as its default duration. And up to 10 minutes as its maximum duration as per options. Thus, this device only allows you to capture the very highlight moment of your game. On the other hand, if you have external storage on your gaming device, it will enable you to capture up to an hour or so. Therefore, for you to grasp the recording process that your game console can offer, here are the guidelines to follow.

Step 1Decide if you want to record a more extended clip before you start. Hence, if that’s the case, you need to set the duration length. How? First, you need to start the game, then press the Xbox button from your controller to access the main menu. Then, open the Capture menu by pressing the View button on the controller.


Step 2After that, simply click the Record from now selection from the menu you see on your screen. Then, press button A and resume playing the game. You will notice then that by starting the game, the device will also begin to record.


Part 3. How to View, Export and Share Clips on Xbox One

This part will give you a simple walkthrough on how to view, export, and at the same time, share your video clips from your Xbox One.

Step 1Press the Xbox button on your controller to see the guide menu. Then, press again the View button to access the Capture Options.

Step 2Control your left joystick down to reach the Manage Capture selection, then press the A button from your controller to open the selection. After that, you will see all your recorded clips. You can view and export the clips from there by hitting the applicable options.

View Export

Step 3Now, if you wish to share the clips, just click on the Share icon. Then, in the next window, select an option where you want to share the clips.

Avaide Share
Picture Left Picture Right

AVAide Screen RecorderAVAide Screen Recorder

Record screen, audio, webcam, gameplay, online meetings, as well as iPhone/Android screen on your computer.

Part 4. FAQs about Recording Gameplay on Xbox One

Can I share the game recordings from my phone?

Yes. As long as you have Xbox mobile app on your phone. The app will notify you of the new shareable captures, and then you can access them in the app's library.

Can I take screenshots of my gameplay on Xbox One?

Yes. The device also offers a screenshot option besides screen recording.

Can I acquire the Xbox One app on Mac?

No. Unfortunately, the Xbox One app is not yet available on Mac for now.


The built-in game recorder might be your first choice in recording your gameplays on Xbox One. However, due to its limitations, especially in the time duration, it will always be better to have an additional solution that can backup your longer recordings.

By Jane Pineda on Aug 08, 2022


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