Amazon error code 1060 takes place when the device in use couldn’t connect to its server of Amazon. Well, this sounds familiar, for it also happens to other services. We know the feeling when, while recording your video, a sudden error happens that leads you to swear words out of frustration. Well, that’s just normal, but what shall you do next if this error constantly recurs even though you know everything is set and connected to its proper places? Hence, let’s see from the checklist about the effective troubleshooting procedure to fix the matter. Because there could be something essential that you missed doing or checking such as the insufficient bandwidth that makes you encounter this recurring issue.

Part 1. How to Fix Amazon Error Code 1060 in Five Ways

Do you always see this passage? “Ensure your device is connected to the Internet and then select Retry. If the connection works, but you are still seeing this message, restart the app or contact Amazon Customer Service at”. Yes, this irritating message is what Amazon shows you while you are at your peak of enjoying what you watch. Hence, let’s see the solutions below on how to fix Amazon instant video problems.

Solution 1. Restart Your Device

This is one of the basic troubleshooting procedures that must always be in your mind. Power off or even unplug the device you are using in playing Amazon videos. Therefore, you must leave the device unplugged for a minute before turning it on again.

Solution 2. Check the Internet Speed

One of the main reasons for the error is having a slow internet connection. You must check your internet connection in two ways. First, check it with a speed test tool using the computer that is directly connected to your modem. Secondly, check the internet connection using the device you are using, because if you have too low bandwidth, Amazon will not work well.

Solution 3. Close the Running Apps

If you use a computer to watch, always check for excess running apps. Close or exit the running apps or programs to minimize bandwidth sharing.

Solution 4. Restart the Modem

Next is by restarting or as much as possible resetting the modem or router you are using. Same with how you restart your watching device, wait a minute or two before turning on the modem. As you notice these solutions, you will see how the internet connection plays a crucial role in fixing Amazon's errors.

Solution 5. Turn Off the Proxy Server

Another reason for Amazon error code 1060 is the blocked Proxy and VPN. Turn off the Proxy by accessing the settings of your computer device and reaching the manual proxy setup in the network. Then, toggle off the proxy server.

Amazon Error Proxy

Part 2. Bonus: Tip on How to Record Videos Smoothly

Hooray! For you just found out the basic yet practical solutions to fix the error of Amazon. For this reason, we are giving you an extra tip on how you will record videos smoothly using AVAide Screen Recorder. Furthermore, this powerful screen recorder can capture the videos and their highlights magnificently, providing you with HD quality outputs. Many have tried to record their videos with this tool and were amazed by the original-like outputs that seem like they were not recorded at all.

In addition, AVAide Screen Recorder not only captures the screen but also records the cinematic audio and music of the video detailedly. Oh, not to mention the essential video editing tools that you can use to furnish the video before producing it. So, without further adieu, let's take a glimpse of the detailed guidelines on how to use this powerful software in recording videos.

The Amazing AVAide Video Screen Recorder
  • Records the videos losslessly.
  • Supports multiple video formats.
  • Offers great features and tools, such as a game recorder, phone recorder, audio recorder, trimmer, enhancer, and more.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • The most flexible and intuitive screen recorder in history.

Step 1Get the Screen Recorder

Acquire this powerful AVAide Screen Recorder on your device by clicking the download buttons above. Note that you can still acquire it quickly even if you have insufficient bandwidth.

Step 2Select the Video Recorder

Open the tool after the successful installation, and select the Video Recorder among the wonderful features in the interface.

Amazon Error AVAide Recorder

Step 3Make Some Adjustments

Make time to make some adjustments. First, adjust the display when you click Custom. Then, adjust the frame freely with your cursor.

Amazon Error AVAide Display

Customize Watermark- you can also be free to adjust the watermark none, default picture, or default text of the AVAide. The good thing is that you can also personalize the watermark by clicking the Manage button, navigating to your preferences.

Amazon Error AVAide Watermark

Step 4Record Now

Now hit the REC button to start the recording. Then, while recording, you will be given tools to navigate, where the Stop, Pause, ScreenShot buttons are available for you to use. When you finish the recording, it will bring you into a new window, where you can trim the video and cut the unnecessary scenes. After that, click the Export button to finalize the recording.

Amazon Error AVAide Export

Step 5Label Your Creation

After exporting, it's time to personalize your creation. Put a label to make credentials on the video, and freely add a cover picture for it, when you hit the Plus icon. Then, end the procedure by hitting the Complete button.

Amazon Error AVAide Complete

Part 3. FAQs About Amazon Error and Video Recording

How will I see the errors of Amazon?

Usually, errors will instantly appear on the screen. However, if you want to check on the errors of Amazon, including code 1060, and others, go to the program's error listing page.

Why is my Amazon not active?

It is probably because your Amazon account is out of stock. Make sure to refill your Amazon listing for it to be active again.

Can I record a video using Prime Video?

No. This software from Amazon is a video subscription and is not applicable to video recording. Hence, to record your video, you can use the AVAide Screen Recorder to experience amazing and powerful capture without losing the quality of the video.


To conclude, the five troubleshooting procedures are very effective for fixing the Amazon error code 1060. However, if you still experience this error even after applying those solutions, it's better to contact the technical support Amazon. After all, you have done your part to resolve it. On the other hand, acquire the AVAide Screen Recorder and make it your companion in video and audio recording.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 08, 2022

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